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Going Out on a High Note

The Return. When Justin Williams signed with the Hurricanes in the summer of 2017, he stated his reasons why he chose Carolina and what he hoped to accomplish while he was here. He wanted to get the team back to where he knew they could

On the Playoffs and the Path ahead

It's been a while! Life got the better of me this season, and to be honest it's been a lot of fun just being a fan during this run the Hurricanes have been on. If you follow me on twitter you know how opinionated I can be, and well I have

On Cliff Pu

(Author’s Note: This wasn’t easy to write. But it needs to be said.) So. That happened. Cliff Pu is now a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. I’m going to miss Jeff Skinner, but what’s done is done. Pu was drafted…