Rapid Reactions: @ CBJ 10-24-19

Welcome to Rapid Reactions where I make three rapid observations about the game. This was going to be a series from the start of the season but laptop issues and game availability issues kept me from really getting started.

The Canes blew a 3-1 lead in the 2nd period against Columbus. Let’s react.

Disastrous 2nd: The Canes let up the first goal but answered back to close out the 1st 3-1. The teams came out in the 2nd and it was clear early that the Canes left whatever effort they brought to the table in the 1st. CBJ hemmed them in throughout most of the 2nd period. Mrazek kept them clear for the most of it but 2 goals managed to get by him, both are goals he got a piece of on their way to the net. The Canes were outshot and outworked.

Sebastian Aho: Finally scored his goal. He looked pretty good throughout the night and was one of the few bright spots. Needed his teammates to finish some passes and give him some support. He also gained the zone when the team couldn’t do anything else. He was buzzing and when the team started to surge in the 3rd, he was a part of it. 

11 Forwards and 7 Defensemen: Just… no. TVR is clearly rusty and should be down in Charlotte on a conditioning stint. The team needs to call up another forward. I know we have a young team that can eat minutes but you need that gas in the tank for instances like overtime. I don’t think it’s bleeding into the anemic special teams play but it’s clear there needs to be a bigger buy in from the team and an extra body in the room could do that. 

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