Prospect Interview with Jamieson Rees


Jamieson Rees is attending Carolina’s training camp after signing his entry-level contract with the team. The Hurricanes prospect was drafted 44th overall by the Hurricanes in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft and set career highs in goals, assists, and points in a shortened 2019-2020 season.

Jamieson, congrats on signing your Entry Level Contract with the Hurricanes. How does it feel to be one step closer to the NHL?

It feels great! It took a long time but I’m happy that it’s done. I’m here with a bunch of guys that are great hockey players and it’s great to learn from them. They all have a lot of lessons and they’ve been really easy to learn from.

With this being your second NHL training camp, are you approaching things differently this year?

Last year I was warming up to the organization and getting comfortable. I was trying to understand what they expected from their team. I’m able to be myself this year and play my game. I’m willing to work and we’ll see where it ends up! I want to give myself the best shot possible at the NHL or wherever it might take me.

What are some lessons that you have learned so far in camp?

For me, it’s been getting used to the pace and the strength. They’re very different from what I’m used to playing against. They’re faster, stronger, and a lot more skilled. Everyone here has the same goal and competes at the same level, so it’s a different atmosphere because everyone works so hard.

What are some of your biggest takeaways from being at Hockey Canada’s camp last month?

That camp was a good stepping stone for me. I gained a lot of confidence there and thought that I played very well despite getting cut. I’m trying to develop my game even more now because I see that my style of play can work at a high level.

Would you say that you have grown as a player and as a person from where you were at this point last year? How so?

It’s been a long offseason and I’ve been able to get into the gym and work on my skills on and off the ice. I improved on a lot of areas and I’m continuing to work. I took care of myself and I wanted to make a bigger jump. To be out here now and get a head start on my development is huge.

If and when the OHL season does resume, how do you plan on navigating a shortened season?

If the OHL starts, I have to return. If it doesn’t I’m looking to play some AHL games this year and continue working on my game in order to make it to the NHL.

Do you have to approach the shortened season any differently than a normal year?

Every game matters in a shortened season. Being at U20 camp was big for me and helped me to get prepared for the season. I’m going to continue to improve and get in better shape. Whenever the day comes that I have to play a game, I’ll be ready.

Were there any hobbies that you picked up on during the offseason?

I started golfing a lot more. I got a little addicted to golf, I’m not going to lie.

Someone find a better love story than hockey players and golf. I’ll wait. Thanks to Jamieson for taking some time out of his day to talk to me! Bright things are ahead for him and I’m excited to follow his development over the next few years!

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