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Welcome back to Canes twitter franchise mode! We’re kicking today off with the 2023 offseason, and some players may be getting their first non-ELC contracts!

The Hurricanes have come to terms on a two year contract with RFA defenseman Matt Chatelain. The deal will pay Chatelain $2,800,000 in both years. The Hurricanes have also come to terms on a two year contract with RFA goaltender Kurt Cusac. The deal will pay Cusac $4,275,000 in both years.

Massive trade alert! Danton Heinen has been dealt to the Calgary Flames in exchange for a first round pick and two third round picks. Heinen is a great player, but I need to make room in the lineup for Ryan Suzuki. I’m confident that Jamieson Rees and Ryan Suzuki will grow into top nine forwards by the end of the offseason, and I need that space in my lineup. Having two first round picks is always good.

I’m also trading Fleury to Ottawa in exchange for Hinostroza, a third, and a fourth. I don’t love the idea of trading Fleury, but Anttoni Honka was more than ready to make the jump to the NHL. Hinostroza wasn’t my first choice, but I needed a fourth line right winger. He’s a bit expensive for a fourth line RW, so there may be a buyout coming in the future.

Needs heading into free agency: Prospects!

I signed about seven or eight prospects to fill out the AHL roster. Only one of them is a top line guy, however, because I don’t want to bury any of my prospects. With that, we’re moving on to next season!

2023-2024 Season

Lines heading into the season:

Bokk – Aho – Svechnikov

Teravainen – Necas – Dzingel

Gauthier – Rees – Suzuki

Puistola – Henman – Hinostroza

Slavin – Ristolainen

Chatelain – Severson

Bean – Honka



I may have some goalie controversies in the near future, which is both a good and a bad thing. Kurt is an 87 overall, and Matthew is an 86 overall. Both have proven that they can be starters in the NHL, but one will have to be a backup if I keep both of them. It appears that Kurt has a little room to grow, but Matthew might be done growing. It’s possible that I’m wrong, but their potentials are slightly different. Kurt, Matthew, if you’d rather be a starter, let me know if you’d like a trade. If not, then we should be okay for now.

Bad news at the start of the season, Matt Chatelain is out for a couple of weeks with a sprained ankle. He’s back after just a week and a half, which is excellent news.

Washington has fired their coach! We’re in January now, and the Capitals aren’t happy with their performance as of late. They’ve decided to fire their coach in the hopes that their new coach can change the fortunes of their team for the better.

A few weeks later, the Rangers fire their coach. The Metropolitan division is a little weaker than usual this year, and two teams have decided that they’ve had enough.

We’re now at the trade deadline, and as usual, I’m not making any moves. I always like to make my moves during free agency because then I can make my team better while other teams have plenty of contract space. At second in the division with a 42-18-3 record, I think I’m safe without making any moves. Martin Necas leads the team with 61 points, but Sebastian Aho has 60 points in 59 games. I was right about Kurt growing in overall, too. He’s up to an 88 overall and has started in 54 games this season. I don’t want to, but it may make sense to trade Matthew in the offseason to a team that needs him. Stay tuned for that! As for my rookies, Ryan Suzuki leads the way with 30 points in 63 games. Anttoni Honka has 12 points, and surprisingly, Brandt Clarke has seen some NHL time as well. He’s appeared in 14 games and has 4 points. It’s not great, but it makes me wonder if I should make room for him. At 80 overall, he’s worse than all of my other defensemen, but is also a medium elite defenseman.

The Canes finished first in the division!

Kieran Lang had a 74 point season. Intern Matty had a 100 point season and is our first 100-point scorer in this sim. Danton Heinen wasn’t a huge loss for me, obviously, but he did have 41 points with Calgary. Andrew Williams had 76 points, Big Sam had 63, Meg had 56, and Number Sports Fan had 65.

Minnesota’s players deserve their own paragraph. K2theArl had 92 points, Jonathan had 70, Sarai had 60, and Optimistic Caniac had 51. For an offensive defenseman, Finding Nino doesn’t score a whole lot. He does have a five year contract, which is something.

Will Luper had 77 points and 46 goals, Neha had 26 wins on a bad New Jersey team, Wade had 73 points, Canes Stats had 33 wins, Tommy Watson had 72 points, Wyrauch had 61 points, and Josh Grantham had 45 starts but just 15 wins. The Senators are so bad even after acquiring Fleury from the Canes. He was a small boost to a team that couldn’t do anything offensively. Jakob had 74 points, Itzme had 84 points and 48 goals, Evan had 58 points, Trey had 66 points, and that’s all for this one!


We’re facing Florida in the first round of the playoffs, so hello Meg! Florida squeaked in with the first wild card spot but ended up falling to the Canes in five games. Tough luck, but I’m happy to be moving on.

We’re not playing Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!!!! Instead, we’re playing the Flyers and have jumped to a 3-1 lead in the series. Kurt played phenomenally in game five, stopping 27 of 28 shots as the Canes won the series in overtime. Jamieson Rees scored the game winning goal to send the Hurricanes back to the Conference Finals.

Up next is our toughest test yet. We’re playing the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Western Finals involve Calgary and Chicago, so there’s a 75% chance that at least one created player will win the Stanley Cup. It could be the Matts and Kurt, Itzme, or Intern Matty.

Julien Gauthier sends the Canes to the Stanley Cup Final! His overtime winner in game six is the final nail in the coffin for the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Hurricanes will face Calgary in the Final, so we’re guaranteed to have a created player win the cup!

Game one – Danton Heinen gets his revenge goal against the team that traded him, but Dominik Bokk ties the game in the first period. Calgary outshot the Canes 13-5 in that period. Intern Matty scores twice, Johnny Gaudreau scores once, and Andrei Svechnikov scores to give us a 4-2 score heading into the third. Holy crap. I’ve never seen this happen. The Canes score six(!) unanswered goals in the third period to win the game 8-4. Svechnikov had a hat trick in the win. What a wild victory. Anttoni Honka will be out until game four or five, which is a big loss for the Canes.

Game two – Well, this is certainly a high scoring series. Aho, Henman, and Gauthier score goals for the Canes in the first, while Pelletier, Vrana, and Intern Matty score to tie the game. Heinen scores in the second period to put the Flames ahead 4-3, and that score will hold until the end of the game. Series all tied up!

Game three – Honka is back a little earlier than expected, which is nice. He adds a little more offense to the lineup, but not a whole lot of defense. The Canes and Flames are tied 2-2 in the first period, but Severson and Aho put the Canes ahead 4-2 in the second. Necas adds a goal and the Canes win 5-2 in game three!

Game four – A scoreless game heading into the third period was quickly changed when Sebastian Aho and Sean Monahan traded goals. All of a sudden, we’re heading to overtime for the first time this series. If the Canes win, they’re heading to Raleigh one win away from the Stanley Cup. If not, the Flames force a game six. Monahan wins it in double overtime, so the series is tied once again.

Game five – Oh no. Kurt is out for the rest of the series. This is horrible news for the Canes, but it does give Matthew a chance to shine and prove that he’s a starter. It’s possible that Kurt comes back if there’s a game seven, but I’m hoping that the canes win the next two games and avoid a game seven. Once again, the game is scoreless heading into the third and 1-1 heading into overtime. Heinen wins it in OT and we’re heading back to Calgary on the verge of elimination.

Game six – This could be it. The Canes are on the verge of elimination, but Jamieson Rees and Ryan Suzuki score to give the Canes hope in the first period. It’s 2-1 heading into the second, and after Mangiapane ties the game, the Canes score three straight goals to lead 5-2. Henman, Bokk, and Suzuki score the goals. It’s a 5-3 final in Calgary, and we’re heading to game seven in Raleigh!

Game seven – Do or die! Necas and Intern Matty score goals in the first period, and we’re tied 1-1 heading into the second. Dzingel and Gauthier both score in the second, so the Canes are leading 3-1 heading into the final 20 minutes of the season. Either way, I’m proud of this team. Of course I’d love to win the cup, but the fact that we made it this far after a lot of injuries is huge. Roope Hintz makes things interesting, scoring to bring the Flames back within one. It’s 3-2 with under six minutes to play, and the Canes need some stops from Kurt. Kurt has stopped two great chances from Calgary in the final few minutes, but the Canes can’t get anything past Rittich. Slavin did break up a gem of a chance from Intern Matty, though! GOAL! Ristolainen wrists a shot past Rittich right off of the faceoff, and the Canes are up 4-2 with 1:51 to play. The Cup is within reach! Kurt makes another save on Gaudreau, this time on a breakaway. It’s an empty net for Calgary at the other end, and Svechnikov scores to make it 5-2! Your Carolina Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup! This is Kurt and Matt’s second Stanley Cup, but this is Matthew N.’s first Stanley Cup! Congratulations to every player on their performances this season!

Awards and Draft

Vancouver moves up one spot to win the draft lottery and the first overall pick. Ottawa moves from 12th to 2nd, so we may have some help coming for the Sens. Detroit moves up from 7th to 3rd overall. The Canes will have picks 31 and 32 in the first round of this year’s draft.

Martin Necas won the Conn Smythe for leading the team in points on their way to the Stanley Cup. He also won back in 2021 when the Canes won the cup. Kurt won the Vezina, so that’s the second year in a row that a created player has won the Vezina. Unsurprisingly, he also won the William M. Jennings for having the fewest goals allowed.

The draft is off to a great start! I picked a 62 overall RW with low elite potential and a 71 overall LW with medium top six potential back to back in the first round. I also picked a handful of other decent players, as well as a low elite potential center with the last pick in the draft.

Free Agency

Damon Severson does not want a contract, and so it’s time to say goodbye in order to create a roster spot for Brandt Clarke. I’m hoping that I see some growth from my other defensemen this off-season, particularly Matt Chatelain. He hasn’t grown in overall since his rookie season, and that’s going to make it tough for me to want to sign him next year. Luke Henman is also a free agent because Noel Gunler is ready for the NHL.

Needs heading into free agency: AHL goalie on a one year deal. That’s all that I have contract space for, so that makes things easy!

2024-2025 Season

Lines heading into the season:

Bokk – Aho – Svechnikov

Teravainen – Necas – Gauthier

Dzingel – Suzuki – Rees

Puistola – Hinostroza – Gunler

Slavin – Ristolainen

Bean – Chatelain

Clarke – Honka



Matt Chatelain grew to an 83 overall. It’s not a lot of growth, but it’ll help.

We’re just about halfway into the season and we have our first coach firing. Detroit has fired their head coach after an abysmal start. They have 8 wins in their first 36 games and look absolutely hopeless despite winning a lottery pick last season.

Another trade deadline has come and gone, and the Hurricanes have a 39-19-9 record. That’s too many overtime losses for my liking, but I have to be happy with the performance of the team so far. At this point, we’re a playoff team. That’s all I could ask for!

It was closer than we needed it to be, but the Canes squeaked into the playoffs. They went 4-7-4 in the final stretch of the season and slipped into a wild card spot as a result. Kurt had 34 wins and the Hurricanes were led by Sebastian Aho, who had 77 points.

Kieran had 78 points, Intern Matty had 88, Andrew had 76, Big Sam had 81, Meg had 61, Number Sports Fan had 53, Jonathan had 79, Sarai had 75, K2theArl had 72, Optimistic Caniac had 71, Finding Nino had 47, and Will Luper had a whopping 116 points. New record!

Tom had 50 points, Neha had 39 wins, Wade had 81 points, Tommy had 74 points, Wyrauch had 64 points, Josh had 26 wins, Jakob had 81 points, and Itzme had 71 points. It was a down year for some of our players, but a bunch of players had career years!


The Canes have the pleasure of facing Mr Workrate, Neha, and the rest of the New Jersey Devils in the first round of the playoffs. It’s been a back and forth series, with both teams trading wins left and right. We’re heading to a game seven! CANES WIN! Matt Chatelain scores the game winner in a 4-2 win to send the Hurricanes to the second round of the playoffs.

Oh goodness we face Pittsburgh again. Can we overcome the second round curse against the Penguins? Let’s find out! Julien Gauthier comes up in the clutch again, and the Hurricanes beat the Penguins in a thrilling game seven overtime.

The Canes will now face the Blue Jackets, an underdog team that made it to the Conference Finals. The series is tied 2-2 heading back to Raleigh, and unfortunately, the Hurricanes will be without Anttoni Honka for the rest of the playoffs. A concussion will sideline him for a about a month. The Canes take the series in six games. Sebastian Aho’s 26 points in 20 games leads the team.

It’s a rematch of last year’s Final! Canes vs. Flames!

Game one – 2-1 score after the first period thanks to Teravainen and Bokk. Necas and Gauthier score in the second to keep the one goal lead and the Canes lead 4-3 heading into the third. Welp. Four goals for Calgary and just three for Carolina means that we’re heading to overtime. Calgary wins 8-7 in overtime thanks to Tkachuk.

Game two – Brandt Clarke and Danton Heinen trade goals in the first to bring a 1-1 tie into the second. Svech scores in the second, but Calgary wins the game 5-3. Does the defense miss Anttoni Honka?

Game three – Canes lose 4-1. This is likely it for your heroes from Raleigh-Durham.

Game four – The Canes come back from down 3-1 but lose 4-3 in overtime thanks to Jakob Pelletier. Intern Matty is a Stanley Cup Champion!

Awards and Draft

Colorado fired their coach ahead of the draft. Interesting move since the playoffs just ended, but perhaps the Avalanche were tired of losing. Detroit won the draft lottery, Philly wins second overall, and Chicago wins third.

Will Luper won the Art Ross for leading the league in scoring, the Hart for MVP, the Richard for most goals, and the Ted Lindsay for the NHLPA MVP. Neha won the Vezina and William M. Jennings, which is great to see!

This draft isn’t that great, but I’ve drafted a handful of decent players. One of which was a medium top four potential defenseman in the third round, and one was a medium elite potential goalie. Both are long term projects but I like having some of those in my arsenal.

Free Agency

We’ll wrap up with free agency this time around so that we can jump right into the next season next time!

The Carolina Hurricanes have come to terms with RFA goaltender Kurt Cusac on a seven year, $6.525M contract. The Hurricanes have also signed goaltender Matthew Nidiffer to a one year contract worth $1.375M. I decided to qualify Matt Chatelain for the time being. He wasn’t showing any growth and refused to budge from wanting a six year contract. That was too much term for me to want to commit to him, and so he’s been qualified in the hopes that he’ll want less term.

Vinnie Hinostroza has been dealt to Arizona in exchange for two fourth round picks. It’s not a whole lot, but I didn’t need him taking time away from my younger players. The Carolina Hurricanes also announced that they have come to terms with their RFA defenseman Matt Chatelain on a three year, $4,000,000 contract. Chatelain received a little more money and took a deal that was only three years, so that’s a big win for me. My roster is all set, and after one prospect signing, I’m ready to go!

Thank you for tuning in to this edition of canes twitter franchise mode! If you enjoy, please let me know what you’d like to see in the future! For now, have a great day!

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