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Welcome! If you’re new to the series or coming back after a while, welcome to Canes Twitter Franchise Mode! Sixteen players have been created and played through two years thus far. Follow along for updates on how our players do!

The 2021-2022 season is here and the Hurricanes are a solid 20-4-2 heading into the third week of December. It’s nice to see a good team after years and years of mediocrity. Nazem Kadri is leading the way with 25 points in 26 games. Kadri, Svechnikov, and Teravainen are the only three players with 20+ points so far, but the team is still managing to do very well. Justin Faulk has missed a good chunk of games due to injury, so it’s great seeing the team doing so well without him. The rest of the season was smooth sailing and the Hurricanes finished with a phenomenal 54-17-11 record. Jake Bean led the team in goals and points with 34 goals and 61 points on the year. Teravainen was tied with Bean in points and led the team in assists with 47.

Emil set a career high in every stat. He finished with 30 goals and 53 points on the year.

Patrick set career highs in goals and points with 20 and 26, respectively.

Meg also set career highs in everything. She finished with 34 goals and 60 points.

Wyrauch finished with 31 points, a career high.

Barron and Workrate are AHL starting goalies.

Playoffs and Awards

Players to qualify for the 2022 playoffs: MightyMouse, Karl, Dylan, Ocarina of Tom, Savannah, Me, Jonathan

Seven players qualified! That’s the most that we’ve had in the three seasons we’ve done this so far. MightyMouse will be the backup for the Ducks as they face Karl and the Canucks. Dylan and the Avs face off against the Stars while Tom and Savannah face off against my player and the Flyers. Jonathan and the Sabres face the Bruins.

Round one – The Hurricanes are able to defeat the Flyers in four games to send Savannah and Tom to the second round. Tom went 4-2 with a .932 save percentage in those six games since Nedeljkovic was hurt. Savannah had one assist in those six games. MightyMouse is the only other player to move on to the second round after the Ducks swept the Canucks.

Round two – The Hurricanes beat the Blue Jackets in six games thanks to an overtime winner from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. The Anaheim Ducks blew a 3-0 lead against San Jose, knocking them out of the playoffs. Savannah had a good series against the Blue Jackets, so now she sits at four points in twelve games.

Round three – Julien Gauthier ties the game at two apiece with 3:34 left in the third period, forcing overtime. Jake Bean wires a shot past Murray in overtime to send the Hurricanes to their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Final since 2006.

SCF – The Hurricanes and the Stars will face off in the Stanley Cup Final, making it a ratings nightmare for the NHL.

Game one – Jake Bean gives the Hurricanes an early lead, but it’s followed up with a goal from Tyler Seguin 40 seconds later. Julien Gauthier restores the lead for the Hurricanes, who lead 2-1 after 20 minutes. Eriksson ties it for Dallas in the second, and Nichushkin takes the lead early in the third. Vladislav Namestnikov, who has been disappointing for two years now, scores twice to win game one for the Hurricanes!

Game two – It’s 2-1 after the first period. Kadri and Necas score for the Canes, while Nichushkin scores for the Stars. Seguin ties it in the second period. It’s like deja vu. Esa Lindell scores to give the Stars the lead, but Svechnikov retakes the lead for Carolina. We’re headed to OT. Svechnikov wins it and the Hurricanes leave Raleigh leading 2-0 in the series.

Game three – Nichushkin scores in the first period to give Dallas a 1-0 lead after 20. Gemel Smith scores to extend the lead to 2-0 after 40. Reilly Smith and Cliff Pu score in the third period to force overtime and to give Carolina a chance at a 3-0 series lead. Jamie Benn crushes those hopes with an OT winner from the right circle. The series is at 2-1 in favor of Carolina.

Game four – An uneventful first period leads to a fairly interesting second period that results in the Hurricanes leading 2-1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Reilly Smith score for Carolina while Jamie Benn scored for Dallas. Seguin and Benn score twice while Namestnikov scores once to send this game to overtime for the third game in a row. This time, however, it’s Carolina’s turn for an OT winner. Jake Bean scores to send the Hurricanes back to Raleigh leading 3-1. Cliff Pu and Jake Bean scoring in a playoff series for the Hurricanes? Good lord, it’s Canes Ombudsman’s worst fear!

Game five – We’re off to a good start in game five at home. Faulk and RNH score in the first period to give the Hurricanes a 2-0 lead after 20. The lead stays the same after the second period, meaning that the Hurricanes are 20 minutes away from their second Stanley Cup and first in 16 years. Denis Gurianov scores early in the third period to cut the lead to 2-1. Tyler Seguin scores with 1:30 left in the game to force overtime for the fourth game in a row. Seguin just made the list.

Hey, you know what’s cool? Andrei Svechnikov winning the Stanley Cup in overtime for the Carolina Hurricanes. That’s pretty cool.

The Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup, meaning that they have the 32nd overall pick in the first round. The first round pick that they acquired in the trade that sent Haydn Fleury to Greensboro ended up being the first overall pick, so I’d say that that’s a win for the Hurricanes. I feel bad for Meg, who consistently performs well but is stuck on a terrible team. Sounds familiar. Greensboro moved up from fourth to first only to lose their pick to Carolina.

Jake Bean won the Calder after leading rookies in scoring with 61 points on the year. He also won the Conn Smythe as the most valuable player of the playoffs. Seems pretty good. The Hurricanes also had the rookie of the year in the AHL. Bryan Purinton, the Hurricanes’ 16th overall pick in 2020, finished the year with 66 points in 80 games. He’s almost ready for an NHL job, meaning that we might have to say goodbye to Cliff Pu.


The first overall pick is in the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes, and it’s a no-brainer for who they should take. Dane Cheechoo, a player who compares to Patrick Kane, has joined the Hurricanes. He should be on the NHL roster this season. With the 32nd overall pick, the Hurricanes select Gael Dubnyk. He’s a gem according to our scouts. He’s not ready for the pros but has a lot of skill as a playmaker at the center position. We’ll take a shot at it.

The rest of the draft was solid for the Hurricanes. There were a lot of players drafted with potential and I hope that some of those players work out for us.

Free Agency

Savannah receives a one year contract with the Hurricanes for exactly $2M. I would have liked more term, but as of right now she’s the fourth line center on our team. The Hurricanes may try to move Ryan Nugent Hopkins so that Savannah and Olli Lehtonen, our third overall pick in 2021 can get some ice time.

Here’s a surprise: My fifth round pick (139th overall) in 2021 is now 82 overall. He was drafted as a 19-year-old and plays on the right wing. This affects my willingness to sign Julien Gauthier since I have a player that will be more productive than him. Gauthier had seventeen points in a third line role last year, so it’s high time for a better player to take his place. This team could have a brand new look in 2022.

The Highway 85 Connection strikes again. The Hurricanes send RNH, a 2023 3rd round pick, and a 2023 4th round pick to Greensboro in exchange for their first round pick in 202. This pick could once again be a very high pick in the 2023 draft, so it’s worth it. It also gives Olli Lehtonen a chance to shine as the team’s center of the future. There weren’t any teams willing to take on the contract that Namestnikov has, so we’re stuck with him for the year. I’ll likely relegate him to the fourth line since he hasn’t been a huge factor in the lineup.

I had to make a very tough decision. We’re crowded on the right wing and need space for Ekman, the elite fifth round pick that I have. Mark Stone has been productive in the past, but with a lot of talented prospects coming up, it doesn’t make sense to keep him. Reilly Smith has been excellent and will do very well on the second line. Ekman has a lot of potential as well.

Julien Gauthier was traded to Detroit for Pittsburgh’s first round pick in 2023 as well as Detroit’s fourth round pick in 2023. The Hurricanes are stockpiling picks while also being a contender. They should be fun to watch.

Every created player has stayed with the team that drafted them in their first contract year. Here’s the term for each player:

MightyMouse – one year

Jonathan – three years

Emil – one year

Patrick – three years

Dylan – three years

Isaac – two years

Meg – two years

Wyrauch – three years

Barron – one year

Workrate – one year

Max – two years

Blake – two years

Me – one year

Karl – four years

Savannah – one year

Ocarina – three years

Lines heading into 2022-2023:

Teravainen – Necas – Svechnikov

Aho – Kadri – Smith

Cheechoo – Lehtonen – Ekman

Savannah – MacLeod – Fast

Bean – Jones

Hamilton – Faulk

Slavin – Pesce



The third line will be all of the fun. Also, Martin Necas had a 56 point rookie season last year. He was close to a Calder, but Bean ruined it for him.

2022-2023 Season

Olli Lehtonen’s career got off to a great start. In the first game of the season, Lehtonen scored two goals, including the game winner. Liam Ekman, his linemate, assisted on both goals, which is an excellent start to his career as well.

Savannah is out for three months due to a herniated disc. That’s a really tough loss, especially considering the fact that she’s on a one year deal. Hopefully she can recover and be ready to go at the end of January.

We’ve gotten our first big trade offer of the franchise mode. CPU teams typically send terrible trades that aren’t worth my consideration, but this one was interesting. Ottawa offered Matt Duchene, Connor Carrick, and Michael Frolik in exchange for Tom. It’s a great offer, but I don’t need any more centers on my team. It would also leave me with a backup goalie that is barely good enough for the AHL, so it’s just not possible to make that move as of right now.

Nedeljkovic is also out for about a week due to an injury. This is giving Tom a chance to shine. He’s turned into an excellent goalie and is almost ready for a starting role. Nedeljkovic hasn’t been great this season, so it may be the perfect opportunity for Tom. Savannah also returned from injury at the right time. The team is 26-14-4 and needs her to be a reliable bottom six forward for the team. At the trade deadline, the Hurricanes are 39-18-6. Savannah’s addition to the lineup has been just what this team needed to succeed. The Hurricanes are 13-4-2 since her return. She hasn’t produced a lot, just five points in 25 games, but she’s been excellent defensively. The Hurricanes also have a combined 154 points split between six rookies this season. Olli Lehtonen leads the way with 45 points in 63 games, but Dane Cheechoo leads in terms of point percentage with 44 points in 61 games. The Hurricanes have the top two rookie scorers along with the fifth best rookie, Liam Ekman, who has 30 points in 63 games. It’s an exciting year for rookies.

The Hurricanes ended their season with a record of 49-25-8, finishing second in the division. Jake Bean led the team with 40 goals and 77 points on the season and should be well on his way to a Norris Trophy. Olli Lehtonen had 67 points in 82 games, leading all rookies in scoring.

Jonathan set a career high in points with 40.

Meg had a crazy season with 88 points.

Those are all of the highlights! Sorry folks. Everyone had an okay year aside from those two.

Playoffs and Awards

Players whose teams qualified in 2023: Meg, Savannah, Tom, Jonathan, Barron, Karl, Emil, Dylan.

Eight players! This surpasses last year’s totals and means that half of us made the playoffs. We have just under a 50% chance to have one created player win the Cup this year.

Round one – Well it’s either Barron or the duo of Savannah and Tom that will be moving on to the second round. The Hurricanes make it harder than they need to but are still able to advance to the second round in seven games thanks to a Jake Bean overtime winner. Dylan and the Avs lose to the Preds, who face Patrick and the Blackhawks in the second round. Karl faces Arizona after the Canucks beat the Kings in five games. Greensboro and Buffalo both get eliminated in the first round. We have a 37.5% chance to have a cup winner, though! Good odds.

Round two – Carolina gets eliminated by Washington in five games. It’s so dumb that the first and second place teams have to face each other in the second round. The NHL sucks. Chicago lost in six games to the Predators, who went on to beat the Canucks in seven games during the Western Conference Finals. The Predators won the cup, so congrats to them.

Pittsburgh’s pick (acquired from Detroit) ended up being the ninth overall pick, which is pretty solid considering that Gauthier was not good for Detroit this season. The Red Wings won the second overall pick after a terrible season. Gauthier had 33 points, which was a career high, but that’s not worth a first round pick.

Bean did not win the Norris, which is shocking to me. Erik Karlsson had 84 points at age 33, which is very good. I’m not too mad. Lehtonen wins the Calder and Workrate had the lowest GAA in the AHL. Good for him!


There’s a good defenseman available at 9th overall. Stefan Rakell is a mobile two-way defenseman who our scouts say projects as a Marc-Edouard Vlasic type. The Hurricanes don’t have a lot of great defensive prospects, so this is a good pick. Their next pick is at 24th overall, where they select Sheldon Henry, a defenseman from the QMJHL. He’s a shutdown defenseman who scouts compare to Ryan McDonagh. Another defenseman, but a good pick nonetheless. Two left-handed defensemen in the first round? Imaginary Canes Twitter has a lot of opinions on this that I’m sure they’ll let GM Matt Somma know about. He doesn’t care. Let there be chaos. There aren’t any good players at 26th or 27th overall, where the Hurricanes select next, so we take a couple risks. They pick Matyas Vlasic and Harry Vallesi, two centers that have lots of potential but are a few years away from the NHL. It’s not ideal, but there weren’t any other options.

Free Agency

My fifth round pick in 2021 is 80 overall two years after being drafted. That’s excellent, but he is a grinder. I may keep him around as a fourth line forward, but it’s possible that I use him as trade bait. We’ll see how things shake out. Justin Faulk is also no longer a Hurricane. He wanted too much term and we weren’t willing to pay him for that long.

I signed Jussi Jokinen as a scout in Finland, which is super neat. Eric Comrie and Josh Morrissey were brought in to replace Nedeljkovic and Faulk. Nedeljkovic’s loss will be a big one, but I’m confident that Tom will be a great goalie.

Lines heading into 2023-2024:

Cheechoo – Lehtonen – Svechnikov

Teravainen – Necas – Aho

Smith – Kadri – Ekman

Purinton – Prince – Gervais

Bean – Jones

Morrissey – Hamilton

Slavin – Pesce



Thanks for joining me for these two seasons of Canes Twitter Franchise Mode! See you all next time around!

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