Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: We’re Back!


Canes Twitter Franchise Mode is back, and I have just one thing to say about it.

This time around, I’ve created sixteen players from Canes twitter that will be playing in a simulated franchise mode in NHL 19. Each player has a shot at making it to the NHL and becoming the next great player! I provided the draft list on twitter so I’ll start at the end of the first season. I’ll be doing notable point totals after the players’ rookie season as opposed to full coverage.


Anaheim – MightyMouse started in 23 games for the Ducks, winning eleven. He finished with a .939 save percentage and one shutout.

Buffalo – Jonathan finished with 15 goals and 24 points.

Calgary – Emil finished with 15 goals and 25 points.

Carolina – Savannah finished with 25 goals and 43 points, finishing third in rookie scoring.

Carolina – Ocarina of Tom started in 26 games, winning 14 and finishing with a .922 save percentage.

Chicago – Patrick finished with 14 goals and 25 points. 25 seems like the magic number this year.

Colorado – Dylan finished with 27 goals and 56 points, good for first in rookie scoring. Should be a Calder.

Florida – Isaac finished with 25 goals and 40 points, good for fourth in rookie scoring.

Greensboro – Meg finished with 25 goals and 47 points, good for second in rookie scoring.

Montreal – Wyrauch finished with 14 points on the year.

NYI – Barron started in 22 games, winning seven and finishing with a .896 save percentage.

NYR – Workrate started in 27 games, winning 12 and finishing with a .919 save percentage.

Ottawa – Max finished with 20 assists and 27 points on the season.

Ottawa – Blake finished with 21 points on the season.

Philadelphia – My player finished with 22 goals and 31 points on the season.

Vancouver – Karl, the first overall pick, finished with 20 points on the season.

Everyone made their NHL debuts this season! That’s a first for this series, so that’s exciting.

Playoffs and Awards

Players who qualified for the playoffs: Dylan, MightyMouse, Me, Jonathan, Isaac

Five out of sixteen players qualified for the playoffs in year one. We also have a five out of sixteen chance to have a player win the cup in year one. Not great odds, but I’ve seen worse.

Round one – Anaheim and MightyMouse lost in six games to the Golden Knights. Dylan and the Avalanche lost in seven games to the Sharks. My player lost in five games to the Capitals. Jonathan and the Sabres lost to the eventual cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Isaac and the Panthers lost in seven games. Tough luck for the created players in the playoffs.

Dylan won the Calder, so congratulations to him!


Now we come to the Carolina Hurricanes centered part of these pieces. I’ll discuss my draft needs and each pick of importance.

There’s a lot of tension at the Carolina Hurricanes’ table on draft day. GM Matt Somma is upset that the Hurricanes improved the team in the off-season and still missed the playoffs. They barely missed and now get the sixteenth pick as a result. It’s an insult to him. Mark Stone and Vladislav Namestnikov were both disappointments and there is speculation that the Hurricanes might be looking for a trade at the draft. We’ll see how that shakes out.

No GM is calling and there aren’t any great options out there, so the Hurricanes take their first pick. GM Somma asks his scouts to give him information on Bryan Purinton out of Tappara in the Finnish Liiga. The scouts rave about him, saying that he compares to Mike Modano and has a knack for goal scoring. That’s enough to inspire confidence, and so the Hurricanes select Purinton.

The third round rolls around and the Hurricanes are looking to pick at 80th overall. The scouts are raving about Cameron Tolnai from the Ottawa 67’s. He had a down season but has a lot of potential as a two way center. They like his skating and think he could be a decent scorer in the future. He’s picked by the Hurricanes.

No trades of consequence. GM Somma looked to make a move or two, but teams only seemed interested in moving up in the draft. That won’t help the team. He’ll look towards free agency and hope that there’s a big change.

Free Agency

The first changes to come to the Hurricanes this summer were in the scouting department. The Hurricanes fired four scouts and made the department better. They added an additional scout in the OHL and WHL, a scout in Europe, and a pro scout.

The Hurricanes have identified two issues for this free agency period. They need a first line center and a fourth line center. In order to get a legitimate 1C, the Hurricanes will likely have to part with Victor Rask or Jordan Staal.

GM Somma is busy working the trade phones on July 1st. He has an offer in on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, the top free agent in the 2020 class. He’s tried a lot of west coast teams, but nobody seems interested in taking on either contract. He gets a call from Anaheim’s GM with an interesting offer. Jordan Staal for Anaheim’s first round pick in 2021. It may not be a top 20 pick, but GM Somma is happy to accept if it means that he’s getting rid of the Staal contract. He wishes that he could’ve received a little more, but who cares? That’s one bad contract off of the books.

He makes a call to Sam Gagner’s agent. Gagner was Carolina’s 4C in this past season but didn’t sign due to money issues. He wants a chance but the NHL options for him are slim. The Hurricanes offer him a 4C position with a bit of a pay raise than what he received last season and he accepts. That’s one issue down, and it looks like Nugent-Hopkins will accept the Hurricanes’ offer as well. He was given a little extra to sign and so the Hurricanes hope that he’ll be worth the money.

Lines heading into the 2020 season:

Aho – Nugent-Hopkins – Stone

Teravainen – Rask – Svechnikov

Namestnikov – Savannah – Gauthier

Ferland – Gagner – Zykov

Hamilton – Faulk

Slavin – Fleury

De Haan – Pesce




The Hurricanes are entering the 2020 season with a lot of hype after making a few big moves in the off-season. The biggest loss of the season where the team announced that Haydn Fleury would miss a month and a half due to complications from concussions. The team went 8-0-0 through their first eight games with Fleury in the lineup, so it’s a big loss. The team was barely over .500 with Fleury out, going 12-11-4 in his absence.

The Hurricanes are losing a lot and putting forth bad effort after bad effort. GM Matt Somma has seen enough of the poor play and decides to make a lot of trades at the deadline.

Victor Rask was traded to Boston for three picks: a second, third, and fourth.

Calvin de Haan was traded for three picks as well: a second, fifth, and sixth.

Micheal Ferland, who is not great in NHL 19, was traded for a third and a fifth.

So in total, the Hurricanes acquired eight picks at the deadline for players that were underperforming. In typical Hurricanes fashion, the team improved after the deadline and screwed themselves out of a top five pick.

Jonathan set a career high in assists and points with 16 and 30 respectively.

Emil had a career high of 38 points this season.

Playoffs and Awards

Players to qualify in 2021: Dylan and Isaac

Tough year for the created players.

Boston won the Stanley Cup and the Hurricanes were able to get the third overall pick in the draft lottery. Carolina moved up from ninth to draft third overall, which is great. The Anaheim Ducks’ pick, acquired in the Jordan Staal trade, ended up being the tenth overall pick, so it should be a good draft.

Isaac and the Panthers were swept by Toronto in the first round of the playoffs. Dylan and the Avalanche made it to the Western Conference Finals where they were beaten by the Jets in six games.


After a disappointing season, GM Matt Somma has some tough decisions ahead of him. The NHL draft is here, meaning that the Hurricanes could change their franchise with a top three pick. They have listed the tenth overall pick on their trading block in the hopes of getting an NHL player in return, but no teams seem interested. His scouts haven’t needed to do a lot of work on the third overall pick. The best player available is Olli Lehtonen, a center playing in the SHL that compares to Jonathan Toews. He’s a playmaking center that can be a leader in the near future. He’s not quite NHL ready but should be after a year in the AHL.

The Hurricanes didn’t receive a call for the tenth overall pick, so they will be making their selection. They go a few picks off the board and select Brad Bickell from the Swiss NLA. He’s a defensive defenseman that compares to Shea Weber. With Fleury’s injury issues and the inconsistency of the Hurricanes’ defense, this might be a very good pick.

Free Agency

The Hurricanes needed to make a big splash in free agency if they wanted to improve. After a brief dispute with Jake Bean on money and contract length, the Hurricanes accepted his offer. He’s a defenseman that could easily see top minutes in a year or two. Reilly Smith was brought in to be a solid second or third line winger, something the Hurricanes have desperately needed for a few years. Seth Jones was signed to a massive contract, giving the Hurricanes a legitimate #1 defenseman, and Nazem Kadri was brought in to be a reliable 2C.

In order to make space for Jones and Bean, the Hurricanes needed to trade a defenseman. They took a risk and traded Haydn Fleury and a third round pick to Greensboro in exchange for their first round pick, usually a top ten pick. The Hurricanes traded Fleury for a few reasons. He wasn’t much of a factor offensively or defensively, he’s been getting injured frequently, and Jake Bean has a higher potential.

Lines heading into 2021-2022

Aho – Nugent-Hopkins – Svechnikov

Teravainen – Kadri – Stone

Necas – Savannah – Smith

Pu – Namestnikov – Gauthier

Faulk – Jones

Slavin – Hamilton

Bean – Pesce



Thanks for joining us for the first two seasons of Canes Twitter Franchise Mode! We’ll be back in a few days with the next two seasons!

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