The November Ombuds Bag


it is been a crazy 1st month 4 us, as cane’s fans; the hot start and cold stretch of late has this team looking awfully familiar n a lot of way’s, and i know how frustrating that is 4 all of us;

didn’t rly get any hockey question’s this go round, but that’s ok, cause i think we r all on the same page, as far as wondering how long we will keep watching, and what this group would look like with barry trotz’s big moon-head n charge,

as long as it get’s ok’d, we even have a new feature 4 our loyal readers, which will now b a part of this extremely solemn column,



this question depends on a few variables, involving seat location, transportation status, and drink preference’s, but i think i understand the spirit of the question here;

if u have a budget of $25 2 spend on adult beverage’s after u get n 2 the arena, and ur looking 2 get as drunk as possible, u probably hope ur ticket’s r 4 the champions club;

now, ppl with champion’s club tickets can afford 2 spend more than $25 on drinks, but!, they get drink vouchers, which should get the average person ¾ of the way there b4 they start paying out of pocket;

the answer 4 every1 else, and the person out of fun coupon’s, is likely 2 hit the mixed drink stand a couple time’s if possible, i guess;

this may surprise literally every person reading this, but i tend 2 not rly go that hard on the drinking at the arena; not at all discouraging those who want 2 do so from doing it, but i usually have 2 drive home, and the cost involved n parking and getting n the door keep’s me from spending 2 much once i ‘m nside;

the reality is that $25 gets u 2 drink’s maximum, so the smart move is always cheap beer n the parking lot b4hand, and make sure u have a dd,


i have never been and never will b n “st louis”, thank’s,



i stopped playing hockey 15 year’s ago, and yet, my Perfecf thigh’s still look like they were carved from marble;

so, since they r still ripped, and i ‘ve had some time off, Extremely,


the acorn isn’t the worst idea any1 has had 4 a new logo, but it won’t happen; still, gonna use this as an opportunity 2 dive n 2 the cane’s uniform situation,

i have a /thread somewhere on the bird site about my basic feeling’s on the hurricanes logo dilemma that i stand by,

it’s a great team name, that does not lend itself 2 a good logo, because ppl will always say it look’s like a flushing toilet, no matter how simple or complex the shapes creating the hurricane r,

the pirate themed idea’s r promising, and i think that might b the way 2 go, as long as they stay far, far away from tryeing 2 depict a (liveing) human face; the flag’s r already indictativd of a shift n this direction, imo, and i ‘d b stunned if this year’s 3rds r not the canes Full time home ***sweaters*** next season,


honestly, no idea,

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