The October Ombuds Bag


it’s a crazy world out there folk’s, and sometimes we all need some guidance 2 live our best live’s; thabkfully 4 all of u, i have graciously agreed 2 donate some of my precious time n order 2 lend a helping hand;

the tentative plan is 2 do an ombudsbag once a month or so, so pls do not ask me questions on line or irl without useing the hashtag,

on the surface, the most on brand cane’s thing 2 happen seem’s 2 b this guy comeing n, playing poorly, and joining the marlies n a few weeks, but i don’t think it is; the most cane’s way this can go would b if this guy outright stole the starting job 4 this year, got an extension, and then ate big mac’s all summer 2019; so, yes,


oh man, so many direction’s this could go; attentive ombudsfan’s know that the ombudsvan has been a dream of mine; i think they call the specific casting “art deco van” or something off brand like that, but an international metro van n full cane’s livery would have 2 b the top choice,


  1. i think they’ll show flashes of brilliance while going through stretches that leave them looking very much like the rookies they r; depending on them 4 scoreing seem’s like a bad idea!,
  2. tripp will finally have a full meltdown on air when he realize’s cam rly isn’t combing back, there will b some sort of food product involved, maybe corn dog nugget’s, and he will attempt 2 apologize while shirtless; this all leads 2 color commentator ron hainsey, so, win/win,
  3. all i know is pesce is metal mario, even irl,


imagine ur justan fawlk; imagine sitting on the dock of ur offseason lake house, bigger and more expensive than the classiest cane’s Twitter manor; imagine gazeing off on a summer evening; u c a lot of water, u probably c some tree’s, maybe even some folk’s enjoyeing their boats out on the lake; something is conspicuously absent tho, any curvature on the horizon, it make’s u think,


every1 need’s 2 know that this entire thing is toms fault, thank’s a lot tom; also, it’s gotta b foegele,


with the lack of depth on defense, i thought giveing brett bellemore a 1 year 1 way deal this summer would of made a lot of sense, but i guess GMBC would rather have dougie hamilton (rolling eyes emoji),


while i understand the frustration that must stem from ur worst nightmare coming true, there is still a need 4 civility, thank’s,

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  1. Jeff says

    So what happens at the edge of the world?

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