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Thoughts and Musings from the 2018 Draft


First off, I’d like to thank Section_328 for inviting me to tag along with them to the Dallas draft. I had an amazing time with wonderful friends and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Although, next time I’ll try not to get SO drunk after the first round.

Speaking of round one, holy shit guys we did it. We drafted Andrei Svechnikov. The excitement from our crew was palpable. They even brought cameras over and showed us on the big screen as the pick was made. That alone was really cool but the night wasn’t done. The team brought Svechnikov to us and we got a chance to snag a picture. I got a chance to shake his hand and everything. It was only a moment but he was genuinely excited to see all these fans eagerly waiting to see him. He was grinning from ear to ear, just as excited to be there as we were. It was a little thing, but it was a nice touch that will probably endear me to this kid forever. I don’t really have a lot of notes for day one, we were caught up in moment.


Day 2 was far more insightful. The Canes table was active early, and what a joy it was to watch how this team operates. Everyone has questions about how this team operates now that we’ve configured GM Voltron and if Day 2 was any indication then we should not be worried. By now, everyone likely knows about the Dougie Hamilton trade but I got a chance to watch it unfold live. Everyone at the table was involved. Tulsky, Brind’amour, Vellucci, Dudley, Waddell, and Dundon all talked over the trade. Everyone had a say, everyone listened and from what I could tell, everyone signed off on it. This wasn’t any cursory, “i’ll listen because you’re here”, these opinions were actively sought out. I know it’s one moment, but those moments matter to a fanbase starved for good news. Especially when so many questions remain about how the new organizational structure works.


Let’s talk about the Hamilton trade. If you were watching, you might have heard our section yell. Later, we got confirmation that we were so loud that the Canes table heard us on the draft floor. This trade itself merits its own article and we’ll get to that. For now, I’ll provide some quick thoughts.


Dougie Hamilton is what Noah Hanifin should become with a few more years. I think the team saw a chance to speed up that process and took it. The team needs to win now and getting Hamilton really helps with that. Underrated in all this is Adam Fox, a good Long Island boy who immediately becomes the best defensive prospect in our system. He’ll be at prospect camp this week and the idea of a Bean-Fox pairing in the relatively near future (probably one season out) should tantalize every Canes fan out there. I can’t believe we managed to snag him in the deal as well. It hurts a little to see Lindholm go but with Svechnikov, Williams, and TT all playing the right side, (I think Svech plays on the left this season but for now he’s a RW), there wasn’t a ton of room for him, especially with Necas sliding into the 3rd line center role this season. Ferlund brings a very physical netfront presence who excels at clearing space.


Here are some quick hitters:

Peters system and deployment caused a lot more issues with the goalies than we might have realized. His stubbornness seemed to have caught up with the team. To be short, the defensemen were too aggressive and too often got caught chasing people around in the zone. Peters never adjusted his backside defender to fit Darling’s playstyle. Darling lets the puck hit him and drops it down, whereas Ward characteristically kicks it out ot the side. This works better within Peters system but the adjustment should have been made by him to fit his new goalie into his style. One can also wonder how much the shoulder injury Darling suffered early in year affected him. This isn’t to write off Darling’s year as a fault in Peters style. He clearly suffered a mental setback and needs to regain confidence to be effective. I think he rebounds next year.

Eugene Melnyk is the type of owner that Canadian Media tries to say Dundon is.

Svechnikov starts the year on the Left Wing with Aho and Teravainen as his linemates.

Necas starts the year at center.

This might have been the biggest weekend in franchise history.

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