The Alternate Jersey Is Back

Breaking down the Hurricanes Alternate Jersey teaser video.


The Hurricanes sent Caniacs into a fervor today as they released a teaser for the new alternate jerseys. When Adidas took over as the NHL’s official game jersey supplier, they put a one year halt on all alternate jerseys as they made sure they were capable of providing enough jerseys to the NHL. This did not sit well with most Canes fans because the alternate jerseys are arguably our best jerseys, and the Canes boasted an all-time record of 65-37-10 while wearing them. It had been rumored for some time, that the Canes would be one of the first teams to bring back an alternate jersey, and recently the Canes announced they would be unveiling the new jersey at their Draft Party on June 22nd.

Here you can see the teaser video that shows a quick succession of close up shots, giving hints as to what different features the jersey may have.

The team over at Icethetics tweeted out a compilation of some screenshots from the teaser.  You can get a good look at some of the coming changes.

There is already lots of speculation going on about what some of the changes will be.  Some obvious differences are the sublimated gray warning flags, different color numbers, red piping, and potentially black gloves with red accent. There are also some less obvious differences that may be coming.

First, there is this close up that doesn’t give much to work with, but definitely creates some intrigue. It is hard to tell, but it looks like the number 24 or some sort of lettering. It gets interesting when you notice the bit of red on the letter or number on the left. As Chris Cote notes, it looks oddly similar to something we saw on a Tony Romo signed Canes branded football last year (yes it was as weird as it sounds). Could it be a new font style involving a red warning flag? It is hard to tell from this one image, but it is there for a reason.

Then there is the logo. The canes alternate logo from past years has always been a fan favorite. Though, that doesn’t mean it lives up to what it could be.  The main issue with the previous alternate logo is that it features a stick with a single warning flag attached which symbolizes a Tropical Storm warning as opposed to the two flag Hurricane Warning.  Aesthetically this logo works. The single flag fills up a lot of space, focuses on the main color red, and catches your eye. However, symbolically it is just flat out wrong. There are several clues in the teaser that might signal that the Canes have heard the complaints and may tweak the logo. From the teaser video, it seems as though they are sticking with the flag on a hockey stick idea. As you can see in this shot there is clearly still a wavy, ripped up warning flag.

Where it gets interesting is the two nearly identical shots that potentially show where the flag(s) is connecting to the curved gray hockey stick. They are different enough to cause speculation about whether it is two separate flags or one flag that they showed twice. Either way, it will be a point of contention for the next two weeks.

The next clue from the teaser is a very short transition clip that pans upward from one red shape with a smaller black shape in the middle, to another one that looks almost identical. Its very hard to imagine what else this could be other than two waving, red warning flags. One above the other.

Lastly, for some really fun speculation, I will leave you with this tweet proposing something that would be a mashup of past and present, a red and black whale tail.

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