Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: Let’s Try This Again


Welp. The last franchise mode that I tried to do crashed on me, so now I have to restart. Here are the four players that will not be participating in this franchise mode:

  • Barron
  • Ombudsman
  • HoboJoe
  • Matthew Barlowe

Jonathan, you live to see another day.

We’ve added a couple players, but we’ll wait to introduce them until the draft! I also made a few roster tweaks since NHL 18 has been weird with their roster updates:

  • Faulk is down to an 83 overall. I took his defense down a good bit.
  • Aho is a medium elite player now. Not much updates to his stats.
  • Zykov has marginally better shooting
  • Wallmark is now a medium bottom six player with a couple better stats. Nothing major.
  • Teravainen got a pretty sizeable buff since he’s having another good season.

Not too much of a change in the rosters around the NHL. A couple players got some upgrades, but like the Canes, it’s not enough to make a huge difference.

Our franchise players are JT, Kevin Kohler, and Ocarina of Tom! Little known fact, along with being VERY good at Twitter, Tom is also VERY good at hockey.

I’ll briefly talk about the 2017-18 season, and then get into the actual draft.

2017-18 Season

I’m selling. I need franchise talent, and I don’t really have any. The only players that I have to sell are guys like Ward, Stempniak, Ryan, etc. Still, I’m hoping that this will be enough to tank the season a bit.

Derek Ryan got traded to Boston for a sixth round pick. It’s basically nothing, but I’ll take what I can get at this point. The team isn’t very good.

The Wings came to me with an offer that I couldn’t refuse. Josh Wesley, a second round pick in 2019, and a third round pick in 2018 in exchange for Gustav Nyquist. It’s fair value, and it gives me two and a half scoring lines. I like the move, and Nyquist still has some term on his contract.

I sent Josh Jooris to Florida along with a seventh round pick in 2018 for the Panthers’ fifth round pick. Hopefully that’ll help me lose a game or two.

Drat. I made the playoffs as the second wild card team. We lost to the Islanders in seven games, so at least our pick won’t be as low.


And the first overall pick is… Kevin Kohler to the New Jersey Devils!

Ottawa selects Ocarina of Tom

St Louis selects JT third overall.

Blake got selected by Vancouver fourth overall.

5th overall: Workrate to Detroit

8th: Justin to Buffalo

10th: Meg to Calgary

11th: Andrew to Arizona

12: My player to Nashville

13: Mike to Winnipeg

14: Hockeyprof to Washington

15: Christopher to Vegas

16: My pick! There are plenty of good players available, but Neha is going to be the safest option. Welcome to the Canes!

17: Patrick Cunningham to Toronto

18: Will Lawson to Minnesota

19: Matthew Blevins to NYR

20: Vince to Florida

21: Caniac joins Andrew in Arizona.

22: KingGeorgey to Dallas

23: Omar to San Jose

24: Jonathan to Anaheim

27: Kristin to NYI

29: Nathaniel to Boston

30: Chanceofplayoffs to Pittsburgh.

46: Jon to Vegas, joining Christopher on defense

47: Max, once again, welcome to the Canes!

50: Patrick Holdren to NYR

60: CoCaptain to Ottawa

72: Michael Mosher to Calgary

73: Wade to Tampa

74: Zak to Nashville

That’s all for this draft! Congrats to everyone on being drafted to their teams! If you’d like to be traded, please let me know so I can try to make it happen!

Free Agency

I only let a few players go. Stempniak, TVR, and a few AHL guys were let go. I added quite a few prospects, as well as signed Max and Neha. They’ll hopefully make their NHL debuts this year!

My goal this free agency was to improve this team on a budget. I needed a 3LW, a 6/7D, and a backup goalie. My 3LW will be Mike Cammalleri. He’s not great in real life, but carries some value in NHL 18. He was also pretty cheap, which is a bonus. Darcy Kuemper signed, and he’ll be good here. He’s younger and slightly cheaper than Ward, so it’s a win for me. My depth defenseman was Fedor Tyutin. Sure he’s a bit expensive for a depth guy, but he has a lot of value if Bean or Fleury aren’t NHL ready yet.

This team looks a lot better now. We still have Kruger’s contract, but he’s not getting third line minutes anymore. Neha is centering the third line with Cammalleri and Lindholm on her wings, and Max is playing on the fourth line. Jake Bean is on the first pair this season, which is exciting to see. It’ll be a fun season for all of us!

Go off, Max! He’s got three points in his first three games with the team. His two goals were scored in the second game of the season. Neha also has one goal, but that’s her only point so far. It’s early, though.

Neha has a two goal game, including the OT winner against the Capitals!

Max gets the GWG against the Islanders two nights later. The rookies are making a huge impact already, especially Bean. He has 7 points in 5 games.

I’m actually expecting my rookies to contribute 100 points this season if all goes well. We are at 95 right now with 18 games to play. Bean leads the way with 44 points in 64 games, which is fantastic.

The Islanders traded a first round pick, Halak, and a second round pick in exchange for Jake Muzzin and Travis Zajac.

I flipped Tyutin to the Rangers for a fourth round pick. He’s not great, and I have McKeown and Fleury ready to take his spot. A pick for him is good enough for me.

Duchene, Umberger, and Soderberg got sent to New Jersey in exchange for a first round pick and Nikita Popugaev to round out the trade deadline. Not a lot of deals, but a couple pretty big ones!

Season Stats

Neha had 42 points

Max had 24 points

Jonathan had 11 points

Andrew: 7p

Meg: 13-4-3, .925

KingGeorgey: 29p

Workrate: 31p

Vince: 7p

Will Lawson: 23p

Me: 41p

Kevin: 16p

Patrick Holdren: 24p

Blevins: 6p in 9 games

Ocarina of Tom: 23p

CoCaptain: 12-9-3, .904

Omar: 1a in 5 games

Blake: 38p

Jon: 8p

Hockeyprof: 33p

That’s it! Out of 31 players total, 19 made their debuts this season. Not terrible, but a lot of these players were extra forwards or defensemen. That doesn’t bode well for some of you. Neha had the most points, followed by my player.


The Canes barely squeaked into the playoffs with a really rough month of March. Looks like trading Tyutin was a bad move. Still, Sebastian Aho and Jordan Staal help the Hurricanes take the Devils down in seven games!

The Tampa Bay Lightning are up next, but they don’t pose much of a threat. Darling shuts the Lightning out twice, and Victor Rask wins game five in overtime to send the Canes to the Eastern Conference Finals!

Up next: the Islanders! How does this keep happening? We stunk in the last 25 games, but managed to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals? Whaaaat? Max scored the GWG in game five to send the Canes to the Finals against the San Jose Sharks.

The Canes’ good luck runs out in game seven, when San Jose scores four unanswered goals in the third period to win the Stanley Cup. Congrats to Omar on his Stanley Cup!


Jake Bean won the Calder as the league’s best rookie. Oddly enough, Teravainen was considered a rookie last season, so he won it too. Weird.

Morgan Geekie was the best rookie in the AHL with 74 points in 82 games.


This draft is a little weak in my opinion, so I’ll be a little upset with my picks.

GM Matt needs to find more depth at forward or in goal. He’s heard good things from his scouts about Jayden Maas, a goalie from the USA. He seems like the best pick at 30, so we decide to take him. It ended up being a great pick. Maas is a 17 year old goalie at 57 overall. He has starter potential, so it’s a great pick.

Other than that, it was a pretty underwhelming draft. The drafts don’t get good until 2020 or 2021, so I might be stuck with a weaker prospect pool for a while now.

Free agency and the 2019-2020 season will be in the next edition! Hope you all enjoyed it, and good luck to all of you!

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