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The Canes look like a pretty solid team this year. Our defense is great, and we even have some promising forwards on the roster. Hawes is now an 88 overall, and replaced Gauthier on the first line. It’s going to be very fun to watch, and I’m super excited. If those prospects get at least a little better this season, the team could contend for the cup.

It’s been a really fun season. The Canes are 39-19-6  at the trade deadline, good for first in the division. Offense is still a bit of a struggle, but it’s okay!

Matthew Blevins got traded to the San Jose Sharks along with a fourth round pick. Columbus acquired Sebastian Aho (yes, the one that’s currently on the Canes), a fifth round pick, and a sixth round pick. Sounds like the teams swapped roster players to fill needs.

Omar and another player were traded to Washington for Noah Juulsen, a seventh round pick, and Travis Hamonic. Omar will get some good playing time in Washington, but they’re not that great. We could very well see him go to free agency.

Welp. Washington flipped both Barron and Omar to…Buffalo. They acquired a first and two prospects, and Buffalo got a lot better.

Andrew Williams was sent to Pittsburgh in a six player trade. Crazy trade deadline for our created players.

Season Stats

Meg had 11 shutouts, a .938 save percentage, and a 1.72 GAA.

Neha had 96 points and set a career high in goals with 51.

Nathaniel had 40 wins.

Ocarina of Tom had a career high in points and goals. 47 points, 30 goals.

Mike had 59 points.

Andrew had 62 points.

Vince had 57 points, a huge career high.

Patrick was solid, but Vegas sucked.



The Canes face Omar and Barron in the first round, but they don’t really pose much of a threat. The Canes beat the Sabres in five games, with Meg posting two shutouts.

Pittsburgh isn’t posing much of a threat either, with the Canes up 3-1 in the series. Tom and Andrew are just not able to find ways to get pucks past Meg. They win game five, however. Gauthier scores first for the Canes. Workrate ties it, but Boutin answers to make it 2-1 Canes! Hawes adds two insurance goals, and the Canes are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals!

It’s a battle of the great goalies! Nathaniel and Meg face off in the ECF, and the Canes make Nathaniel look terrible in game one, winning 5-2. Game two is heading to overtime tied at 4 apiece, so this’ll be fun. Reginald Hawes scores in overtime! He beats Nathaniel from a bad angle, and the Canes go up 2-0! Game three is a lot less interesting. The Wings go up early, but the Canes answer back. Detroit has only registered 16 shots on goal, whereas the Canes are at 24. The Wings score thanks to Buchnevich, and they cut the series lead in half. Jake Bean wins game four in overtime with a seeing-eye shot from the point. When he takes the shot, Fortin and a Detroit player are tied up in front of Nathaniel. Engel and another Detroit player are tied up at the post. There’s less than an inch of room for error, but Bean makes no mistake. Nathaniel never saw the shot. YES! The Canes are headed back to the Stanley Cup Finals! Jon sends the Canes to the Finals in overtime.

Once again, the Canes will face the Oilers in the finals. It’s a very low scoring series, with each team losing 2-1 in the first three games. The Canes lead the series 2-1, and that’s all that really matters. One game closer to the Cup!

Game four: Gauthier scores first, giving the Canes the lead. McDavid scores to tie it, which I can’t really blame on Meg, to be honest. I’m still upset that the Oilers are this good without a good goalie. Bjugstad scores to take the lead for Edmonton in the second period. We’ll need a big third period. Justin answers the call, with a shot from the point! Jake Bean and Engel answer just 34 seconds apart from each other, giving the Canes a two goal lead with nine minutes left in the third. Brule makes it interesting with 1:45 left, but the Canes end up taking game four to take a 3-1 lead.

Game five: This could be it, folks. Kristin could win her first cup, and Justin could win his second cup! When I signed these two during the off-season, I wasn’t expecting this kind of impact. I wasn’t expecting a cup run just yet. I wanted to build for the future, and they were part of that plan. The Canes get two goals in the first period, one from Engel, and one from Pierre Grand-Pierre. That’s his name. Puljujarvi and Fical score for Edmonton in the second period, and we’re all tied up heading into the third. Brule scores early on, giving the Oilers the lead. Looks like we’ll have to close this series in six games. BAH GAWD THAT’S JAKE BEAN’S MUSIC. Bean scores with 49 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime. Edmonton took a costly penalty, and Bean capitalized. There’s still hope! JAKE BEAN ONCE AGAIN. HOLY CRAP. Edmonton has the worst clearing attempt I’ve ever seen, and Engel gathers it in the offensive zone. He quickly gets the puck to Bean, who fires on a wide open net. He won’t win the Conn Smythe (Meg will. I know, big surprise), but he’s definitely made an impact. Congrats to Kristin on winning her first Cup!


The cap grew by about four million this year, which makes me happy. I can finally afford to add a decent forward to round out my lines.

Washington got the second overall pick, and NJ got the fourth.

Neha won her third Art Ross in four years! She also took home the Hart, Selke, Ted Lindsay, and Richard trophies.

Meg won the Conn Smythe, Vezina, and William M. Jennings!

KingGeorgey is in Grand Rapids, and he had the most goals in the AHL.


With the additions to my scouting department in the off-season, I’m expecting to have a better draft. There’s no franchise changing player in this draft, but there’s a lot of talent to be had. The scouting department has worked hard, so now it’s time to see if it’ll pay off.

The time has come for the 31st overall pick. I look to my scouts, and they know how important this first round is. If the scouts inform me of a pick that doesn’t work out, they could be fired. The SHL scouts are already on strike two. One more bad pick and they’re out of a job. My WHL scouts have consistently gotten me talent in the later rounds of the draft, but I haven’t relied on them in the first two rounds as much. They keep telling me about Theo Shyng. “Yeah he’s projected to go early in the second round, but he’s doing phenomenal things at age 17” one scout raves. Another claims that he’s “like Alex DeBrincat. Tiny, but you can’t deny that the talent is there. Teams won’t want to pass him up.” Alrighty then, let’s go for it! Theo Shyng, welcome to the Canes. A 61 overall 17 year old with low elite potential? Yes please. He’s a sniper, which is something the Canes really need on the right side. He’ll likely take two or three years to develop, but I’m willing to wait a little bit. Shyng’s best skill is his speed. He’ll need to work on his awareness in the offensive zone a good bit first. He’ll shoot before he makes the pass, and it leads to turnovers. No cause for concern, though.

Now it’s looking like I’ll be turning to the QMJHL with the 47th overall pick. My scouts have heard good things about an overage player in the Q that has improved his game in every aspect. Vincent Charpentier has been tearing it up with Halifax. While we have a lot of playmaking centers in the pipeline, none of them have great potential. This guy seems like he’ll be a legitimate NHLer. And he will be! Medium elite player at 61 overall. My scouts in Canada have knocked it out of the park this year. Charpentier has phenomenal speed as well, and his game is a lot more well-rounded since he has a year on most of the other players in this draft. Still, he’s a good NHL prospect and I’m excited for him.

I have to do it. The Canes take a legacy pick that has no relation whatsoever to a former player. We select…Tuomo Ruutu. Seriously. He’s a bottom six forward, but who cares. His name is Tuomo Ruutu.

My QMJHL scouts are telling me more good things about a goalie from the Armada. He’s another overage player, but excels in almost every way. He’s extremely athletic, and the Canes don’t have any good goalie prospects. I listen to the scouts again, and take Hugo Dandenault. He’s a starter potential goalie at 60 overall. A bit average for a 19 year old, but the potential is there. He’ll likely be coming into form after Kristin’s contract expires.

Now it’s time for the OHL. My scouts want me to go just a tad off the board here and select Brock Durepos. He’s talented enough for a third round pick, and they seem fairly confident about him. My analysis: meh. He’s not great, so I’m a little disappointed. That’s life, though. OHL scouts get a strike.

Sweden got a strike taken away with the 186th overall pick. Marcus Gundersen was an unknown last season, but got regular time in SM-Liiga this season. He’s a shutdown guy that is 19. They urged me to take him, so I did. Low elite potential is always a plus! Shooting and skating are surprisingly good for a shutdown guy, so that’ll be fun to keep an eye on. I’ll need to wait on him a bit, but it’s encouraging to see us pick someone good from Sweden.

Lastly, the QMJHL scouts told me to just take a shot at a goalie. It didn’t work out, but that’s okay. For the last pick in the draft, I’ll take a shot at whatever.

Overall, it was a good draft. I’m happy with quite a few of my picks, and that’s all that really matters. I’m excited for Shyng and Charpentier the most, though.

Free Agency

It’s time to retool a bit. Jon has been good for me for a while, but he’s been holding De Vries down. We need to put De Vries with a better producer, so we’re letting go of Jon.

Jon, Meg, and Ombudsman are all free agents. Yeah, yeah. Meg refused my initial offer, and I had no cap space. I traded some underperforming players, so hush.

Meg signed with the Canes again. Hush.

Wonder what the haul from trading those players was? I ended up getting Anaheim’s first and third round picks, as well as Boston’s third and seventh. Not too bad.

Florida signed Jon to a two year deal. Not bad, but he definitely won’t be doing much with them.

Ombudsman signed with Columbus for a year.

Barron was also a free agent, and signed in Toronto for two years.

2028-29 season

Andrew decides to pick a fight with my enforcer, and it goes very poorly for him.

It’s been a bit of a rough season, so I’m going to make a tough decision. I’m going to trade Gauthier. He’s gotten slightly worse over the past two seasons, and I can’t afford to keep him. He’s on the block right now, and I’m actively listening to offers. The price for Gauthier as it stands is really high. He’s an impact player, and I want no less than a first and a good prospect. We’ll see what I get.

I made a minor trade to acquire some picks. I traded a bad prospect and a sixth round pick to Washington for their fourth and fifth round picks.

The Canes have scored 16 goals in four games against the Flyers this season. The Flyers, on the other hand, have scored twice. We have three 4-0 shutout wins and one 4-2 win. It’s crazy.

Matthew Blevins moved from San Jose to Florida in a minor trade at the deadline. He’s moved around quite a bit, hasn’t he?

Gauthier didn’t end up moving. The team got their act together, so he’ll either be a draft day trade or a trade during free agency. It’s likely that he’ll move during the draft so I can use his cap space to sign someone else.

Season Stats

Not too much to report this season.

Meg had 12 shutouts!

Neha had 82 points in 81 games.

Nathaniel also had 12 shutouts, so he and Meg are the likely contenders for the Vezina.


The Canes face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, and it’s been fairly close. The Canes are up 2-1 in the series, though! The series goes to six games, where Engel scores on a breakaway to close out the series. The Canes are headed to the second round!

The Islanders are up next, and I’m scared. They won back to back cups a few years ago, and look just as dangerous. We’ve taken a 2-1 lead after the first three games, so maybe it won’t be so bad! Down 2-1 in game five, the Canes need a big goal from someone. On a delayed penalty call, Justin comes calling! He sees an opening down the middle, cruises into the slot, and wires a shot top shelf! The ROOKIE! Tyler Jensen scores his first career playoff goal, and it’s a big one! It sends the Canes to the Eastern Conference Finals!

Once again, the Canes are facing Nathaniel and Detroit. Can they make him look as foolish as they did last time? While he may be stopping a lot of shots, his team has only scored three goals in three games. The Canes have only scored seven, but lead the series 3-0. Get those brooms ready! The Canes sweep the Red Wings and are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals! Nathaniel was good in that series, but his team’s offense only mustered four goals. It’s a shame, but I’m not too sympathetic. Sorry!

Up next, the Canucks! Kristin really wants another cup, especially since this is the team that almost ruined her career.

Game one: Andy Ranger, sneaky good goal scorer, takes the lead for the Canes in the first. The Canucks score twice in the second, and once more in the third, and it looks like game one will go to Vancouver. Engel thinks otherwise! He scores twice, and the Canes are taking this game to overtime! De Vries scores! A great offensive zone shift by Hawes and Engel leads to a power play, and De Vries capitalizes right off of the faceoff! Canes lead 1-0!

Game two: Yikes. Four straight goals by Vancouver is enough to beat the Canes, but Hawes at least gets a goal to break the shutout bid. The series is tied 1-1 now.

Game three: We’re heading to Raleigh with the series tied! Three goals from Vancouver in the first period as opposed to one from the Canes is not good news either. I pull Meg, and let Kristin get her revenge against her old team. She allows one goal in the second, but the Canes get it right back. It’s shaping up to be a fun third period! Justin scores! After the Canucks make it 5-2, Justin scores to bring that lead down to 2 goals! It’s a start! Darn. The Canes apply tons of pressure on a 6 on 4, but to no avail. Goaltending  might just drag this team down this series.

Game four: The Canes actually outscored the Canucks in the first period! They’re leading 2-1 after two periods, and it looks like Meg has turned it around. The Canes score twice again in the third, and they tie the series at 2 apiece!

Game five: The Canucks score twice in the first. Meg has been pretty bad this series, and she just gave up two goals on nine shots. It’s 3-1 halfway through the third period, and the Canes are looking out of gas. This team isn’t quite good enough, and it’s apparent here. Well there’s a goal! Grand-Pierre scores to cut the lead in half, but that would be it. The Canes need to win the next two games if they want to win the cup.

Game six: Oh so NOW you decide to score. Four different players score for the Canes in the first period, ending their starter’s night. The Canucks make it 4-1 in the second, but we restore the four goal lead in the third to win the game 5-1. The Canes and Canucks are headed to game seven!

Game seven: This is it, folks! We’ll be doing live commentary from game seven in Vancouver! The Canes defense uses the patented Matador Defense, letting Vancouver walk right through. Meg makees the pad save! great play by Meg! Vancouver shoots from the point, it’s deflected! Meg makes the save, but Pettersson scores on an easy tap in. 1-0 Canucks. It’s been all Vancouver so far. The Canes come to life after that, but McIntyre has stood strong. Gauthier and Ranger have good chances, but to no avail. HAWES! He scores after a wonderful offensive zone shift, and the Canes tie it up! He manages to take a shot while being tied up in front, and the Canes are right back in it! Assists go to Fortin and Schoefield, the enforcer. BEAN! Jake Bean decides the he wants a Cup, and he beats McIntyre blocker side. He and Engel work together off of the faceoff to create a chance, and it results in a goal. Engel gets the only assist. That was Bean’s second goal of the playoffs, but it comes at a key moment. Kennedy breakaway for the Canes! He dekes, and McIntyre gets a pad on it to keep his team in the game! Grand-Pierre gets a pass from Raycroft, and he hits the post! That would have been a beautiful play, but the score remains 2-1. Justin walks in, he’s all alone in the slot! The shot gets blocked at the last second, erasing any sort of offense. Bigras gets a chance off of a Gauthier pass, but McIntyre makes an easy glove save. That’s been the best chance of the period for both teams, though. Raycroft and Grand-Pierre have great chances, but McIntyre once again makes the save. Gostisbehere takes advantage of some poor defense, and ties it for Vancouver. Great shot from the point, and the primary assist went to a former Hurricane. Meg stands tall on a wraparound chance! McIntyre deserves the Conn Smythe for his performance in this game. the Canes are getting chance after chance, but McIntyre has had none of it. Kennedy wins the faceoff back to DeVries! He shoots, and just misses! Boutin gathers the puck, who passes across the crease to Kennedy. Kennedy scores! He tips the pass in, and the Canes go back ahead 3-2! That’s Kennedy’s second goal of the playoffs. Assists go to Boutin and De Vries. Power play coming up! Haydar gets tripped up in the offensive zone, and the Canes will get power play time. GREAT SAVE MCINTYRE. Gauthier gets a great pass, but McIntyre robs him with the glove. Justin gets stopped, and the Canucks clear it. After that, the Canes spend 30 seconds trying to just get the puck in the offensive zone. Pretty typical, if you ask me. OH MY WORD. Gauthier SNIPES it, and the Canes score on the power play to make it 4-2! That’s his fourth goal of the playoffs! Gauthier’s goal was assisted by Justin and Engel. FORTIN! TWO GOALS IN 30 SECONDS! Justin carries the puck in, dishes to Fortin, and he makes no mistake beating McIntyre low glove. That’s his sixth goal, assisted by Justin and Engel. McIntyre is still in the game, and he robs Hawes with the blocker. Gauthier tries to go five hole, but to no avail. Jancevski scores! The rookie taps in a rebound off of Schofield and that’ll end McIntyre’s night. Michael DiPietro comes in for the Canucks. That was Jancevski’s third of the playoffs, assisted by Grand-Pierre and Schofield. Grand-Pierre must have tipped the shot initially, and Jancevski just collected the rebound. It’s an insurance goal, so it’s not a huge deal. Gogolev scores to make it 6-3 after Bean blocked a shot. Doesn’t matter, though. There’s only 53 seconds left. Wow. I’m not sure how, but the Canes win another cup. brb, turning sliders up a bit. Even for simulations, that seemed easy.


Less than one million was added to the cap this year, which sucks. I have to sign Hawes, and he’ll want all of the money.

Neha won her third straight Art Ross.

Workrate won the Richard trophy!

Meg won the Hart, Vezina, William M. Jennings, and Ted Lindsay awards.

Not a created player, but Engel won the Selke and the Conn Smythe.


It’s time to trade Gauthier. I can’t afford to keep him around, especially since he has five more years on his deal. There aren’t many great players available, but I’m not worried. I’m going to trade Gauthier for the third overall pick. Gauthier and a first go to Minnesota in exchange for the third overall pick and a prospect. I move up 28 spots in the draft, and get a good prospect to go along with it. It’s a good deal for me.

Now that I acquired that pick, it’s time to see who’s available. I look and see that my scouts are pushing heavily for me to draft Dwayne Vajihollahi from Prince Albert in the WHL. He’s a playmaking LW that compares nicely to Fortin, but more effective. He’s already quick enough for the NHL, and his passing is good too. He’s a very balanced forward, so I decide to go with it. Welcome to the team! He’s a 77 overall medium elite potential player. He’s incredibly balanced, not one of his categories stands out. Physical is a little weak, but that’s fine for a forward. I definitely made the right pick there. Over the summer, I traded for a first round pick from Anaheim. That pick ended up being the 25th overall pick. My Swedish scouts say that Ulf Viklund could be a hidden gem in what has been a weak second half of the first round. I make my selection, and I’m not terribly disappointed. Viklund is a two way RW that has good shooting and skating for a young player. He’ll need to learn how to work in all three zones before transitioning to North America, however. He’s got plenty of time to develop, so I’m not worried that he’s a low top six potential forward at 56 overall.

My scouts are calling me to the table. Nelson Maas, a 6’4 two way defender, is still on the table. They don’t know much about him, having only scouted him twice. Still, they think he’s got NHL talent. He was a part of a struggling blue line at only 17 years old, and was one of Ottawa’s best defensemen. I take the risk, and am surprised with the result. He’s a medium top six d potential player at 54 overall. Good skating and shooting, but weak defense and senses. Again, he’s got time before coming to the NHL. I’m not worried at all.

The scouts in the OHL do it again. Niagra had an overage player available. He’s 20, and had been passed up twice before. The playmaking center looked ready for the pros, so we took a shot. He’s lightning fast, and has great physical strength. He’ll definitely play in the AHL this season.

Um…what? My scouts told me to take a flyer on a goalie that has plateaued a little bit in the MHL. He ended up being a medium elite 20 year old goalie. That was the last pick in the draft. Nice.

Free Agency

The end of an era. Bean was released this off season after two straight seasons of subpar play. He wanted 8 million to score less than 40 points, which was unacceptable. I need to develop my defensemen, so that was the best choice. Fortin also went to free agency, because I figured that I could sign a better player for cheaper. I wasn’t right about that, but I did get to improve my team with that cap space.

Nobody went to free agency this season! You’re all still with your teams!

I went and grabbed a power forward to play on my third or fourth line. He’s 82 overall, and was an upgrade over some of the guys that I let go to free agency. I also signed a similar player to play on the right wing, so the team’s depth improved a bit. They’ll play where 80 or 81 overall guys would usually play. Baby steps.

I went two for three on my depth signings. All were AHL fill-ins, but one guy could make the team out of camp. He’s 79 overall, and was somehow left undrafted. We’ll see where this goes.

This team has no depth. They have a lot of third line players that are overslotted, but that’s fine. It’s a very young team, and I’m hoping that some of them will develop a bit more this season. Maybe some of them will benefit from playing with Engel. If not, I’ll have to shed some contracts and start anew. Thanks for reading this one, and good luck to you all!

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