Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: The Franchise Defining Edition


Folks, it’s shaping up to be a very fun free agency. Workrate, Mike Slavin, Ombudsman, and Barron are all free agents, and will be on new teams to start the year. Ombudsman and Barron will be good depth for an NHL team, while Tom and Mike will be franchise defining players.

I let Skinner go in free agency. Yeah, yeah, complain all you want. The fact is that he wanted a 7×7 contract, and I just couldn’t afford that. I let Lindholm go because I had a lot of prospects stagnating because of his roster spot. He wasn’t producing a whole lot, so it’s not a big loss. Pesce’s loss hurt a bit until I realized that I had a defenseman ready to take his place. All in all, I was just cutting out replaceable players.

Pesce signed in Buffalo, who keeps on getting better. Wait, nvm. They lost Mike and Eichel, their two best assets, in the same off-season. LOL.

Well, Skinner’s loss doesn’t hurt. Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to welcome Tom, aka Mr. Workrate, to the Carolina Hurricanes. Tom is a power forward on the LW that is 91 overall. He’ll go with Engel and Gauthier on the first line. Best first line in the league? I think so.

Mike went to New Jersey on a two year contract. It seems like they got worse offensively, but added a key defenseman.

Ombudsman went to Florida, which might be good for him. He might get some more ice time on the Panthers, but I’m really not sure if they’re that much better for him.

Alright Barron signed with Washington. That’s really meh for him, because Washington’s defense is still pretty solid. Still, he’ll get two years to prove himself.

2024-25 Season

It’s been a really solid season for the Canes, who are 27-7-1 halfway through December. Meg is once again shutting down opposing teams, and the Canes’ offense is doing well. December has been a little underwhelming in the goal scoring department, with the Canes scoring three goals just two times in eight games. Still, they’re 7-1 in that span.

Hat trick for Jon! His third goal puts the Canes ahead 5-4 against the Rangers!

This trade deadline was a little boring. Philly traded a prospect for Okposo, who is very old at this point. Winnipeg acquired Conor Sheary and Michael Matheson from Montreal, but flipped Matheson to Chicago for more players. Colorado traded Rantanen, Brassard, and a sixth round pick to Minnesota for a first round pick, a prospect, and a couple other assets. The Avalanche have a lot of assets to use in this draft, and could be really good sooner rather than later.

Max is out for a week due to a concussion. He only missed a game, so it’s no big deal.

Season Stats

I’m only going to do point totals unless something is really neat. It’s taking me 20 minutes to talk about points, and I don’t like it.

Tom: 70p

Max: 33p

Jon: 30p

Meg: 45-14-3, 8 shutouts

Blake: 62p. 42 goals is a career high

ChanceofPlayoffs: 27-26-7

Me: 50p

Michael Mosher: 37-23-7, 10 shutouts

Barlowe: 8p

Neha: 99p. Career highs in goals, assists, and points. 47g, 52a

Caniac: 32p

Kevin: 19p

Nathaniel: 35-23-8, 6 shutouts

Ombudsman: 25p

Ocarina: 22p

JT: 59p

HoboJoe: 21-11-4

Justin: 39p

Mike: 57p, career high in goals and points

Hockeyprof: 46p

Omar: 41p

Vince: 26p

Patrick: 30-23-6, 7 shutouts

Barron: 10p

Wade: 11-5-2

Christopher: 18p


ez pz. The Canes sweep the Flyers in the first round, and it wasn’t even close. Meg only allowed four goals in this series, and had one shutout. Congrats!

Next up is the Caps, and it’s looking like another easy series for the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes win the first three games, only allowing five goals in the process. Game four is a bit boring, with Max scoring the only goal in a 1-0 shutout win. On to the ECF, and we haven’t even looked like we’re trying.

Yaaaaaaawn. Toronto didn’t even put up a fight. The Canes sweep the Leafs, only allowing six goals in the process. This has been an incredibly boring playoffs for the Canes.

It’s a Canes and Oilers finals! This will be fun!

Game one: Oh wow, the Oilers can score more than one goal. After the first period, it’s 2-1. That’s fine, we still have 40 minutes left. Tom likes to score goals, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. He ties it up in the second, and now we’ve got 20 minutes left to win. The Canes take a 4-3 lead heading into the final minute, but then some McDavid guy steps in and scores. Who does he think he is? WE SCORE! No wait, Gauthier tackled the goalie. Carry on. Okay, this time, Gauthier’s goal counts! Canes take game one 5-4!

Game two: Welp. The win streak ends. The Canes drop game two by a score of 3-1 thanks to three power play goals.

Game three: Yay! Goals! Engel scores twice, and Hanifin adds another to give the Canes a 3-0 lead in the first period. Slavin adds an empty netter after Klefbom makes it 3-1, so the Canes take game three 4-1.

Game four: Some guy named Hoggan ties the game up for the Canes in the first, but I’ve never heard of him. He’s a rookie, and earned a spot in the lineup when Hanifin got hurt. The score holds, and we’re going to OT. Engel hits the post, Gauthier gets the rebound, and Brossoit makes a phenomenal glove save. Damn, this close to winning it. Puljujarvi gets a breakaway, but Meg stands tall to stop it! GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Fortin scores for the Canes, assisted by Jon! Brossoit doesn’t get all of it, and the puck barely flops in. One game away from history!

Game five: Necas scores early in the first period, giving the Canes a 1-0 lead. It’s looked good so far, but it’s been fairly boring. Meg stopped all ten shots she faced. Nothing in the second period, and Meg has stopped all 21 shots now. The game broadcast says that hits win you games. That hasn’t helped Edmonton in this series, though. Warren Foegele is a second line RW on the Oilers, which is interesting. Didn’t think he had potential. AHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This game just got a whole lot more magical! He scores, giving the Canes a 2-0 lead with 12:58 left. Welp. Foegele cuts the lead in half after forcing a turnover in the offensive zone. Not a good look from Necas there, and Meg didn’t have time to react. 11 minutes left in the third. Necas hits the post after a great shift! Edmonton’s defense looked lost there, and that kind of offensive shift helped us a lot. 6:25 left. Max could’ve kept the puck in the offensive zone, but he had “Eric Staal line change” levels of effort, and the puck leaves the zone. Ericsson, a second year player, gets two chances on a breakaway, but one gets stopped and the other gets blocked. 2:55 left. Welp. Larsson scores to tie the game with 2:45 left. Jon screens Meg, and the puck goes in. Not a good look. Tom gets two chances! Saved. The first shot was good, the second shot was really weak. Gauthier on a breakaway, and he SCORES! The shot gets stopped, rolls towards the net, and the defender kicks it in! Guess, who it was! Larsson. Taylor Hall wouldn’t have done that. Meg stops McDavid on the rush, and Fortin scores on the empty net with 1.6 seconds left! The Canes have won another cup!


Hooray for a little more salary cap. I’ll have to shed a lot to sign Engel.

Neha won the Art Ross, Hart, and Ted Lindsay awards. Good for her, she really deserved it.

Meg walked away with her second straight Conn Smythe, Vezina, and William M. Jennings trophies.

Kristin won the Calder Cup with Utica, and won the MVP of the playoffs.


Medium elite 72 overall defenseman at 31 overall? Yes please.

Another solid pick in the second round, drafting an AHL ready player.

I had to auto draft the rest of my picks, and the only other good pick was one in the fifth round. The CPU drafted an AHL ready defenseman for me, which was nice.

Free Agency

I’m preparing for this season to suck a little bit. Not only did I have to lose Slavin and Necas to free agency, but I had to trade Nedeljkovic, Geekie, and Fleury. Fleury and Geekie were third pair and fourth line players, so it doesn’t hurt too much. Geekie fetched a third round pick, while Fleury fetched a pretty good prospect. Ned went for a first and a second, which I’ll probably need in this coming draft. If there’s a franchise player, I want it.

CoCaptain and HoboJoe are free agents this year, so we might be waiting a while for them to get signed.

Engel and Jon both re-signed with the Canes, which is good news.

Co Captain signed with Tampa, where he’ll be the backup. Still, that might be a good team to be the backup for. It was a 2 year deal.

Hobo Joe signs a two year deal with the Leafs, and this free agency period is done! Welcome to your new teams, both of you!

If you’d like to get traded, let me know. I don’t have cap space, so I’ll likely have to flip you to another team. Keep that in mind before you request a trade!

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