Storm Surge: February 11th

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 23: Martin Necas poses for photos after being selected 12th overall by the Carolina Hurricanes during the 2017 NHL Draft at the United Center on June 23, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Calm Before the Storm is rolling out a new series of articles that will appear weekly, titled Storm Surge! These articles will focus on which prospects have been heating up in the past week, and which prospects have faltered a little bit. Who better for these articles than Matt, our resident prospects expert*!

*Not an actual expert

Who’s Hot

Stelio Mattheos had a hat trick and an assist on Saturday against Red Deer, ending Brandon’s nine game losing streak. His hat trick goal was the overtime winner, and it was off of a nice pass for an easy tap-in goal. His only other game that week was the night before, where he didn’t make it on the scoresheet. Since Brandon has struggled as of late, any points from Mattheos are welcome. He’s already set career highs in goals and points this season, and needs one more assist to tie his career high in assists (35). Mattheos plays on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday this week, so expect to hear more from him soon.

Fancy Stats: Stelio Mattheos plays a weird role for the Wheat Kings. He averages .67 goals per game played, and .64 assists per game played. The weird part is that he only plays a little over 14 minutes a game for Brandon. It’s impressive that Mattheos has been able to produce over a point per game pace while averaging just 14 minutes a game. Only ten of his 34 assists have been secondary assists, which is great to see for a young player.

Morgan Geekie has also been productive as of late, although he ended a four game point streak on Saturday. Last week, Geekie had five points in three games, including a four point performance with a power play goal and three primary assists. While he may not be scoring as much, Geekie has been an assists machine this season, with 42 assists in 47 games. Most of his assists are primary assists, which has to impress the Canes’ front office. Geekie will look to continue his success this week with games on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. In those three games, Geekie scored two goals and added a secondary assist on the power play.

Fancy Stats: Geekie gets a little over 16 minutes of ice time a night, but his point totals aren’t as high as Mattheos’ were. Geekie has been used primarily as a playmaker this season, especially on the power play. A lot of his stats will translate well to the NHL, and he’ll likely be used in a third line role in the coming seasons. His expected goals/60 is at 1.12, which isn’t terrible. It’s his worst fancy stat that’s on, so that may be something to keep an eye on in the future. Once he feels comfortable shooting the puck more, he could be very similar to Lindholm at center.

Warren Foegele has been hot as of late, and he has 35 points in 48 games with Charlotte this season. Foegele does all of this while averaging just under 12 minutes a night. You’d like to see him get more assists, but when you have 22 goals in your first pro season, it doesn’t matter a whole lot. Foegele’s AHL numbers indicate that he could be a third line winger in the NHL someday, but he’ll be used in most situations. He’s dangerous on the penalty kill, so that’ll get him an NHL call up sooner rather than later.

Clark Bishop had a really fantastic weekend, scoring a shorthanded goal against Springfield on Saturday, and recording three primary assists against Springfield on Friday. Bishop has had a solid AHL campaign this season, registering 22 points in 48 games. He’s been used primarily on the fourth line and on the penalty kill, and he’s been effective in that role. Not a whole lot of Bishop’s skills will translate to the NHL. He could be an effective fourth line player in a few years, but nothing more. He’s not very dangerous offensively, but he’ll be effective on the PK if you give him some time.

Martin Necas also had two assists last week. He’s putting up really solid numbers in a defense-first league. Necas is making a huge impact as a 19 year old playing against men, and there’s nothing stopping him from being an impact player in the NHL next season. He’s got what it takes, and he’s continuing to show us that with his play in the Czech leagues. He’s now at 14 points in 21 games, and was even named to the All Star team in his league.

Who’s Not

Hudson Elynuik has been a little underwhelming as of late. He hasn’t produced as much, even though Spokane has scored a lot of goals. Averaging almost 14 minutes a game, Elynuik has had another stellar season in the WHL. He’s been going through a bit of a slump lately, but it’s no cause for concern. Penalties are still his biggest issue, which might be a bit of a concern. He’s lacked discipline since coming to Carolina, but he hasn’t shown a whole lot of growth in that regard. Still, he’ll be able to bounce back from this little slump. He’s still well over a point per game pace, and could even see some playoff games if Spokane keeps this up.

Matt Filipe has been really disappointing this season. He started off the season really well, but hasn’t factored in a whole lot in the past few months. He’s been getting second or third line minutes this season, but hasn’t been able to produce on some nights. It may just be a sophomore slump, and he’ll have two more years of school to figure things out.

Jack Lafontaine has also had a relatively disappointing season for Michigan. He has the same amount of games played this season, and his numbers have gotten worse. It seems like he’s been relegated to the backup role in Michigan, which is discouraging. He’ll need to string together a few good performances if he wants to earn more ice time, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with how well Michigan’s starter has played.

Sadly, Jake Bean has also been a little disappointing as of late in regards to production. He started off hot with Tri-City, but has been relatively invisible for the past few games. Bean is playing first and second pair minutes with Tri-City, averaging about 16 minutes and 40 seconds a night. He’s been used in a more defensive role this season, which is fairly new to Bean. Since he’s still getting time on the power play, you’d think that he would be assisting on a lot more goals now, but it’s not the case. Bean has only five assists with the Americans in 14 games, which is a surprise. I’ve been a little disappointed with him since he was traded, but I still think he’s got the second highest ceiling out of all of the prospects we have. If he’s improved on his play in the defensive zone since training camp, I’ll consider it a huge success.

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