Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: I Don’t Want Your Players


My goodness. Teams keep offering me players that I don’t care about, or that I don’t have the cap space to keep. They wanted me to trade a second and a prospect for Anisimov, for God’s sake. No thank you. Stop offering me your players, LA and Chicago.

Alright, my lies heading into this year aren’t great, but they’re a good bit better than they were last season. I still don’t have a true 1C, so I’m rolling with an 84 overall Rask to go between Skinner and Gauthier. My second line could be fun, but it could also be a line that just passes a lot until they turn it over. Necas is centering Aho and Teravainen on this line. The third line will be the line that drives play and outworks an opponent, with Mattheos centering Max and Lindholm. The fourth line is Foegele, Roy, and Frolik, which is alright, I guess.

2021-22 Season

The Canes finished October with a 7-4-1 record. Not terrible for a team that lost its 2C in the off-season.

The Devils really want to give me Henrique, so let’s take a look. For an 82 overall center that only had 33 points last season, they want a second and a third round pick in this year’s draft, plus a prospect with low value. Welp. Instead of declining, I hit accept. Since Henrique carries no value for me whatsoever, I flipped him to the Blackhawks for a second round pick and a young AHL prospect. I got the short end of the stick on this whole thing just by a touch, and ended up losing the value of around a fourth or fifth round pick. Nothing too serious.

My first line had an excellent game against Tampa with a 6-2 win. Gauthier and Rask each had 3 points, while Skinner only had one. Roy scored his fifth of the season in that game, which is solid for a fourth line player. He’s averaging just over .25 goals a game.

Just had a pretty weird trade. I sent what I thought was a decent prospect and a fifth round pick to San Jose in exchange for a fourth round pick. When I looked into it, the player wasn’t that great. He had low potential, and was already 21 years old. I decided to let him go so that he could hopefully get playing time in San Jose. He certainly wasn’t going to here.

The Canes beat the Leafs 3-1, but Ombuddy got a primary assist on the Leafs’ only goal.

Chicago actually tried marketing Pitlick to me. No thank you.

Guess which GM made a big trade? It me. I made a big trade. I traded a former first round pick of mine (2021) and another top prospect, Osala, to Calgary. The former first round pick of mine hadn’t really done a whole lot in terms of development this year, if we’re being honest. I believe that I traded for Osala when I traded Staal*, but I can’t be sure. Regardless, he was a former first round pick of the Flames, and now he’s back with them. Seems like a big price, right? Yeah, but when you acquire Johnny Gaudreau, it’s worth it. He’s now my first line LW. I also acquired Morgan Klimchuk to play on the fourth line, and a seventh round pick in this year’s draft. A success, if I do say so myself.

*It was the Darling trade, not Staal.

The Coyotes tried trading Blake to Carolina, but they wanted two first round picks and an elite prospect for him. I can’t afford to sign him after this season, so that’s a no, unfortunately.

NOTE: All, I repeat ALL, stats are for 82 games unless specified otherwise. Sorry OcarinaofTom, your stats were for 82 games.

Season Stats

A 50 win season was good enough for second in the division, behind the Flyers. We’ll face the Caps in the first round.

Max: 17g, 18a, 35p. Solid season after being demoted to the fourth line when Gaudreau factored in.

Jon: 18g, 12a, 30p. Not bad for a second pairing guy.

Meg: 39-21-6, one shutout, .921, 2.24 GAA. Franchise goalie, hello.

Blake: 38g, 25a, 63p. Really solid season on a meh team.

ChanceofPlayoffs: 33-28-5, 5 shutouts, .912, 2.54 GAA. It’s too bad that goal support is a little iffy in Arizona.

Me: 13g, 21a, 34p. Injuries held me out of 11 games this season, so my totals would likely be around 40 points.

Mike Slavin: 11g, 12a, 23p. Buffalo has three good players at 60+ points. After that, only one player hit 40.

Michael: 10-15-4, 1 shutout, .915, 2.71 GAA. Might get a lottery pick thanks to this performance, so I’m happy.

Barlowe: 1g, 1a, 2p in five games played. Yikes, and he just signed a three year contract with the Hawks.

Neha: 31g, 36a, 67p. Really good season, and the Avs are poised for a deep playoff run.

Caniac: 29g, 15a, 44p. Pass the puck, friend.

Blevins: 16g, 13a, 29p. His production has gone up since the Blue Jackets started playing him more, which is good.

Kevin Kohler: 10g, 23a, 33p. Career high in points and assists after signing a three year deal!

Nathaniel: 27-28-6, 7 shutouts, .920, 2.43 GAA. You’d be a Vezina candidate if your team was competent in the slightest.

KingGeorgey: 14g, 11a, 25p in 79 games. Center depth in Edmonton is unreal, so this isn’t surprising.

Ocarina: 20g, 8a, 28p. Poor Tom. He’s stuck on a crappy team.

JT: 17g, 51a, 68p. Would’ve been great if the enforcer got one more point. Still, good job JT.

Justin Lockard: 14g, 41a, 55p. Wow, 55 points as a defenseman.

Workrate: 32g, 42a, 74p. Damn good season for Tom, who finished third on the team in points. New Jersey had a great top six, but nothing after that.

CoCaptain: 17-10-3, 1 shutout, .919, 2.52. Good season as a backup. He’ll start next season.

HockeyProf: 26g, 38a, 64p. Great season, as the Islanders’ top line all had over 60 points.

Jonathan Wagner: 5g, 3a, 8p. Womp womp. The rookie offensive defenseman failed to produce in his first season.

Omar: 20g, 31a, 51p. Good season on the Sens.

Vince:8g, 18a, 26p. Good season for a defenseman, especially on the Blues.

Barron: 7g, 12a, 19p in 61 games. He split time between the AHL and NHL this season. Good news is that he was almost a PPG player in the AHL.

Ombudsman: 17g, 7a, 24p. Not a lot of ombudspoints this season.

Kristin: 2 wins in 2 starts. .945, 1.50 GAA. Markstrom, their backup, is signed for six more years. Get out while you can.

Patrick: 31-26-5, 4 shutouts, .915, 2.69 GAA. Nice GAA, Patrick.

Christopher: 15g, 4a, 19p. Pass the puck, four assists is lame.

29 people had NHL time this season, while 2 sat in the AHL. Wade and HoboJoe, I’m sorry that your teams won’t play you.


This is depressing. The Caps take games one, three, and four to hold a 3-1 series lead. The Canes haven’t been able to score, and it’s looking like another early exit. Narratives about running into a hot goalie are sure to surface if the Canes can’t get it done. Game five is a win, but two more games lie ahead…

Teravainen ties the game with 10.1 seconds left to force a critical overtime in game six. MEG!!!!! She stops Ovechkin, who was alone in the slot with an incredible pad stop. Aho wins it, and all of a sudden, the Canes are right back in this series.

Bean and Necas strike in the third period to give the Canes a 2-0 lead, and Rask adds an empty netter to win it! Onto the second round, folks.

The Canes are facing Philly in the second round, which will be fun. Two of the best teams in the league going head to head? Yes please! The teams split the first two games, but a Jeff Skinner hat trick is enough to beat the Flyers in game 3. Unfortunately, the Canes lose Gaudreau for a week, which is likely going to be the rest of the series. A 5-1 win in game 4 brings the Canes one game away from the Conference Finals, but still no Gaudreau. His injury is finally felt by the Canes, who lose 2-0 in game five. Once again, Aho comes up clutch. The Finnish forward scores with 6 minutes left to send the Canes to the ECF. I’m so proud.

The Canes will play JT and the Canadiens in the ECF. JT, no offense, but I hope you lose.

Game one did not go as planned. Lehkonen scores twice and adds an assist, and that’s all the Canadiens needed to beat the Canes. We just lost Necas for two weeks, too. This does not bode well. Game two is going better though! Shaw scores first for the Habs, but Teravainen and Gauthier score in the second period to give us the lead. Please don’t be like the real life Canes and sit on this lead. Thank you Mattheos for adding a goal to support Meg. She made 39 saves on 40 shots, which is truly admirable. Game three looks to be a really exciting game. The Canadiens scored two goals, but with 13 minutes left, Lindholm cuts the lead in half. Jeff Skinner ties it up, sending the Canes to overtime! Victor Rask manages to beat Price, and the Canes take a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals! Gallagher wins game four in overtime, tying the series once again. It’s going to be a long series, unfortunately. The same thing happened in game five, making me believe that hockey is just a machine and we are all fooled by it. Nothing is real anymore. Luckily, Necas is back for game six. The Canes will need him to be a factor in the offense in this game, otherwise their season is over. Dammit JT, why’d you have to score. He takes the lead for the Habs in the second period, and things look grim. The Canes have 29 shots, and have given up one goal on 14. Tell me that’s not the most Canes thing ever. Wait a sec, Danault takes the lead on the Habs’ sixteenth shot of the game. This is ugly. Just kidding, Aho and Foegele score a minute and a half apart, and this game is tied. For the fourth straight game, we’re going to overtime. Oh my goodness. Johnny Gaudreau, that man has a family. Gaudreau collected a rebound off of a turnover forced by Gauthier, and immediately broke into the offensive zone. He skates around Krug, and breaks Tanev’s ankles with a toe drag. Gaudreau roofs a backhand, and the Canes tie the series up once again.

Yikes. Game seven is looking rough. Pysyk takes the lead for the Habs, and JT follows it up with two goals of his own. Skinner gives the Canes one, but this will be a tough hole to climb out of. Gaudreau makes it interesting, however, cutting the Habs’ lead to one. The shot was from beyond the blue line, too. Lehkonen scores early in the third, but Gaudreau answers yet again. Down by one, the Canes need to be desperate. Unfortunately, they blow it. Byron and Galchenyuk score, and the Habs move on to the Finals.


JT, congratulations on your Stanley Cup win. You deserve it, even if you do play for the Canadiens.

I ended up getting the eighth overall pick from Calgary thanks to the Strome trade. I’m pretty happy with a top ten pick, but I might trade up depending on who is available.

Joe Thornton retired as a member of the Kings, with 1585 points in 1773 games. Wow. He broke Howe’s record by six games played, so congrats to him!

McDavid won a bunch of awards again, and Adam Larsson won the Norris. They didn’t win the cup, though, so I’m laughing. The Oilers are cursed, man.

Wade was named the best goaltender in the AHL, so congratulations!


Well folks, I decided to move up in the draft. I traded Stelio Mattheos, the eighth overall pick, the 43rd overall pick, and the 110th overall pick to Vancouver in exchange for the first overall pick. “Why’d you do that, Matt?” Well I’m glad you asked, audience! The player that I drafted was an 81 overall franchise center! He’s exactly the piece that I need. My team lacks a 1C, and this guy can be that type of player really soon. Losing Mattheos hurts a little, especially since he was at an 84 overall. Still, I don’t believe that he’ll be much better than that in the long run. The other picks don’t hurt too much, especially since all of them were acquired in previous trades. I have too many prospects as it is, so I don’t mind losing some picks. Vancouver picks a RW sniper with the eighth overall pick, so that’s not too terrible.

I drafted a 19 year old with low elite potential in the sixth round. The player is a 68 overall, so that’s encouraging.

Florida sold at the draft. Josh Manson, Nick bjugstad, Joonas Donskoi, and Seth Griffith all left Florida, while the Panthers acquired two second round picks and a third round pick in 2023. A pretty decent prospect was involved as well.

Free Agency

I unfortunately had to let Gaudreau and Rask go in free agency. Fans will probably complain, but I really don’t care about losing Rask. Yeah it’ll hurt for a year, but Engel, the franchise player, will replace his production soon enough. Hopefully it’ll be enough to replace Gaudreau in the future.

I’m really proud of this. I found Rask’s replacement in free agency. I was a budget team this year, and needed players to replace Rask, Mattheos, and Roy. Engel will replace Mattheos, and Necas will slot in above Engel. I signed an UNDRAFTED(!) prospect that was 84 overall to replace Rask, and Cody Eakin to replace Roy. I’m ready for this season.

2022-23 Season

I’m giving Clifford Shaw first line minutes. He grew to an 86 over the offseason, which is the best overall that I’ve had for a center. Necas, Engel, and Eakin are my other centers, in that order. The defense got a little worse this season, due to the fact that I didn’t have cap space to re-sign Haydn Fleury.

The Canes were undefeated in the preseason, which means nothing. It’s still cool though.

Uh oh. Meg has a hip pointer, and she’s out until January 5. We’ve played in 3 games. Luckily, Nedeljkovic is an 85 overall, so he should be able to carry some of the workload.

After Meg’s injury, the Canes won three straight. A goalie got goal support, imagine that. The Canes scored six in the game where Meg got injured, then 7 the game after, then four goals in each of the two games that followed. Must be nice.

Aho got hurt for two games, but the Canes managed to win both of them without him! Again, a miracle.

Welp. Aho is out again. The good news is that we get Skinner back now.

Hooray! Meg is back! The team wasn’t really making a whole lot of progress towards the playoffs, and unfortunately, they sagged a bit after Meg’s return.

They are a bubble team heading into February, so let’s hope we don’t see the annual February collapse.

The Canes are finally able to string a few wins together, and they look to be in a much better position heading into the trade deadline. I can’t really make a whole lot of moves due to limited cap space, but I’m looking for some. As soon as I compliment them, they start sucking again. We’re seventh in the division, but three points out of the playoffs. We’re sitting at 69 points, but I’m not happy with this. I expected much more from this roster.

No playoffs. Hopefully we at least get a decent draft pick out of it.

Season Stats

Max: 21g, 14a, 35p. Not a great season from him, especially since he had a talented line.

Jon: 18g, 7a, 25p. Not terrible for a defenseman.

Meg: 19-16-3, 1 shutout, .923, 2.38 GAA. Something something goal support.

Blake: 30g, 22a, 52p. Another good season for the former fourth overall pick.

ChanceofPlayoffs: 29-29-4, 4 shutouts, .910, 2.51 GAA. Man, Arizona is wasting the talents of two good players.

Me: 26g, 24a, 50p. Injuries won’t slow me down this season! Tied for first on the team in points with Marchand.

Mike Slavin: 21g, 31a, 52p. Great season, Mike! Now enjoy no cups in Buffalo.

Michael: 5-12-3, 3 shutouts, .928, 2.20 GAA. Not sure what’s wrong here, to be honest.

Barlowe: 6g, 3a, 9p. Not great from the offensive defenseman, and he should be looking to get out of Chicago.

Neha: 33g, 40a, 73p. There’s a career high in goals and points for Neha!

Caniac: 25g, 20a, 45p. Really solid season, but the rest of his team was just okay.

Blevins: 5g, 4a, 9p. This came after a 29 point season, so there’s that.

Kevin: 6g, 10a, 16p. A 17 point drop from last season. What’s going on?

Nathaniel: 33-26-4, 9 shutouts, .936, 2.03 GAA. Vezina caliber season? Sure, but record might be an issue.

KingGeorgey: 18g, 11a, 29p. It’s an improvement, I guess.

Ocarina: 19g, 14a, 33p. Well at least it’s a little more, right Tom? You’re a free agent this year, don’t worry.

JT: 19g, 23a, 42p. Wow, Montreal was not very good this season. Still, JT is a 90 overall enforcer.

Justin: 15g, 25a, 40p. Another solid season from Justin.

Workrate: 47g, 23a, 70p. Geez, Tom. Pass the puck. Still, a really solid season from the Better Tom.

CoCaptain: 35-25-5, 6 shutouts, .914, 2.55 GAA. Seems like goaltending is the issue in NJ.

HockeyProf: 34g, 28a, 62p. Great season, but the Islanders don’t know the meaning of secondary scoring.

Omar: 19g, 24a, 43p. An 8 point drop from last season’s totals. Fifth in scoring, but 13 points out of fourth.

Vince: 9g, 23a, 32p. Pretty solid season on the back end. Was second in points for defensemen on the Blues.

Barron: 1g, 2a, 3p in 33 games. Seems like he’s getting a 7th D role there.

Ombudsman: 12g, 10a, 22p. Congrats on setting a career high in assists.

Patrick: 29-21-6, one shutout, .921, 2.48 GAA. Patrick was a force on offense, with two assists.

Wade: 9-8-2, one shutout, .906, 2.85 GAA. Yikes, Wade might need to make a save.

Kristin is in the AHL now as an 84 overall goalie. Vancouver has two starting goalies, so there’s no room for her, unfortunately.

Christopher: 11g, 4a, 15p. A little bit of a step down, and a bit underwhelming thus far.


No playoff segment for this season since I didn’t make the playoffs. Womp womp.

No salary cap increase this year, which is incredibly frustrating. I’m already strapped for cash, so I might have to unload a contract or two this offseason.

This team was like the Canes for the past three seasons. In the playoff race, but finish out and get the 13th overall pick. That’s exactly what we got.

The Oilers beat the Sabres in the Stanley Cup Finals, so I’m sorry for Mike. I guess he was close to the cup after all. Congrats to KingGeorgey on his Stanley Cup win!

The franchise player I drafted won the Calder. Weird, especially since he only had 46 points.


I drafted a RW with solid potential with the 13th pick. He’s pretty solid all around, but doesn’t stand out in any particular category. I like the pick overall, but I would’ve been happier with playoffs.

Not a whole lot of big trades so far. A couple minor ones, and the Rangers trading Shattenkirk back to the Capitals.

The Canadiens offered me the 102nd overall pick for the 137th overall pick and an underwhelming prospect. The value of that trade is about even, but I think that I come out slightly ahead in terms of value. I’m essentially getting the value of moving up five or six places in the fourth round, which is good enough for me.

The Habs also traded Brendan Gallagher to the Jets, and those were the only interesting trades in this draft. Gallagher on the Jets might be dangerous…

Free Agency

Due to a lack of cap space, I had to let go of Teravainen. Luckily, I have some prospects able to play this season that should replace some of his production. Fleury is also back, so my defense will be much better this season.

CoCaptain refused to sign in New Jersey, so he’s looking for a new home this off-season. At 23 years old, he’s an 81 overall goalie with low starter potential. He could be a good option for a team in need for a 1b type goalie.

The Blues eventually signed CoCaptain to a two-year contract, so welcome to St. Louis!

2023-24 Season

We lost our franchise player and fourth line left winger in the same week, but neither are out for that long. It really sucks that the cap didn’t increase at all, because we’re really missing Teravainen.

The Canes went on a nine game win streak to start November, putting the season right on track. I’d obviously like to see a better start, but I’ll take what I can get.

We’re 25-11-2 heading into January. After going 4-5-1 in October, I’d say that that’s a success.

I’ve been offered a few trades so far, but none for a LW. That’s what I really need, so I’ll keep waiting until I get an offer for one.

We’ve had four shutouts in the month of January, all against different opponents. Three were against Metro teams, too. An 8-2 win against the Islanders marked a six game win streak, but Boston ended that by beating us in the shootout.

Is two shutouts against Pittsburgh good? How about in less than a week? Meg, you might win the Vezina if you keep this up.

The Bruins offered me Ryan Spooner for a second and a third, but I declined. If he was a free agent after this season, I’d accept. He has another year left, and I could sign a better player with $4.5M in cap space. I’m just happy to get a decent trade offer.

This past month, there have been some big trades. Alex Tuch and Josh Anderson went to Chicago in exchange for Montour, Ferland, and a fourth round pick. That’s good for Matthew Barlowe, because now he might get more ice time.

Jared McCann got sent back to Vancouver along with Reid Boucher and some picks. Markstrom got sent to the Rangers, so Kristin will finally get NHL time.

Mirco Mueller got sent to Montreal for a second and a third.

Colorado traded Barrie, Nordstrom, and Prout to Washington!!!!! UGH!!!!!! They got a solid RW prospect who was the 20th overall pick in this past draft, a good goalie prospect with starter potential, and a first round pick in next year’s draft. That’s a haul.

But wait, there’s more! Colorado sent Duchene, and two late round picks to Columbus in exchange for first round picks in the next two drafts. Colorado already has three picks in next year’s draft, and the metro gets better.

Colorado also traded Chris Bigras in exchange for second round picks in this draft and the next. Geez. Colorado acquired two good prospects, three first round picks, and two second round picks at this deadline.

The only other big trade was Vegas sending Yakupov to Philly in exchange for a bad prospect and a two picks in the 2025 draft. (first and second round)

Three straight shutouts? Three straight shutouts. Man, we really missed Fleury and Meg. She wasn’t gone, she just missed three months last season.

The Canes finished the season 62-17-3. Wow.

Season Stats

Jon: 26g, 22a, 48p. Really good season from Jon. If he keeps this up, I’ll be happy.

Max: 21g, 10a, 31p. Not ideal. He’ll get more ice time next season once Lindholm goes.

Meg: 50-15-3, FOURTEEN shutouts, .943, 1.72 GAA. Honestly, if Meg doesn’t get the Vezina, I’ll riot. She’s the first goalie since the 1920’s to record 14 shutouts in a season. Aside from players that played in the 20’s, only Tony Esposito has more shutouts. In the game, those shutouts happened 50+ years prior. Meg just made history.

Blake: 36g, 19a, 55p. Not bad! You’d like to see him increase his assist totals though.

ChanceofPlayoffs: 37-24-7, 6 shutouts, .920, 2.39 GAA. Not bad! His backup was terrible, so it may cost them the playoffs.

Me: 20g, 34a, 54p. Good season, and I was first on the team in points.

Mike: 14g, 22a, 36p. Good for the back end, but Buffalo allowed a LOT of goals this season.

Michael Mosher: 25-17-6, 7 shutouts, .925, 2.27 GAA. Solid season there.

Barlowe: 1g, 1a, 2p in 27a. Sorry, man.

Neha: 34g, 35a, 69p. Nice.

Caniac: 26g, 17a, 43p. Good season, but ice time fell once Duchene was acquired.

Kevin: 9g, 7a, 16p. His ice time might be lowered, because he’s been bad for two seasons now. -33 too.

Nathaniel: 39-24-1, 4 shutouts, .922, 2.41 GAA. Nathaniel’s talents are finally being put to use.

KingGeorgey: 12g, 5a, 17p. Eh. He’s probably being ruined in Edmonton, sadly.

Ocarina: 14g, 13a, 27p. He’s split time being a 3/4LW

JT: 18g, 35a, 53p. That’s more like it.

Justin: 16g, 29a, 45p. Shared the lead with Subban in terms of points by a defenseman.

Workrate: 22g, 39a, 61p. Not a great season, but NJ was pretty awful.

HockeyProf: 26g, 26a, 52p

Jonathan: 6g, 3a, 9p in 59 games. Looks like he was either a 7th d or got injured.

Omar: 16g, 21a, 37p. He’s hurt now, and his role has decreased significantly.

Vince: 4g, 12a, 16p in 69 games. Missing 13 games really sucks, but he wouldn’t have scored much more.

Barron: 4 games played. Welp. That sucks.

Ombudsman: 11g, 16a, 27p. Career highs in assists and points!

Kristin is in the AHL, and the Canucks have two 90 overall goalies. That seems fair.

Patrick: 25-29-4, 3 shutouts, .916, 2.53 GAA. Vegas sold, so you can’t blame him.

Wade: 13-11-3, 2 shutouts, .913, 2.55 GAA. What you’d expect out of a backup.

Christopher: 15g, 1a, 16p. That’s the weirdest thing. One assist? One?


The Canes faced the Blue Jackets in round one, but they didn’t really pose much of a threat. We took them down in five games!

Philly is up next, and they don’t pose much of a threat either. The Canes win in five games, only allowing four goals the whole series. Meg is in the ZONE.

Toronto might actually be a challenge, however. The first two games are more of the same, where the Canes only allow one goal in each game. Toronto takes the next game 4-3 in OT, but the Canes follow it up with a 3-2 win in game four. Nylander breaks a 1-1 tie to keep the Leafs alive in game five, and this is now the most we’ve lost in a series all playoffs. This time, the Canes will take a 2-1 victory in order to win the series and head on to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Game one: Each team has played the same amount of games, going 12-4. This might be fun. Geekie scores first, showing some strength on the fourth line. Boeser ties it, because I’ve heard that he’s good at that. Gauthier gives the Canes the lead once again, but it is all for naught. The Canucks score twice on Meg, and then twice on the empty net. Vancouver takes game one 5-2.

Game two: Boeser takes the lead, but it’s short lived. Shaw, an undrafted free agent that’s my 2C (86 overall), ties it, and Aho later takes the lead. Max adds a goal of his own, and then Pesce gets one more for good luck. The Canes take game two 4-1 to tie the series at one.

Game three: This series will be fun. Lots of goals, and each team has loads of talent. Keeping and Boucher score first for the Canucks in the first period. Not the best period for Meg, giving up two goals on 14 shots. Boucher adds another, and the Canes get shut out 3-0. I regret opening my mouth.

Game four: Goldobin and Keeping score in the first, and I’m starting to worry about Meg. She hasn’t been great for the past two games. Stelio Mattheos scores to add insult to injury, and I’m considering pulling Meg. I don’t, and Skinner scores to make it acceptable. Just kidding. Two more goals get scored on Meg, and we’re suddenly down 3-1 in the series.

Game five: The Canucks have found the answer for Meg this series, so I’m going with Nedeljkovic this game to see if things change. We haven’t been able to figure out Demko, but it can’t hurt to try. Man, the Canes defense stifled the Canucks in the first period, holding them to four shots. Engel, my franchise player, scores to put us ahead. Engel scores again, Boeser answers, and then Aho answers that to put us ahead by two again. Skinner scores a goal of his own, and it looks like I’ll be rolling with Ned for the rest of the series. Sorry Meg.

Game six: The Canes lit up the Canucks for 18 shots, and scored twice. Engel and Kuukka scored, and Pettersson scored for the Canucks. Max extends the lead, but Petan cuts it in half again. No matter, Julien Gauthier will ice it for the Canes. Four goals on forty shots, and the Canes have tied it up! Go Ned!

Game seven: This is it. One team will go on to be immortalized, the other will be sent home packing. Who will it be? A close first period ends without a goal scored, and neither team gave a whole lot of ground. The second period was more of the same, just a lot more magical. Sebastian Aho scores, and the Canes have a 1-0 lead heading into the final period of the series. We kill off an early penalty, which is huge against a team with lots of offensive weapons. Here we go! Lindholm scores to put the Canes up 2-0, but Goldobin answers seconds later with a tally of his own. Three minutes later, the Canucks are on the power play. Reinhart ties it, but Aho takes the lead with 1:35 left! The Canes are going to win! Nick Petan makes me eat those words, however, scoring with 10 seconds left in the game. We’re heading into overtime. Good for the fans, bad for my health. The Canes’ offense isn’t as great as Vancouver’s, but their defense is a good bit better. It’ll be a lot of fun for sure. HOLY CRAP, JEFFREY SKINNER. He goes through the legs to beat Demko, and the Canes have won in overtime! Skinner got a breakaway, and after faking a shot, he tucked it through his legs to win the game for the Canes. Seems cocky, but I’ll take it.


Salary cap increased by over $3.5M, so I’m very happy about that. That’s enough to extend a player.

Eric Staal retired with the Blues. He had 1169 points in 1580 games. Not sure if that’s hall of fame worthy, but a damn good career nonetheless.

Meg won the Hart trophy, and I can’t see why she wouldn’t 14 shutouts in a season is MVP worthy. She also won the Conn Smythe. Outside of the Finals, she was lights out. I would’ve picked her as well. The Vezina, William M. Jennings (fewest goals against), and the Ted Lindsay are also hers. Damn good season, Meg.


Florida wants me to take on four years of Adam Henrique’s contract for a first and a third?

My first two picks were underwhelming. I took a defenseman with decent potential and a pretty solid goalie.

In the third round, I went off the board. I took an overage player, and it paid off tremendously. Pierre Grand-Pierre was his name, and he’s a medium top six potential forward. At 19 years old, he’s 66 overall. That’s really solid for any player, and he could be in the AHL after one more year in juniors.

I’ll get to free agency in the next article since this one is a little long. Congrats to Meg for making history! If you’d like to be traded, let me know so I can see what I can do. Not all of you can stay on the Canes, so be warned.

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