Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: Free Agent Frenzy


I’m enjoying this again, so be prepared for the thrill to wear off after a week or so. Let’s just jump right in!

2019-20 Season

Max got injured at the end of October, missing three games with a concussion. The team has been hit with the injury bug early on, but none have been long term.

Chicago keeps offering me JT Brown, but they want a third round pick for him. No thank you. That’s just an awful deal for me.

Cale Fleury was a prospect I signed in the offseason. He has potential to grow into a pretty solid NHLer, so I really wanted to sign him. Lots of teams have sent me trade offers that center around him, but they’ve all been pretty bad. The best one was for Artem Anisimov and a prospect to come to Carolina for Fleury and two picks. I declined.

Note: I’m no longer doing mid season updates. It was tedious but manageable with eleven players, but it’s downright ridiculous with more than 30. So end of season updates are all you’ll receive.

The Coyotes tried to trade Rick Nash, a third round pick, and a fourth round pick to me for my first round pick. I almost accepted until I realized that he’d be my fourth best LW and my third best RW. It was too high of a price for that type of player.

Season Updates

Max: 10g, 12a, 22p.

Jon: 26g, 14a, 40p. Welcome to a full-time NHL job, Jon. 40 points on the third pair? Yes please.

Meg: 12-11-1, 2 shutouts, .928, 2.08 GAA. Poor Meg can’t get goal support.

Kevin: 5g, 11a, 16p. Good season from the defenseman in his second season.

Blake: 25g, 12a, 37p. Welcome to the 25 goal club!

ChancePlayoffs: 13-11-4, 1 shutout, .919, 2.52 GAA. Not a bad season at all.

Me: 28g, 29a, 57p. That was a damn good season. I also missed five games, so I could possibly have hit 60 points.

Caniac: 20g, 22a, 42p. Really good season as a grinder. He’s going to have a solid career that’ll bear no Cups because of Buffalo.

Barlowe: 12g, 4a, 16p. Lots of goals, but not a lot of assists.

Neha: 31g, 32a, 63p. Career highs! She’s doing really well in Colorado, and she’s a 91 overall already.

Blevins: 12g, 4a, 16p. Identical to Barlowe in terms of production, which is funny.

Nathaniel: This season was ROUGH for him. 4-18-4, one shutout, .913, 2.82 GAA.

KingGeorgey: 9g, 6a, 15p. Mehhhhhhhh.

Ocarina: 20g, 9a, 29p. A 20 goal season is pretty solid for Tom.

Michael: 5-10-3, 1 shutout, .903, 2.97. Yikes.

JT: 20g, 32a, 52p. The enforcer is OP.

Justin: 8g, 13a, 21p. Good second year, and he’s an 87 overall.

Workrate: 32g, 25a, 57p. Third on the team isn’t bad at all.

HockeyProf: 21g, 29a, 50p. 50 points is really good, especially on Ottawa.

Omar: 17g, 17a, 34p. Solid rookie campaign.

Mike: 10g, 23a, 33p. All of those are career highs.

Vince: 12g, 7a, 19p. Decent rookie season for a defenseman. Work on the -20, though.

Andrew: 27g, 26a, 53p. Really good season from him.

Ombudsman: 8g, 5a, 13p. Ombudsman has had it rough for his first two seasons.

Barron: 10g, 9a, 19p. For a defensive minded player, that’s good.

Christopher: 8g, 2a, 10p. Not good for an offensive defenseman.

26 players played in the NHL this year! 5 players played in their first NHL games as well. Six players have yet to make their debuts, but that’s okay!


The Canes eliminated Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs for the second year in a row. Cary was none too pleased.

In a thrilling game seven, Carolina outlasts Columbus by a score of 3-2. Zykov scored the series winner, so good for him! The Canes will move on to face the Leafs in the next round. Canes Ombudsman is still in the playoffs, so beware.

Toronto had only lost one game prior to this series, but that didn’t last very long. The Canes beat Toronto in six games, and Max helped send the Canes to the Stanley Cup Finals! Sorry ombuddy, you’ll get them next time.

It’s a Canes and Oilers rematch in the finals!

Game one: Gauthier and Teravainen get the Canes on the board in the first period. Talbot is no longer on the Oilers, giving us a really big break. Talbot is good for a while in this game. That score held throughout the whole game, and Scott Darling shuts out the Oilers in game one.

Game two: McDavid carries the team in the first period, scoring the only goal. This goal was the only goal in the game, so it looks like the team to score will win. Analysis.

Game three: Jordan Staal was out for a few games, so he’ll be back for this one. I doubt he makes a huge difference, but he could add some offense to this team. Gauthier is our leading scorer and he’s got 12 points in 21 games. Jon scores in the second period to give the Canes a 1-0 lead, but the Canes give up three straight to lose 3-2.

Game four: The Oilers score first, but Maroon and Aho help the Canes take the lead in the second period. Scoring has been the Canes’ biggest problem throughout the playoffs, so a few more goals could help morale. Gauthier and Skinner score in the third, giving the Canes a 4-2 win in game four. The series is tied now, so fans can step back from the ledge.

Game five: No goals in each of the first two periods is unsurprising for this series, but very disappointing. I’m tired of low scoring games. The Canes can’t convert on four minutes of powerplay time, including two minutes of 5 on 3. Max scores with 5:38 left in the game, but Kassian answers back with 3:22 left. Overtime it is. The Oilers’ defense isn’t even that good, guys. Jon scores! He scores in overtime after a hell of a shift by the fourth line, giving the Canes a 3-2 series lead!

Game six: This could be it! The Canes have a chance to win the Cup in Edmonton, and it all starts with a goal from Rask to start the game. Hanifin adds another goal in the second period to give the Canes a 2-0 lead, and it looks like the Canes could be on their way to winning the cup! Aho, Hanifin, and Lindholm each get goals in the third, giving the Canes a 5-1 Stanley Cup win! Congrats to Max, Jon, and Meg on their Stanley Cup winning seasons!


The Islanders got the second overall pick, but you can’t call that improvement.

McDavid won just about every award that he could win. I almost expected him to win the Calder (it’s a joke, to those of you that don’t understand sarcasm)

Darling won the Conn Smythe, and he’s really the only player that was deserving. Skinner had 15 points in 24 or 25 games. That’s not that great. Darling won us this cup. *sigh* maybe someday.


This is a much better draft for me. I’m actually drafting players with legitimate NHL talent, which is nice. Edmonton is having the best draft by far, however. They’ve drafted tons of good players with good potential. This sucks. I’m one pick away from those players, and the Oilers snatch them away.

The first part of the draft was good, but after the fourth round it went downhill. I drafted a lot of underwhelming prospects. It’s alright, free agency is where I get most of my prospects anyways!

Free Agency

This offseason was crazy. I let go of Backlund and Staal, as well as Filppula and Maroon. The team wasn’t really going to move forward with any of those players. Backlund’s numbers weren’t great, and he wanted too much money. Staal’s contract sucked, but I was only relieved of $3M of that salary. The other two were regressing pretty hard, so it was not worth keeping them.

I brought in Ryan Strome in free agency to replace Backlund. He’s going to fit in really well on my team, and I like his play style. The other centers will be replaced by AHL players that have earned a call up.

Necas replaces Staal as an 81 overall player, which is only one overall worse than Staal. Mattheos replaces Filppula. He’s an 80 overall. Faulk was also let go of, but Fleury replaced him on defense. Not too shabby.

Huge trade just took place. Meg was an 85 overall, poised to take the starting job. Ned was an 82, and set for a backup role. I had to trade Darling. He’s good, but he has regressed hard after a season or two of huge success. I had to get fair value for him,, and it was tough. I acquired Michael Frolik, a fourth line winger to fill a contract, and Topi Osala. Osala was Calgary’s first round pick (30th overall) in 2019. This pick was the one I traded for Backlund, so that’s funny. Osala is a medium elite two way defenseman.

2020-2021 Season

I expected a bit of a rough start to the season, but I was 6-4-1 after October. Not too shabby.

Meg is out with a concussion for about a week. It’s tough because she was playing really well.

Two wins in two games with Meg out of the lineup. Prepare for the hottest goalie takes.

The Canes are losing games and then winning the very next game. It’s fantastic, but we’re not really gaining any ground in the standings.

The injury bug has plagued the Canes all season.  Hanifin, Rask, Bean, Meg, and a couple others. It’s been rough. They’ve all been short term, but it still really sucks.

It looks like the Canes will be making the playoffs once again, thanks to a healthy 11 game win streak at the end of the season. Hooray! Excitement!


Max: 26g, 12a, 38p. Good season from him with better linemates.

Jon: 13g, 21a, 34p. Really solid year.

Meg: 43-20-5, 8 shutouts, 2.13 GAA, .927 save percentage.

Blake: 33g, 27a, 60p. Damn, he’s getting really good.

ChancePlayoffs: 32-18-5, 5 shutouts, .917, 2.30 GAA

Me: 22g, 20a, 42p. Decent season from me, but I can tell that Boston is getting bad.

Barlowe: 5g, 7a, 12p. Mehhhhhhhh.

Neha: 40g, 30a, 70p. Our first 70 point scorer!

Caniac: 19g, 16a, 35p. Not a terrible season from him.

Blevins: 13g, 9a, 22p. That’s a solid season on the blue line.

Nathaniel: 26-30-7. 6 shutouts, .917, 2.62 GAA. Nathaniel, do yourself a favor and leave Detroit.

KingGeorgey: 19g, 15a, 34p. Good bounce back season from him.

Ocarina of Tom: 19g, 7a, 26p. Mehhhhhhhhh.

Michael: 9-5-2, 2 shutouts, .927, 2.18 GAA. Not too shabby for a backup.

JT: 22g, 31a, 53p. Another solid season from the enforcer. More PIMs than points, though.

HockeyProf: 26g, 30a, 56p. He’s enjoying Nashville after being traded from Ottawa.

Justin: 11g, 25a, 36p. Really good season on the blue line.

Workrate: 41g, 33a, 74p. Our highest scorer to date. Nice job, Tom.

Omar: 19g, 30a, 49p. Sooooo close to 50.

Mike: 14g, 37a, 51p. Really good season from a defenseman.

Vincent: 8g, 17a, 25p. Not too shabby.

Andrew: 30g, 19a, 49p. Nice goal totals, just pass more!

Kevin: 12g, 19a, 31p. A defenseman contributing 31 points in a season is called good. Kevin is in Tampa now.

Patrick: 15-12-4, 4 shutouts, .928, 2.27 GAA. Really solid rookie season from him.

Barron: 5g, 16a, 21p. Defensive defenseman, so that’s impressive.

Wade: 7-8-2, 2 shutouts, .911, 2.80 GAA. Mehhhhhhhhhh.

Christopher: 7g, 7a, 14p. An offensive defenseman should contribute a good bit more.

27 players are now in the NHL. Ombudsman is now in the AHL after spending two seasons with the Leafs. So four other players have yet to make their debuts.


The Canes faced the Flyers in the first round, and three of the first six games went to overtime. The Canes only won one of those games, though. It’s been a low scoring series. The Flyers have scored 13 goals in six games, while the Canes have only scored 11. Game six, a 4-1 loss, was the only game decided by more than a goal. The Canes advance, however, taking game seven by a score of 3-1.

The Canes move on to face the Blue Jackets, but man has it been ugly. The Canes have scored three goals in three games, and trail the series 0-3. Ryan Strome was out with an injury for the first two games, but didn’t help at all in a 3-0 loss in game three. Sensing a trend? Jeff Skinner helps the Canes avoid the sweep in game four, scoring the third Canes goal of the game to win it. A three goal third period helps the Canes win game five by 4-1, a three goal difference. Columbus wins in game six, however. The final score was 3-1, and they won in game six, a multiple of three. This is funny to me, I’m so sorry.


The Penguins won the cup. Ugh.

Ward retired with 328 career wins. He had a rough career, but still finished with more wins than losses.

Neha won the Selke! Congrats to her. She had a 70 point season and was still the best defensive forward in the league.

Ombudsman scored the most goals in the AHL, however.


Washington won the lottery, so this should be fun…

Great, just what the Metropolitan division needed. A franchise center going to the Capitals. This sucks, because the Caps have a promising goalie in Wade Minter, as well as a solid defenseman in Barron. This sucks.

I did draft a decent prospect in the first round. Top six potential forward.

I drafted a 20 year old player that was 67 overall and had decent potential. Needed a player that was ready for the AHL sooner rather than later.

Low elite potential defenseman in the sixth round, wooooooooooo.

Free Agency

Well this was interesting. I didn’t really let a lot of the NHL team go, but a lot of prospects either got qualified or sent to free agency. The only new additions were two undrafted prospects with solid potential. When I do franchise modes, a lot of my success comes from undrafted players, not the players I draft. I may just suck at drafting, but the undrafted players almost always turn out a little better than those who I draft. Meg scared me a little bit when she rejected my initial contract offer. She wanted as much as I could give her, which was $7.3M. Given the fact that she’s a 90 overall goalie with room to grow, I was happy to sign her to a relatively cheap contract. Still, this meant that I had to say goodbye to Ryan Strome. He fetched a first and a third round pick in next year’s draft, which I might flip for other assets. We’ll see how this draft class looks.

Kevin became a free agent after this season, and decided to sign a three year contract with the Dallas Stars. He’ll get good ice time there since Dallas’ defense is still extremely suspect.

Michael Mosher signed a two year contract with Calgary that same day, where he’ll eventually become the starter. Calgary isn’t great when it comes to goaltending, so we’ll see how this pans out.

Mike Slavin’s career is officially over now that he has signed a three year deal with the Buffalo Sabres. Welcome to hockey’s graveyard, Mike.

HockeyProf signed a two year contract with the Islanders, however, making the Metro division a lot better. This won’t be very fun.

That’s it for this one! Sorry for the delay, folks. With school starting up again, I’ve had very little time for video games. When I do get the chance to play, I typically go with Fortnite since it’s less time consuming. Now that I have a bit of time on my hands, I can finally finish up an edition of the franchise mode!

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