Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: Why Do I Do This to Myself


Yeah, I know. I said that the franchise mode was awful, but it was actually super fun last time around. I really enjoyed it, so I decided to do a much bigger one, but with a twist. There are 32 people involved, and the five people with the worst NHL careers at the end of this franchise mode will not be allowed to have a player in the very next one that I do. Think of it as a little competition that you have no bearing over.


1st overall- Neha goes to Colorado as a franchise two way center. Hooray for not Buffalo!

2nd- Mr. Workrate goes to New Jersey as a franchise LW power forward

3rd- Nathaniel goes to Detroit as a franchise goalie.

4th- Blake goes to Arizona as an elite RW power forward. I forgot to change his name, so he’s Joe NHL still.

6th- Justin Lockard goes to Nashville as an elite two way defenseman.

7th- JT went to Montreal as an elite enforcer. I wanted him just for kicks, but missed out on him by one pick.

8th- Meg Palmer, welcome to the Hurricanes! She gets drafted as a high elite potential goalie, and I’m hype for that. The protector of the baby goalies must protect…herself?

9th- Andrew Williams has been selected by Tampa as a top six potential LW grinder

10th- Ocarina of Tom was selected by the Wild as a top six potential sniper. So close, Tom. So close.

13th- HockeyProf was selected by the Senators as a top six potential LW power forward.

14th- Mike was picked by Philly as a top 4 potential two way defenseman

15th- My player was selected by Boston as a top six sniper. I guess it’s better than Buffalo…

16th- Patrick was selected by Vegas as a medium elite goalie

17th- Christopher was selected by Winnipeg as a high top four potential offensive defenseman.

18th- The Ducks selected Kevin Kohler, a top four potential two way defenseman.

19th- Nonprofit Caniac was selected by Buffalo as a top six grinder center.

20th- Matthew Blevins was selected by Columbus as a top four two way defenseman.

21st- The Senators also selected Omar as a two way left winger with top six potential. Two left wingers taken by Ottawa in the draft, which is interesting.

22nd- KingGeorgey went to the Oilers as a top nine potential power forward C.

23rd- The Capitals selected Barron as a top six potential defensive defenseman.

24th- The handsomest player in the league, Canes Ombudsman, went to Toronto as a top nine sniper.

25th- Matthew Barlowe was selected by the Blackhawks as an offensive defenseman.

26th- Kristin was selected by Vancouver as a starting goalie. Vancouver has Demko, so she might be moved eventually.

27th- Jonathan was selected by the Islanders as a top six offensive defenseman.

29th- Vincent went to the Blues as a two way defenseman.

32nd- Chance of Playoffs was selected by Arizona as a starter potential goalie. He joins Blake, the RW.

35th- HoboJoe joins the Canadiens as a fringe starter potential goalie. He joins JT, so at least JT will beat up the people that try to run the goalie.

37th- Max joins the Hurricanes as a low elite RW playmaker. Welcome to the Canes!

42nd- Jon joins the Hurricanes as a low elite potential defensive defenseman.

59th- Co captian caniac joins the Devils as a low starter potential goalie. He and Mr. Workrate might be really good in New Jersey.

69th- Wade Minter joins the Capitals as a low elite goalie. While it may be the nicest pick in the draft, it looks like Wade won’t be winning any cups this time around.

72nd- Michael Mosher joins the Wild as a low elite potential goalie. That does it for the created players in this draft!

Free Agency

I signed Pat Maroon to be my 3LW. I know he’s not great, but he adds some much needed depth to this roster. He’ll be on a line with Jordan Staal and Justin Williams this season.

Calgary offered me a trade that would send Mikael Backlund to the Canes in exchange for a first round pick and Josh Wesley. Backlund is a great 2C for my team, and he only has 2 years left on his deal. It’s a small price to pay for a guy that can put up 40-50 points in a season. He’ll be playing with Aho and Lindholm to start the season, but might surpass Rask at some point.

Max, my second round pick, will start the season on the fourth line. He won’t produce a whole lot, especially since Kruger and McGinn are his linemates. He’ll have a bigger role next season when Williams walks, so I’m not too worried about him. Jon is also making his debut this season, and he’ll be playing on the third pair with Pesce. Jake Bean is an 85 overall in his rookie season, so this is very encouraging and #nice. Meg is Darling’s backup, but she doesn’t have to improve a whole lot in order to take the starting job.

2018-19 Season

Folks, Jon has started the Hurricanes season off with a bang. In the second period, Jon scores the first goal of the game, and the first of the Hurricanes’ season. This is Jon’s first NHL goal, so congratulations to him!

Sadly, Meg’s first NHL start was that game, and the Canes lost 3-2. Meg stopped 32 shots, for a save percentage of .914. Now let’s all blame Darling for the loss. Is that how Canes twitter works?

Max’s first NHL point came in the first game of the season as well, grabbing a secondary assist on Brock McGinn’s goal. Congrats!

HockeyProf scored against the Canes in the next game, but the Canes held on to win 4-3. Darling actually got goal support there, imagine that.

Max is still looking for his first goal, but he did pick up a primary assist against the Capitals for his second point in the first four games of the season. He nabbed his third assist two games later to give him 3 points in his first 6 games.

My player lit up the Canes, scoring two goals and registering an assist for a three point game. Those were his first two goals of the season!

Max scored! It took him nine games, but he did it! That goal was the game winning goal, and he now has four points in nine games.

The beginning of the season was rough for the Canes, but they’re 17-8-1 heading into December.

Mid-season reports:

Max: 7g, 8a, 15p. Really solid for a fourth line guy.

Jon: One goal in six games. He’s had to battle with McKeown all season, but to no avail.

Meg: 6-5-0 record, one shutout, .919 save percentage, 2.39 goals against. Solid rookie campaign so far.

Kevin: 3g, 2a, 5p with the Ducks. Not bad for a third pairing guy.

ChanceofPlayoffs: 8-4-1 record, one shutout, .932 save percentage, 1.98 goals against. Really solid year for him.

Me: 6g, 3a, 9p. Not terrible, but he’s probably not getting a whole lot of ice time.

Caniac: 4g,3a, 7p. Not a whole lot of ice time for him either.

Matthew Barlowe: 6g, 2a, 8p. He’s getting third pair minutes with Chicago this season.

Neha: 14g, 12a, 26p. Already an 82 overall, and she’s doing really well. This will be a fun franchise mode.

Matthew Blevins: 2g. Columbus must not utilize their third pair for offensive purposes.

KingGeorgey: 3g, 3a, 6p. He’s a -13, which is less than good

Ocarina of Tom: 5g, 4a, 9p. At least he’s factoring in on the fourth line.

Michael Mosher: 4-4-2 record, 1 shutout, .915 save percentage, 2.65 goals against. League average as a rookie backup isn’t terrible.

Justin Lockard: 2a. He’s already an 81 overall, but he lacks offensive skill. It’s okay, because he’s a really solid defenseman.

Mr. Workrate: 7g, 10a, 17p. Solid season, and he’s an 81 overall already.

HockeyProf: 10g, 15a, 25p. Really good season from the rookie. He had a rough career last time, so hopefully he’ll stick on a roster this year.

Mike (JaccobSlavin): 3g, 14a, 17p. Really good season from Mike. He’s going to have a really good career.

Andrew Williams: 8g, 6a, 14p. Tampa is really helping him out. He’s grown to an 80 overall.

Ombudsman: 4g, 8a, 12p. Sorry Ombuddy, no first line for you.

Barron: 4g, 8a, 12p. Won’t win a cup though.

Wade: 3-4-1 record, one shutout, .928 save percentage, 2.02 goals against. No goal support.

That’s all of you that are in the NHL this season! 21 of you made your debuts this season, while 11 of you have been sent back to the CHL.

End of season

Max: 15g, 14a, 29p. Almost doubled his point totals since we last checked in, a solid rookie campaign.

Jon: No change, sadly.

Meg: 14-10-0 record. One shutout. .905, 2.85 goals against. Not the greatest season, but she did have an assist.

Kevin: 4g, 6a, 10p. Good season from a rookie defenseman.

ChancePlayoffs: 12-7-1, one shutout, .925, 2.23 goals against.

Me: 17g, 9a, 26p. For a sniper, that’s pretty solid.

Caniac: 17g, 6a, 23p. Pass the puck, friend.

Barlowe: 8g, 2a, 10p. Good season, but you’d like to see more from the offensive defenseman.

Neha: 27g, 21a, 48p. Might see her win the Calder, she had a great season.

Blevins: 4g. Not terrible for a defenseman.

KingGeorgey: 11g, 10a, 21p. Fairly solid rookie season.

Ocarina: 11g, 8a, 19p. Not awful, especially since Minnesota is meh.

Mosher: 6-8-3, 2 shutouts, .922 save percentage, 2.56 GAA. One assist, too.

Justin: 4g, 7a. Not bad for a defenseman, and he’s an 83 overall now.

Workrate: 14g, 18a, 32p. He’s an 85 overall already. Oh my goodness.

HockeyProf: 18g, 24a, 43p. Really good season from him.

Mike: 4g, 21a, 25p. Who cares if you don’t score much! 25 points from a rookie defenseman is good.

Andrew: 16g, 15a, 31p. Tampa is going to love him, oh my goodness.

Ombudsman: 7g, 8a, 15p. Meh. Sorry ombuddy.

Barron: 8g, 15a, 23p. Great numbers for a defensive defenseman.

Wade: 6-7-3, 2 shutouts, .919, 2.32 GAA. No goal support, and no cups.


It’s the NHL’s ratings nightmare! Nashville vs. Carolina in the Stanley Cup Finals! Max, Meg, and possibly Jon could win for the Hurricanes, while Justin could win for Nashville. In this franchise mode, we could have a created player win the Stanley cup every year!

Game one: Yikes. Four Nashville goals in the first period of the first game of the finals has to be an omen. The Canes didn’t score until 14 seconds into the third period, but ended up losing 5-1. Please play better hockey. This was just sad. Justin had a secondary assist on Nashville’s third goal.

Game two: WOOOO! The tables have turned, with the Canes scoring four in the first period. Nashville scored once, but it’s still good to see the Canes bounce back. Max has the Canes’ third goal of the game. No more goals would be scored, and the Canes tie the series with a 4-1 win.

Game three: Justin shot at least three times in the first period, but no goals from him. Lindholm gets the only goal of the first period, which is a nice change of pace. Nashville scores twice in the second period, however, taking a 2-1 lead into the final 20 minutes. That’ll do it for the Canes in this game. Nashville takes the lead.

Game four: Nashville takes a 3-1 lead after the first period, and I’m starting to lose hope. The Canes are still not where I want them to be, so a trip to the finals this year is nice to see. Still, if you get this far, you always hope to win. Wait, we tied it during the third. I may have used that little speech too early. Nevermind, Forsberg wins it in OT to put the Canes on the brink of elimination.

Game five: Darling shut out the Predators in game five, staving off my disappointment for another game. I like seeing them win, but come on, you can’t deny the Predators the cup. Max also broke his elbow in the game, so he’s out for the final game or two

Game six: Well it was a good run. Fiala wins it 2-1 in overtime to bring the Stanley Cup to Nashville. The Canes fought back a little bit with their game five win, but Nashville’s defense was just too good. It’s alright, though, the team will be much better next season!


Oh great, the Islanders, Devils, and Flyers won the lottery. This is fine.

Justin Williams retired as a Hurricane. 1241 games played, 759 points. 301 career goals. Not a hall of fame player, but a really solid NHLer.

Martin Gerber also retired at age 44. I didn’t even know he was still playing hockey. The more you know, I guess.


I don’t feel bad about trading my first round pick now. The pick is 30th overall, and I got more value from Backlund than that.

Three elite players went to the metro teams, and one was a high potential elite. This is going to suck.

This was a terrible draft for me. None of the players I drafted were that great, so I might have to rely on undrafted prospects in the coming years. I usually do this anyways, so it’s not a huge concern.

Free Agency

Edmonton just offered me Puljujarvi. I would’ve said yes, but he wants $6M. I wouldn’t be able to afford to upgrade my team any more, and they wanted Necas and Nedeljkovic. I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for at the moment.

I brought back Pat Maroon, even after I let him test free agency. He’s a good fourth line guy to have. I also signed Filppula to help out, so my third and fourth lines will be a little better this season.

Now Edmonton wants a prospect in addition to Ned and Necas. He carries little value, but I’d be giving up more for the same player. I can’t afford to pay him unless I trade a contract away, and Meg isn’t good enough to trade Darling’s contract just yet. Darling is also an 89 overall right now, so trading him would be kind of dumb.

My lines to start the season don’t look too different. Max is an 81 overall, and he’s playing with Staal and Gauthier on the third line. Hanifin and Bean are both 89 overall, and that’s great to see. We’ll have a fantastic top pair. Jon is an 82 overall now, and he’s going to be on the third pair this season. He shouldn’t be scratched this season. Meg is now an 82 overall, and she should be ready to take the starting job next season.

That’s all for this one! Good luck to all of you on your new teams, and congratulations to Justin on winning a Stanley Cup!

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