Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: The End, Mercifully


Each player in the franchise mode that I started up is 32 now, and will be 33 at the end of the season. These are the final few years of the Franchise mode, and it’s bittersweet. We’ve seen Wade grow into a franchise goalie, Barron chase the money, and Mike develop into a pretty solid offensive defenseman. There have been really good seasons, and some not so good seasons. But it’s all okay! I’ll do more of these!

Mike decided to leave Detroit, which is for the best. He was falling down their depth chart, and he needs to be on a team where he can make an immediate impact. Barron is making $18.155M for the next two seasons. That’s right, EIGHTEEN.

Wade has just come off of either his fourth or fifth cup win, and his second or third Conn Smythe. It’s been a really impressive career.

I decided to let go of a few underperforming players this offseason. One player demanded over nine million dollars, and he was scoring under 40 points a season. I replaced him with a cheaper option at C. Not as good, but I was also able to improve on my LW with the leftover money. It’s a win in my book!

I also let go of two bottom pairing guys that wanted between $2-3M. They were doable contracts, but I figured that I needed to play my former first round pick more. I signed the best 20 year old defenseman at 79 overall, and he will replace the other player.

The Islanders signed Bouchard, the player demanding $9M. They have $27.365M tied up into two players! That’s almost 25% of the current cap, which is 113M. Barron, you’d better hope that the Islanders actually do something with you this season.

New York also managed to sign Mike Slavin, so he’ll be joining the Islanders on a three year contract. The AAV is $6.5M, and he’ll be on New York’s second pairing.

Uh oh. Noah Hanifin and Jake Bean regressed a little bit. Hanifin is down to an 88, and Bean moved down two overall points to an 89. Still really good, but it’s getting a little worrisome. Bean is a free agent after this season, and I might have to think about letting him walk if he wants too much.

Wade is back up to an 88, however, so that’s good news. He was an 87 last season, so the team might benefit from that. Overall, the team is much deeper this season. We have a good mix of players, and should have another good season.

Mid-season reports for 2032-33 Season:

Wade: 17-13-3, 2 shutouts, .920 save percentage, 2.24 goals against. The team just can’t score.

Me: 20g, 15a, 35p. Leads the team in points

HockeyProf: 23g, 14a in the AHL

Nathaniel: 18-10-5 in the AHL with 7 shutouts.

Justin: 8g, 4a, 12p

Barron: 17g, 10a, 27p. New York is just kind of okay this season. Barron, you shouldn’t have taken so much money, dammit.

Mike: 5g, 13a, 18p. He’s doing his part, I guess.

KingGeorgey: 12g, 9a, 21p. Ummmmm what’s the deal? This is a really bad year for quite a few players.

Kristin: 3g, 1a, 4p. She’s stuck in the lineup all season, so good for her.

Christopher: 18g, 10a, 28p. Yet another good season from him.

Vince: 20g, 9a, 29p. Vince has had quite a few solid seasons in a row now.

I made a trade that said I was under the salary cap, but the player got stuck in the minors. So I’m out a second and a fourth round pick. At least I got a sixth…

It’s been a really ugly season. The Canes offense has been rough, and we’ve been shut out a hell of a lot.

Season Stats

Well the Canes made the playoffs, although I’m not sure how. Here’s how everyone did at 33 years old:

Wade: 36-26-6, 5 shutouts, .923 save percentage, 2.23 GAA. Wade carried this team. Our backup only had 18 games played.

Me: 32g, 33a, 65p. Could very well be a career high in points and assists. Not sure, since it only shows me stats from the past ten years.

HockeyProf: 36g, 28p in the AHL

Nathaniel: 30-28-9 with nine shutouts in the AHL

Justin: 18g, 6a, 24p. Disappointing season from him, unfortunately.

Barron: 34g, 16a, 50p. Man, Barron keeps having good second halves.

Mike: 8g, 25a, 33p. Solid season from Mike, who was fifth on the team in points.

KingGeorgey: 32g, 21a, 53p. Okay, now he’s back to form. So weird that he had a slow start.

Kristin: 8g, 2a, 10p.

Christopher: 33g, 22a, 55p. Great season from him, and he hasn’t slowed down any.

Vince: 35g, 19a, 54p. Good season from Vince, and Vancouver should be poised for a big postseason.


The Canes have miraculously taken the Devils to seven games, although they have not scored more than two goals in all six games that they’ve played in. On top of that, my first line LW is out until May 11. Wade, we need some big stops from you. And the Canes get them! Wade stops 34 shots in a 3-2 win, sending the Canes to the second round! Valcourt, the 4C, got the game winner with just under 3 minutes left in the game!

The Canes faced Pittsburgh in the second round, and the offense suddenly came to life. The Canes won the series in six games, with Gabriel Rasmussen sending the Canes to the Eastern Conference Finals. Wade Minter could be well on his way to yet another cup.

Up next, the Buffalo Sabres. The Canes got off to a good start with a 4-0 win, but then lost the next two games to erase everything done in the first game. It’s okay though! The Canes win game four, and it’s all tied up heading to Buffalo. The Canes shut out the Sabres in game five, giving them a 3-2 series lead heading back home for game six. Wade might actually win the Canes another cup, folks. Wade Minter just shut out the Sabres for the third time this series. He’s a hall of fame player in my book, without a doubt.

The Canes are facing the Calgary Flames in the Stanley Cup Finals, and it’s been fun. The Canes lost game one 3-1, but then shut out the Flames next game 2-0. Game three was also a win, but 4-2. This team wasn’t supposed to be good, it was supposed to be a rebuilding year…

Game Four: Some guy named Percy scored first for the Flames, but the franchise winger Adam Richmond responded with a goal just about two minutes later. Matthew Barzal, grizzled veteran, took the lead for the Flames with 7:06 left in the first period. Do you like goals? I like goals. Two goals from Byron Yoshida, a goal from Corbin, and another goal from Jacques help the Canes take a 5-2 lead in the second period. Yoshida has been good in the playoffs, and I believe he’s on the first line. It’s been a while since I checked my lines. Jake Bean adds another goal, and the Canes take a 3-1 series lead with a commanding 6-2 performance.

Game Five: Samuel Ricci scored for the Canes in the first period, but that Percy guy scored yet another goal. Ricci has been a decent fourth line guy since I acquired him a few seasons ago. He’s not good enough for any more minutes than that, but he still puts up 25+ points on the fourth line. Ritu takes the lead for the Flames in the second, but Groleau and Ricci help put the Canes ahead 3-2. Chen scores for the Flames, and it’s tied heading into the third period. Will Minter win another cup? This might be Hanifin’s last hurrah, since he’s 35. Wade might have assisted on the Stanley Cup-winning goal! Kuiper scores for the Canes, and it’s assisted by Sergachev and Minter. Kuiper took a pass, then shot it. When his shot was saved, he quickly poked his own rebound five hole and in. There’s 3:35 left in the game, however. It doesn’t matter! Wade wins his fifth or sixth cup (I’ve lost track), as do Hanifin and Bean!


McDavid retired with 1346 points in 1430 games. Not too shabby, especially considering how meh the Oilers were.

Brett Pesce retired a free agent with 219 points in 1340 NHL games. He retired as an 80 overall, so I’m not sure why he didn’t sign.

Alex Nedeljkovic retired as a member of the Kings. He had a 260-184-37 record with a save percentage of .920.

Wade won the Conn Smythe for back to back seasons, so hooray for him!


Lots of teams are trading meh players for picks in this draft. Nobody of interest moved, except Liljegren.

I picked a couple okay players so far, but nobody too great, in my opinion.

Free Agency

I decided to let Bean walk in free agency. He wanted too much money, and regressed more than Hanifin did in the past season.

KingGeorgey wants 6 years as a 33 year old player, so that just extended my franchise mode a good three years. Dammit, man, I was hoping to wrap this up soon.

Nathaniel is also a free agent, but I’m not sure if he signs with a team.

Philly is going to be really solid. They just signed KingGeorgey and another top free agent. KingGeorgey gets his six year deal, but maybe he’ll retire beforehand (please do).

Boston signed Bean for four years, which is a mistake. That contract will hurt them.

Arizona signing Sergachev (former Cane) for two years might be okay. He’ll regress, but still be a top four defenseman for those two years.

2044-2034 Season

This will be fun! My team is still very good, so I’m hype. Wade has not regressed at all, which bodes well for me. Hanifin moved down one point to an 87, which is still elite. My forwards are MUCH better this season, and this team is deeper all around.

Nathaniel signed with the Jets, so he’ll be on their AHL team. They have a solid NHL goalie tandem, so it looks like he’ll be in the AHL this season.

Mid-season stats:

Wade: 19-9-4, 2 shutouts, .915 save percentage, 2.38 goals against. Solid season for Wade. He’s been great when called upon.

Me: 13g, 18a, 31p. Another solid start for my player.

Justin: 7g, 5a, 12p. He’s regressed a lot in the past two years, so expect him to retire after his contract ends next season.

Barron: 14g, 8a, 22p. Slow start, but he’s proved me wrong before.

Mike: 2g, 11a, 13p. New York is pretty weak this season in terms of talent. Lots of meh players.

Kristin: I can’t find her on any roster, which is weird.

Christopher: 17g, 17a, 34p. Really good season from him, yet again.

KingGeorgey: 14g, 18a, 32p. He and Christopher are lighting it up.

Vincent: 12g, 16a, 28p. Good season from him, especially as a veteran.

Nathaniel: 18-14-4 in the AHL

I don’t think I’ll make any trades this deadline. There’s no need to really try since Wade is about to retire, effectively crippling my goaltending situation for years to come.

End of season stats

Wade: 34-21-7, 5 shutouts, .918 save percentage, 2.32 GAA. Slight improvement in save percentage and GAA since the halfway point. He was good this season.

Me: 21g, 32a, 53p. Good season from my player.

Justin: 15g, 13a, 28p. He came back from a tough start and produced a little more.

Barron: 30g, 13a, 43p. Not too shabby. NYI weren’t good this season.

Mike: 9g, 19a, 28p. Mike was pretty good on the blue line this season.

Christopher: 32g, 38a, 70p. Pretty sure that’s a career high in points for him.

KingGeorgey: 30g, 40a, 70p. He and Christopher were a good tandem in Philly.

Vincent: 28g, 25a, 53p. Missed the last two games with an injury, but still performed really well.

Nathaniel: 35-27-5 in the AHL


The Canes face the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, and the Rangers managed to win game one 3-2. The Canes beat up on the Rangers in the next three games, however, winning 5-2, 4-1, and 2-0. Wade has been solid this series, if that shocks you at all. Something I noticed in my sim is that the team’s defense is nowhere near as good as it was last season. Jake Bean was a huge part of our defense, as was Mikhail Sergachev. I couldn’t afford either of them, so I had to downgrade. No matter, though. The Canes beat the Rangers in six games, thanks to a 3-1 win!

The Canes’ next opponent is Pittsburgh, which should be a fun series. We lost a top four defenseman after a 3-2 loss in game one, so this really hurts. The defense is the deepest part of my team, and it lost a big piece. Luckily, he only missed one game. The Canes won game 2 by a score of 5-1, and they get a player back for game 3. We lost a depth forward in game two, but he was easily replaced by a forward that is slightly worse. Not a huge concern for me. Game four was a 2-0 win, so the Canes could potentially move on to the Eastern Conference finals for the third time in a row with a win in game five! The Canes fought hard, and came out on top with a 5-3 win to send us to the ECF. Injuries can’t slow this team down, and we get the depth player back just in time for the series against Tampa.

Tampa takes games one and three, with the Canes taking game two in a 3-0 shutout win. The Canes have seven goals in three games, which beats the Lightning’s six. That doesn’t matter, unfortunately. The Canes are still losing in the series. Tampa takes game four, as well, giving them a 3-1 series lead. This could be the first ECF that Wade has been in and lost. He’s that good. There’s still hope!  Wade stops all 25 of Tampa’s shots in game five to cut Tampa’s lead to 3-2! We live to fight another day! The Canes scored five goals in that game, three of which were on the power play. Tampa comes out of the gate hot in the first period of game six, however, scoring four goals. The Canes get one, but they have a three goal deficit to erase if they want to keep their Stanley Cup hopes alive. The Canes can’t get it done, and they lose 5-2 to the Lightning. Tampa goes on to face the Winnipeg Jets, who swept the Flames in the Western Conference Finals. Nathaniel is not on their NHL roster, sadly.

Awards and Miscellaneous

This retiring class was a little underwhelming. Sure there are a lot of players retiring that are kids in the NHL now, but their career numbers are a little underwhelming. Wennberg retired with 1109 points in 1525 games, but no other player had over 1000 points.

Julien Gauthier retired as a member of the Winnipeg Jets organization, but did not win the Cup since he was in the AHL. He had 461 points in 1143 NHL games.

Martin Necas retired as a free agent with 272 points in 984 NHL games. I’m happy that I traded him now that I look back on it. He wouldn’t have been a good fit for the Canes.

Haydn Fleury retired as a Buffalo Sabre with 139 points in 1020 NHL games. He had 2 extra years left on his contract, but I think injuries forced him to retire a year or two early.

Brendan De Jong also retired as a Sabre, having 44 points in 642 NHL games.

Winnipeg won the Cup, beating the Lightning in five games. The Jets were really good this postseason, so it’s good to see them win, I guess. This Gleason guy keeps winning all of the trophies for Pittsburgh, but he’s never been able to win any cups.


Two years in a row now that a franchise player has been picked first overall. This one is a LW power forward going to Vegas. They’ve got a scary good group of young players, including two 23 year olds that are 88 and 90 overall. Vegas could be really good in a year or two of this franchise mode.

I just took a 65 overall offensive defenseman that’s 20 years old in the first round. Needed to take a bit of a risk here. My defensive pool is a little weak at the moment, so I needed a guy that can step into the AHL and make an immediate impact.

I traded a prospect that had plateaued in exchange for an upgrade on my third pair and the 100th overall pick. It’ll be my third pick in the fourth round, going along with pick 97 and 122.

I took a LW grinder that’s 68 overall at age 19. Medium top six potential, so he might actually make the NHL sooner rather than later.

Pulled a 20 year old medium elite potential LW in the third round. He’s 70 overall, too. Drafting for immediate success this year, I guess.

San Jose sold a lot this year, but got a really good haul. They traded former Cane Patrick Aguasin, a defenseman and a fourth round pick, and a center in exchange for: a meh prospect from CAR, Buffalo’s first round pick in next year’s draft, as well as Toronto’s first round pick next year and a prospect with decent potential.

Drafted a lot of low elite potential players. Their overalls aren’t great, so there’s not a huge chance that any will make it into the NHL. Still, it’s nice to have those players as trade bait.

Free Agency

Noah Hanifin is now an 85 overall, but he did the Canes a solid and took a significant pay cut. We’re still a little too close to the cap, so I’ll save my money for a big deal or two later on. This free agent class lacked a lot of scoring. Lots of high overall players, but they were mostly grinders. One guy was an enforcer.

Nathaniel re-signed in Winnipeg for the next season. He’s 74 overall now, but still Winnipeg’s AHL starter. I expect him to retire at the end of the season, but what do I know.

Wade is also only an 86 overall now, so he’s fallen off a little bit as well. His backup is an 83 overall, so better than it has been in years past. I also have an elite potential goalie that’s juuuuuuust about ready to be an NHLer. He’ll be a backup next season and I’ll roll with average goaltending. Sorry Wade, I need to save money and you cost a lot.

2034-35 season

The Canes started off the season by winning their first eight games, including two shutouts. The team is a little deeper this season, so I can understand why we’d be playing better.

I traded a prospect and my fifth and sixth round picks in this draft for a fourth and fifth round pick in this year’s draft. The prospect, Kwong, wasn’t good enough to earn a contract after this season, so trading him to move up a round in the draft is good.

Wade, your knees are bothering you again. A swollen knee will sit you out for two or three games, but don’t worry! Your replac-I mean your backup will cover for you. Two wins in a back to back, and he only allowed one goal.

Mid-season updates:

Wade: 23-5-0, 2 shutouts, .935 save percentage, 1.88 goals against. Could be a career year if he keeps this up. He’s 35.

Me: 11g, 12a, 23p. Not too shabby of a season. Might not hit 50 points, which is okay for a guy that’s 35.

Justin: I’m not sure what happened to him. It doesn’t say he got traded, and it doesn’t say he got signed by another team. Not in the AHL either.

Barron: 8g, 5a, 13p. He’s got another year left on his contract. Luckily, it’s much cheaper than the $18M he was making a few years ago.

Mike: 1g, 2a, 3p. Not the best season from Mike. He’s a -18 too. Free agent after this season, so he might retire.

KingGeorgey: 13g, 20a, 33p. Good season from him. He hasn’t regressed at all yet, which is good for Philly. He’s on year two of a six year deal.

Christpher: 15g, 17a, 32p. Yet another good season from him. He has five more years left, which is ridiculous. Please don’t make me sim through all of these seasons.

Vincent: 11g, 18a, 29p. Good season from him. He has two more seasons on his contract after this one.

Nathaniel: 20-13-1 in the AHL

Yikes. My fourth line LW just got diagnosed with post concussion syndrome, so I doubt I’ll see him for the rest of the season.

Antoher player out with a concussion. He’s out for less time, but it still sucks.

Season Stats

NOTE: This will be the last time I do one of these. It’s time consuming, and some of you will (hopefully) be retiring at the end of this season. I don’t want to keep this up for much longer, so I’m going to just give you all your retirement stats if you don’t retire this season. I’ll still sim, it’ll just be a tweet or something.

Wade: 35-16-4, 3 shutouts, .920 save percentage, 2.25 GAA. Hell of a season, Wade.

Me: 22g, 24a, 46p. Good season from me. I have another year left, so that’ll probably be my last NHL season.

Barron: 16g, 13a, 29p. Not the best season from him. Still, to be in the NHL and at least produce something is a good thing.

Mike: 4g, 11a, 15p. He picked it up a good bit, and even improved to a -15 on the year.

KingGeorgey: 26g, 37a, 63p. Great season once again.

Christopher: I must’ve missed this. He was traded to the Islanders, and only had 11 points in his second half. Injuries kept him out of six games. 21g, 20a, 41p. The Isles are stuck with his contract, yikes.

Vincent: 33g, 28a, 61p. Someone is showing no signs of aging.

Nathaniel: 30-21-7 record with 8 shutouts in the AHL.

Playoffs, Awards, and Miscellaneous

Again, this is getting to be a lot. I’m just limping to the finish line here.

The Bruins gave the Canes little resistance, as we swept them. Two shutouts in the first two games had to hurt.

Pittsburgh took us to six, but we still managed to win. This team might have what it takes yet again.

The Sabres almost beat the Canes in seven games, but the Canes move on thanks to two late goals.

The Canes ended up beating the Kings in seven games to win the Cup! Final score: 5-3.

Wade did not retire…

Laine did, however. 1295 points in 1539 games played.

Aho retired with 549 points in 1301 games.

Stelio Mattheos retired with 256 points in 906 career games.

Kristin retired on the Sabres with 110 points in 799 career games. She was the 7th overall pick in 2018. She was the only created player to retire this year.

Next Season

I missed the playoffs, but it was my own fault. I forgot to sign enough players so I had to sign a bunch of meh defensemen to fill my depth chart. Oops.

Hanifin retired as a member of the Blues, having 927 points in 1688 NHL games. Could be a hall of fame player, especially since he won a bunch of cups.

Bean also retired, with 899 points in 1468 games played.

Barron retired as an Islander with 892 points in 1384 games played. He won three (?) cups with the Hurricanes in his career. Barron had 519 goals in his career!

HockeyProf retired as a free agent with 182 points in 475 NHL games. He had 102 NHL goals, so congrats on that milestone!

2036-37 Recap

The defense got better, but the offense got a good bit worse. It’s not my fault that a 34 year old wanted 7 years and 12 million dollars.

The Canes lost to the Penguins in the first round, but it took seven games. My heart really isn’t in this anymore, so I’ll take what I can get.

Really good top end of the retiring class this year. Pastrnak had 1371 points in 1729 games. Eichel had 1362 points in 1692 games.

Mike finished up his career with the Golden Knights organization, registering 659 points in 1470 games played. He won a cup in Carolina, but his best years were with the Red Wings. He struggled later on in his career, unfortunately.

Justin retired as a free agent, having 649 points in 1310 games. He had a 50 point season in 2032, but fell off after that. Two sub-25 point seasons meant that he would spend the next two years as a free agent before retiring. 410 goals is a great milestone, though.

2037-28 Recap

Wade retired as a member of the Golden Knights. He had 988 games of NHL experience, 569 (nice) wins, 294 losses, and 96 overtime losses. He had 98 shutouts in his career, good for third in NHL history. He was behind Sawchuk (103) and Brodeur (125). Wade finished second in NHL history in terms of wins, passing Brodeur for that one. He was nowhere close to Patrick Roy’s record, however. His save percentage was a .926, and his GAA was 2.12. Wade was truly a hall of fame goalie, with at least six Stanley Cups, and three or four Conn Smythe trophies.

Nathaniel retired with 200 NHL games played. He had an 85-73-18 record with 18 shutouts. His career save percentage of .920 is pretty respectable, however.

To the four of you (myself, Vince, KingGeorgey, and Christopher) that have not retired, please please please hurry up.

2038-39 Season

Christopher retired with the Islanders with 1051 points in 1631 games. He had 580 goals and 471 assists. For a 33rd overall pick, he was fantastic.

Vince retired with 977 points in 1552 games. He was a member of the Blackhawks. His 590 goals were very impressive, and he probably could’ve hit 600 if the Blackhawks played him in the NHL.

My player retired as a member of the Kings with 955 points in 1586 games. Injuries almost cut his career short early on, but he persisted and had a good NHL career.

KingGeorgy Pls Retire

After 22 years in the NHL, KingGeorgey calls it quits. He finished with the Blues, having 1404 points in 1797 games. He broke Gordie Howe’s games played record, and finished eighth all time in goals scored. He was 21st all time in points, passing Jarri Kurri. He definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and he will be the second and final player in this franchise mode to do so. Congratulations!

That’s all for this one! I’ll be making a new franchise mode soon with all of you in it, plus many more! I’ll inform you all of your new players ASAP.

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