Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: Nathaniel is (Kind of) OP


Welcome back! We have had some players experience huge amounts of success, while some players have had a few struggles. (Sorry, HockeyProf) Here are updates on the players and which teams they are on:

Wade: Carolina

Nathaniel: Carolina

Me: Columbus

Mike: Detroit

Justin: Minnesota

Barron: Islanders

Kristin: Rangers

KingGeorgey: Rangers

Christopher: Philadelphia

Vincent: Vancouver

The 2029-30 season won’t have many highlights because whoops, I already simmed through all of it.

Season Stats 2029-30

Wade: Once again, Wade was stellar. A 40-18-9 record, a .933 save percentage, 10 shutouts, and a GAA of 1.92.

Nathaniel: Holy crap. Nathaniel was 9-3-3 with four shutouts, a .951 save percentage, and a GAA of 1.48.

Me: Another solid season for my player. 26g, 26a, 52p. My 7th 50 point season in the past 8 seasons.

Mike: 17g, 29a, 46p. Good season for Mike. Hasn’t quite gotten back to that 74 point season he had, but he’s been great for Detroit.

Justin: 36g, 12a, 48p. Almost matched his career high in goals (37).

Barron: After setting a career high in points (66) last season, Barron scored 38 goals and added 32 assists for a 70 point season. Career high in assists, too.

KingGeorgey: 28g, 44a, 72p. Too bad the Rangers still suck.

Kristin: 6g, 2a, 8p

Christopher: 38g, 26a. He’s consistently been over 50 points since his second season.

Vincent: 31g, 13a, 44p. His worst season points wise since his rookie season.


The Canes might end up losing to Detroit, which is scary. It’s 3-1 after the first period, but that’s okay! Everything is okay! Not too much better after 2, though. 4-2 is the score. Progress! Michel Jacques scores his first goal of the playoffs, and it’s 4-3 with 6:22 left in the game! Oh man. Hanifin made their defense look silly there. He cuts through the zone, and picks the corner to tie it! Heading to OT, the Canes get a power play…and they convert! Bouchard sends the Canes to round two!

Welp. We took the Blue Jackets to seven games after losing the first three, but we fell in game seven. 5-3 was the final score, so Matt Somma is headed off to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Florida Panthers won the Stanley Cup in 2030, which should be their first cup.

The Islanders won the lottery, and the Rangers came in second. The islanders also have the sixth overall pick. The east will be getting much better, which sucks tbh.

Justin Faulk retired as a member of the Oilers, with 663 career points in 1458 games. Almost hit 200 career goals, with 198 goals. Rask also retired, with a career of 654 points in 1143 games. He was a Coyote at the time of his retirement. Teravainen was an Oiler as well, retiring with 558 points in 1144 games.


Wade won the William M. Jennings trophy (fewest goals against) for the first time in a while, but it should be his second or third William M. Jennings.


I picked 27th overall, and drafted an elite RW power forward that’s 60 overall. Good pick, and he’ll hopefully be better than Gauthier. Gauthier has been disappointing in the past few seasons, especially considering he’s on a huge contract.

No huge trades this year. A couple players moved teams, but there weren’t any blockbusters.


Unfortunately, Nathaniel wanted out of Carolina. He wanted to get more playing time, and Wade wasn’t happy with that. #WellsWatch has officially begun again. Nathaniel and Barron are the two players that have moved the most, I believe.

I had to retool a lot this offseason. The group I had just wasn’t working out, so I let go of a lot of players that wanted too much money for 30 point seasons. To replace the loss of Earl Pietrangelo, (yes, that is the guy’s name) I signed Sergachev. He will be a very valuable asset on the blue line for me this season.

Not many teams are interested in goalies this offseason, unfortunately. Only one goalie has signed through the first 13 days of free agency, and that was an ELC.

One more goalie signed, but to an ELC. Nathaniel performed well this past season, so I’m surprised that he hasn’t received a contract.

There we go! Nathaniel just signed a one year, $1.655M contract with the Florida Panthers. The good news is that he has a team. The bad news is he’ll be in the AHL this season. At least it’s a paycheck!

2030-31 Season

Before the season began, I traded a prospect that wasn’t working out for some help in the bottom six. The player I acquired, Bartovic, had 47 points this past season, but will likely hit just north of 25 with the Canes. He’ll be getting second line minutes, though, so we’ll see.

I also traded a 3rd pairing defenseman and a couple picks for a really solid prospect that played for Colorado. I had a much better defenseman that was sitting, so I decided to free up $2.850M in cap space.

The Canes lost twice after regulation to start the season, but then blanked the Predators 5-0 and crushed the Kings 7-3. They’re currently on a 5 game win streak.

After 2 months, the Canes are 13-9-3. Just kind of average, which was to be expected.

I made another trade for an upgrade at forward. I traded for an 82 overall left winger, filling out my top nine quite nicely. Machesney, the player acquired, comes into Carolina with some disappointing stats. He’s been iffy throughout his career, but he’s also played for the Rangers for a lot of it. He’ll get more ice time with better linemates here, so I’m happy for the kid. I only gave up a meh prospect and a fourth round pick for him, which makes it better.

Picks in 2031: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th.

Mid-season updates:

Wade: 15-14-3, 3 shutouts, .909 save percentage, 2.57 goals against. Not a great season for Wade. The team isn’t great, but he’s been struggling this season as well.

Me: 15g, 13a, 28p. Fairly solid season for my player thus far.

Mike: 3g, 21a. Solid season for Mike. Looks like he’ll be hitting 40 points for the seventh time in his career. All of those seasons were with Detroit.

Nathaniel: 19-11-4, 2 shutouts, .911 save percentage, 2.53 goals against. Nathaniel performs league average wherever he goes, I guess.

HockeyProf: I FOUND YOU! He’s been hiding in Florida for some time now. He had two seasons with 29 and 28 points, respectively, but had just ten in 27 games with Florida last season. He’s got 30 points in the AHL this season, though, and could have his name on the cup.

Justin: 18g, 7a. Looks like he’ll have another 20 goal season, and will probably get close to 30.

Barron: 8g, 12a. Really bad season for him so far. The Islanders aren’t great, and he’s stuck there for 4 years. He may be the problem, though, as he signed a 15.480 million dollar contract. Yeesh.

KingGeorgey: 23g, 17a, 40p. Is New York going to be good this year? With his help, it’s quite possible.

Kristin: She’s in the AHL, and has 11 goals and 1 assist in 44 games.

Christopher: 13g, 13a, 26p. Another stellar season for him.

Vincent: 17g, 12a. Looks to be back to form after an off year.

The Canes are now on an eight game win streak after a rough month of December. Wade most likely has something to do with that.

We finished with a 43-30-9 record, good for second in the Metro. Kind of a shocking finish, especially since we had a rough month or two. Regardless, the playoff streak lives on!

Season Stats

Wade: 33-22-6, 5 shutouts, .917 save percentage, 2.35 goals against. Good season from Wade after a bit of a slow start. Wade has only lost 20 or more games in a season twice since taking over as starter. Good for him.

Me: 24g, 26a, 50p. Good season from my player.

Mike: 6g, 33a, 39p. Thought for sure that he’d hit 40 points. Not this season, but maybe the next!

HockeyProf: Led his AHL team with 60 points

Nathaniel: 33-24-6, 7 shutouts, .917 save percentage, 2.32 goals against. Good season, maybe he’ll earn a new contract with those stats.

Justin: 33g, 16a, 49p. Sooooooo close to 50!

Barron: 24g, 28a, 52p. Sorry I talked crap, it looks like your season was actually good.

KingGeorgey: 40g, 28a, 68p. Good season from him. I’m shocked he’s not the highest paid player.

Kristin: 21g, 4a for Hartford in the AHL.

Christopher: 32g, 21a. Another 50+ point season for him. He’s done it since his second year in the league. He and Wade could be the best picks from this draft outside of the top five.

Vince: 30g, 20a, 50p. Improved on last year’s numbers by 6 points, so it was a success!


The Canes made the playoffs, as did KingGeorgey and Mike. That’s it, though. We face off against the Rangers in the first round, which is exciting! Can Wade stop KingGeorgey?

After five games, New York leads the series 3-2. The Canes have been shut out twice, but Wade has done his part to minimize the damage. He’s only allowed ten goals this series. The problem is that the Canes have only scored eight. Yikes. A 7-2 loss sends KingGeorgey to the second round. Just an ugly season for the Canes, but it was supposed to be a bit of a rebuilding year anyways.

Ottawa ended up winning the Stanley cup, but the real winner is me. The cap increased by $2M, which is going to be good for when I have to sign my expensive players.

Jaccob Slavin retired as a member of the Golden Knights. He had 523 points in 1198 career games.


I drafted a medium elite goalie with the 18th overall pick. He’s 52 overall, so he’ll need some time to develop. Luckily, Wade still has a good four or so years left in him before he regresses. He’ll be ready by then.

Julien Gauthier was traded to Winnipeg for a first round pick. He wasn’t great for the Sharks, but I guess the Jets really wanted that 35 point scorer.


Nathaniel re-signed with Florida for two years, and he’ll be their NHL backup!

Once again, I decided to let go of quite a few underperforming forwards. This might be a bit of a rebuilding year, but that’s fine! I signed Thomas Chabot to be my second or third pairing defenseman, so he’ll be pretty valuable. His contract is a little pricey, but I was willing to make it work.

My big signing was a franchise LW sniper, so he’ll be in Carolina until the Franchise mode ends, hopefully.

2013-32 Season

Yikes. The team isn’t as good in terms of depth, and Hanifin has regressed a bit. It’s only a point, but it’s still worrying. Wade has regressed three points, so this is not very good at all. Hopefully he won’t ask for too much money when his contract expires in four years.

Mid-season updates:

Wade: 17-13-3, 2 shutouts, .919 save percentage, 2.25 GAA. Wade regressing a bit definitely hurts.

Me: 17g, 16a, 33p. Good season from me. Tied for the team lead in points.

Mike: 1g, 17a, 18p. His one goal was on the powerplay.

Nathaniel: 3-5-1, one shutout, .904 save percentage, 2.78 goals against. Florida is v bad this season, sorry Nathaniel.

HockeyProf: 17g, 18a in  the AHL

Justin: 20g, 8a, 28p. Leads the team in points, along with former Hurricane Earl Pietrangelo.

Barron: 12g, 10a, 22p. Not a great season, but he proved me wrong last season.

KingGeorgey: 26g, 15a, 41p. Good season from him, and he’s carrying Cody Glass.

Kristin: 2g in 11 games. She’s out of the AHL this season, but is serving a depth role in New York.

Christopher: 18g, 12a, 30p. Good season from Christopher, which is evergreen content nowadays.

Vince: 21g, 11a, 32p. Leads Vancouver

Keep in mind, all players are now 32. They’re all out of their prime, and some will start to regress in overall soon. Most players will retire around 35 or 36, so I still have at least four more years left.

Why not? I claimed 79 overall Sam Bennett on waivers. He had a cheap cap hit, and is a free agent after this season. He’s cheap depth and can fill in pretty well.

I acquired a player at the beginning of the season for a second round pick. He’s a bottom six player on my team, but still a valuable asset.

He scored 20 points with me in 75 games with the team. Not great, but not bad for a fourth line guy. He had two shorthanded goals, too.

Season Stats

Wade: 30-21-10, 2 shutouts, .922 save percentage, 2.11 goals against. Better stats from Wade, so I’m happy again.

Me: 24g, 27a, 51p. Led the team in points, which is nice.

Mike: 11g, 32a, 43p. Really good second half from Mike, who scored a lot more than one goal.

Nathaniel: 9-10-1, one shutout, .903 save percentage, 2.85 goals against. Yikes, hopefully Florida doesn’t regret that two year deal.

HockeyProf: 29g, 41a in the AHL.

Justin: 37g, 13a, 50p. Tied his career high in goals this season.

Barron: 27g, 24a, 51p. Yet another good season from Barron. He hasn’t hit below 50 points since the 2024-25 season.

KingGeorgey: 50g, 38a, 88p. Our first 50 goal scorer! It took us 14 seasons, but that’s okay! I believe that’s a career high in points as well.

Kristin: 3g, 1a, 4p in 15 games. Had two points in four games since her last update. Should get a better chance with the Rangers next season.

Christopher: 33g, 21a, 54p. Great season, once again.

Vince: 39g, 23a, 62p. Really solid season from Vince.


The Canes made the playoffs as the first wild card team, and went on to sweep the Senators in the first round, because that’s totally how things work out! Wade, I’m sorry for dissing your goaltending. It’s fine.

The Canes are playing the Panthers, who won in seven games. Will this be a factor in the outcome of the series? We’ll see! The Canes are heading to overtime at home in game six. Jake Bean picks the corner, and sends the Canes off to the Eastern Conference Finals!

The Canes are facing off against the Canadiens in the ECF, and they’re heading to game seven. All three of the Canes’ wins have been shutout wins, so that’ll be the key to winning game seven, I guess. This has been a weird playoffs. Montreal scored first, which does not bode well for the Canes. Valcourt ties the game with a minute and a half remaining, so the Canes will be headed to overtime! Signing the franchise player was worth it, because he just sent the Canes to the Stanley Cup Finals! This could very well be Wade’s last legitimate shot at the Cup, unless he continues to play well in goal for the next few seasons.

Yikes. The first two games were as bad as it gets. The Canes scored one goal in that span, and Chicago scored four. Not a high scoring series, so the team needs to give Wade goal support.

Game three: Here’s a positive. The Canes scored two goals, which was enough for an overtime win against Chicago.

Game four: Chicago scored once in the first period, and the Canes didn’t. Rasmussen ties it in the third, but it is pretty short lived. Chicago takes the lead, the Canes tie it, and then they take the lead again. It’s 3-2 with 8 minutes left in the third, and the Canes could go down 1-3 in the series. IT’S TIED. A player named Horcoff ties it, and the Canes have some life with 5 minutes to go. Overtime. yikes. The Canes just killed off a penalty, but they still have to find the equalizer.

Oh my goodness. Wade Minter. What a diving save to keep the game tied, and the Canes’ cup hopes alive. Crap, we hit the post on a great chance. This is stressful, and it’s not even real. Post and in! Valcourt wins it, tying the series at 2!

Game five: Chicago scores in the first period, again. Sigh. Wait, it’s alright! Bean ties it, Groleau takes the lead, Bouchard extends the lead, Chicago gets one back, and then Valcourt restores the two goal lead. The Canes chased Steeves, the Chicago goaltender. Three goals in less than three minutes is less than good. Richmond gives the Canes a three goal lead, and the Canes never looked back. All of a sudden, it’s a 3-2 series lead!

Game six: The Canes have been three of the four losses for the Blackhawks these playoffs. It’s been a cakewalk for them tbh. NOT TODAY, CHICAGO. Ricci, the player acquired at the beginning of the season, gives the Canes a 1-0 lead after the first period. A good start, and Wade has made seven saves thus far. Rasmussen, Richmond, and Hanifin all score in the second period, while Boudens scores for Chicago. Wade has stopped 17 of 18 so far, and definitely deserves some praise. Third period coming up! Valcourt scores with 18:25 left, giving the Canes a 5-1 lead. Groleau scores with 9 minutes left to give them a 6-1 lead, and the Canes win the Cup for the fourth time in this franchise mode. Wade wins his fourth cup, putting him ahead of Jonathan Toews.


Damn, the salary cap didn’t increase by a whole lot. This is not very good. That’s one award that I lost.

Sam Bennett Retired as a Hurricane. He had a solid career, but didn’t actually do much with the Canes.

Elias Lindholm retired as a King, and he had 709 points in 1438 NHL games.

Morgan Geekie didn’t have a great NHL career. He had 186 points in 493 NHL games, but never stuck on an NHL roster.

Nicolas Roy retired as a free agent, with 115 points in 423 games.

Aleksi Saarela retired with 27 points in 96 games.

Foegele had one NHL game.

Wade won the Conn Smythe, which he also won in 2028 when he won the cup!

KingGeorgey won the Richard trophy, with 50 goals.


My first pick was another success, a medium elite playmaking C. He’s 72 overall at 18 years old, so I’m super hype for that.

Minnesota acquired some players that could help Justin, while Florida traded a bottom six player. Maybe they’ll have cap space to improve, now.

A pretty solid draft, overall, but these players won’t be ready by the time I’m finished with the franchise mode. Most of you will have retired by then.

Alright folks, this was a very long post. I hadn’t done much in a while, so I figured I’d give you all a nice update as to where you’re at in your careers. I’ll do free agency updates in my next post, unless I decide to just sim through a good bit. I’m getting a little burnt out on this franchise mode, so I’m trying to wrap it up ASAP.

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