Ring in the New Year With CBTS!


Calm Before the Storm turns a year old on January 9th, and to celebrate, we have some exciting news! Here at CBTS we are looking for two new writers to help expand our coverage of the Hurricanes, the Checkers, and the NHL. If you’ve always wanted to write for a blog, but don’t want to deal with deadlines, word counts, or required clickbait, *shudders* we’re just the site for you!


We’re looking for people who will want to write for CBTS in a fun, friendly environment! Our mission at Calm Before the Storm is to be optimistic, no matter the circumstances.



You can apply to write for CBTS even if you have no prior writing history! We all have to start somewhere, and we love hearing new ideas from people as passionate about hockey as we are! Here are a few requirements for applying to CBTS:

  • Submit a writing sample to mattsomma12@gmail.com
    • There is no topic, we want to see what you come up with!
    • Write a paragraph describing your writing history, if any, and your history with hockey and/or the Canes
    • No length limit, but try to make it more than a page
    • Keep it hockey related, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about the Canes
    • Please refrain from clickbait. If I see one more “Trade Faulk for…” article, I might lose it.
    • If selected to write for the blog, please prepare a bio for our staff page. We’ll need name, background, and any fun facts about yourself!
    • Lastly, please submit your writing sample by January 5th at the latest. You can submit earlier, if you want!

The people chosen to help represent Calm Before the Storm will be notified by January 8th, and will be announced to the rest of the world on January 9th!

Perks of Writing for CBTS

  • No deadlines, so no stress. Just write as you can!
  • No required topics
  • Fun, friendly group of hockey fans to work with
  • Podcast appearances, if you’re into that sort of thing

In our second year as a blog, we’re looking to bring our readers better content, and a lot of it. You can help be a part of the most optimistic blog on Canes Twitter!

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