Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: The Heat Thickens


(Please understand my Futurama reference in the title)

When we left off in the last article, I had simmed through everyone’s first NHL season. KingGeorgey led all players created in this franchise mode in points, and Christopher Clark had a sneaky good season. I’ve since simmed through two seasons, streaming all off it on Twitch. I’ll try and alternate between the two every so often. I like to stream, but I also need to produce content for the blog. If you couldn’t catch the streams, here are updates on all of the players!

Barron Sluder- After being in Detroit for two seasons, Barron found his way to Minnesota for a brief moment. He was then traded to Carolina in exchange for a 2020 first round pick, Stelio Mattheos, and a forward prospect whose name escapes me. He was my 2018 first round pick and was just okay, so no big loss. Barron had a career year, scoring 37 goals and registering 65 points, pushing the Canes into the playoffs. His contract was up, and he signed a 3 year deal at $6.525M.

Mike Slavin(JaccobSlavin on twitter)- He’s not the real Jaccob Slavin, but that’s okay! Mike has taken a little longer to develop. After a 30 point season the year before, Mike regressed to 25 points. He scored a career high 6 goals, however, and earned a two year, $1.85M contract.

Wade Minter- With Scott Darling regressing a little bit, Wade has now taken the reins as starter. Wade hasn’t been an NHL starter in his career, but he’s posted good numbers for the past two seasons. He was 10-5-3 last season with a .923 save percentage.

Nathaniel Wells- His first pro season was good, but his AHL team was not. Nathaniel carried most of the workload for San Diego, posting a 28-30-2 record. His five shutouts were indicative of his success as well. He should be Anaheim’s backup next season, assuming they can waive Ryan Miller.

HockeyProf- He had a bit of a rough season as well. 29 points in 82 games was nowhere near as good as the 43 point season he posted the year before, so he had some struggles. He signed a 3 year contract just shy of $2M.

Me- Oh boy. My player has had a rough couple seasons. He missed 42 games a season ago due to injury, and missed ten this season for the same reason. His numbers have taken a hit, but hopefully he’ll bounce back. He signed a one year deal just a touch above $4M.

Vincent Magnarella- He made his NHL debut a season ago, and had 33 points in 78 games. This past season, he scored an impressive 43 goals, and added 22 assists. LA was weird and only offered him a one year contract worth $1.075M though.

Justin Lockard- He’s been an above average third line guy for Minnesota. He has scored 21 goals in each of his last two seasons, and has added 11 and 10 assists, respectively. He earned a 3 year, $4.195M contract.

Christopher Clark- He could possibly be the real steal of the draft, especially if he keeps up this pace. After a respectable 32 point rookie campaign, Christopher really took off. He scored a career high 29 goals, and had 52 points in that season. His next season was a career best, registering a career high 33 assists while scoring 29 goals. He signed a 2 year, $5.805M contract.

Kristin- She began her pro career this past season, scoring 6 goals and earning 12 points in her rookie year. She was able to make Vancouver’s defensive setup a little better this season, and even scored a playoff goal. She has two more years before her contract is up.

KingGeorgey- Dammit, man. Our franchise player is moving to the Metro. He decided to say “screw you” to the Sabres and hit the free agent market, where the Rangers picked him up. He’s had two 60+ point seasons now, and can actually improve on those numbers with a legitimate offense. Geez. The Rangers signed him for 2 years at $10.110M.

2021-2022 season

I had to improve on Artem Anisimov in free agency, so I signed Nugent-Hopkins. He’s not great, but he’ll be my team’s second line center this season. I also signed Nick Cousins to be my 4C/depth forward. I have a lot of prospects on the rise, so they might actually take his spot. The team is a lot different this year, so I’m a bit nervous to see how they’ll do.

Nathaniel Wells is Anaheim’s backup this season, as I predicted. His first NHL win was a 25 save shutout.

The Canes have seven wins, three of which are in the shootout. We’ve played in nine games, and three shootout wins is as many as the canes had in 2016-17.

Mike Slavin just got hurt for about a week, so it looks like he’ll miss about 3 or four games.

He missed two, and his first two games back were wins. Coincidence?

Time for your updates through half the season! So far, the Hurricanes are 24-11-7, good for third in the Metro.

Barron Sluder: Third on the team with 18g, 10a, 28p

Mike Slavin: 5g, 8a, 13p

Wade Minter: 15-8-4 record, .927 save percentage, 2.21 GAA

Nathaniel Wells: 4-3-1 record, .950 save percentage, 1.64 GAA. No goal support smh

HockeyProf: 1g, 1a in six GP. Has had a tough time sticking in the lineup for the past year.

Me: 8g,11a, 19p

Vincent Magnarella: 12g, 16a. First on the team with 28 points

Justin Lockard: 15g, 19a, 34p

KingGeorgey: 24g, 27a, first on the team with 51 points.

Christopher Clark: 17g, 16a, 33p

Kristin: 1g, 3a, 4p

It’s good to see everyone in the NHL this season, and I know Nathaniel will be happy to hear that he has finally made it.

Oof. Jordan Staal is out for two months with post concussion syndrome. He hasn’t been good for two seasons now, but it still sucks. Oh well, more playing time for Geekie.

The canes lose 1-0 in their season finale, but finish with a 53-22-7 record. End of season updates:

Barron Sluder: The Canes had four 50+ point scorers on the team, as well as four guys who scored 40+. Lots of scoring by committee this year. Barron finished with 31 goals and 20 assists.

Mike Slavin: 9g, 16a, 25p. Career high in goals

Wade Minter: 40-17-4 record, .931 save percentage, 2.02 GAA, 7 shutouts. Wade finished tied for fifth in shutouts with five other goalies, including Darling.

Nathaniel Wells: 7-6-1 record, .933 save percentage, 2 GAA, one shutout

HockeyProf: 1g, 1a

Me: 18g, 17a. Bounce back season after missing 52 games over two seasons. Not great numbers, but Columbus was just okay.

Vincent Magnarella: 25g, 29a, 54p. Slowed down after a hot start, but still a really good season. Definitely deserves a pay raise. If he can’t get it, then welcome to Carolina, Vince!

Justin Lockard: 28g, 26a, 54p. Career year for him. Set highs in goals, assists, and points. Improved on last season’s totals by 23 points.

KingGeorgey: 43g, 40a, 83p. Our first point per game player, and our second member of the 40 goal club. Great season from him, but he’s only got one more year with the Rangers.

Christopher Clark: 33g, 24a, 57p. Career high in goals. Missed the last three games due to injury, and could miss the playoffs if his team made it. (I haven’t checked)

Kristin: 1g, 3a. Not a great season, but it’s just a sophomore slump. Every player has them.

Barron, Mike, and Wade made the playoffs for Carolina. Christopher Clark faces off against the Penguins, while HockeyProf’s team faces off against the Blues. Nathaniel faces the Golden Knights, and Kristin faces off against the Sharks. Justin, Vince, KingGeorgey, and Matt Somma failed to make the playoffs.

The Canes won their first round matchup versus the Canadiens in six games, allowing for them to face off against Christopher Clark and the Flyers in the second round. All players advanced to the next round of the playoffs.

The Canes beat the Flyers in five games, thanks to a 6-1 win at home. This is my first trip to the ECF, and it’ll be against Tampa Bay. Nathaniel is the only other player to advance to the conference finals, which is exciting. We could be guaranteed a Stanley Cup winner this year, folks.

Yikes. The Canes manage to only score five goals in the first three games, and go down 0-3 in the series. A Barron Sluder hat trick prevents the sweep, however, and the Canes win game 4 by a score of 6-2.

Gauthier is out for the last game of the season, likely. The Canes won game five as well, but there’s a small chance that they win game six.

Okay I lied. Teuvo Teravainen scores to give the Canes life, tying the series at 3 apiece. Folks, we’re going to game 7.

Atkinson and RNH score in the first period, and just like that, the Canes are up 2-0. Stamkos has been all over the ice all game, and he scores to cut the lead in half in the second period. It all comes down to this. Can the Canes cap off the series comeback? Barron Sluder’s insurance goal quickly turns into the difference maker as James Van Riemsdyk scores just seconds later. There’s 12:31 left in the third period, and it’s a 3-2 Canes lead. Wade Minter can’t cover the puck, and Namestnikov ties the game at 3. Uh oh. I’m worried.

JAKE. BEAN. He scores with 4:01 left in the game to restore the Canes lead. An absolute laser from the point, and Bean gets a much needed goal. A Jaccob Slavin empty netter seals the deal for the Canes, who cap the comeback and win the game 5-3.

Folks, we’ll have a Stanley Cup champion this time around. Anaheim vs. The Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes get Jordan Staal back just in time for the series, so hopefully he’ll be ready to produce.

Rickard Rakell scores the only goal in a 1-0 Anaheim win, so Anaheim takes the series lead.

Game 2: pls score. Hanifin scores in the first period from the point, putting the Canes up 1-0. Anaheim gets two in the second period, which is not good, by my analysis. Nolan scores one too, so the Canes lose 3-1.

Game 3: Gauthier is back just in time for game three, which is good news for the Canes. Paajarvi scores in the first, but that doesn’t keep the Canes from trying. Jordan Staal ties it, and Necas takes the lead for the Canes! Nick Cousins adds a goal of his own to make it 3-1 Canes in the second period. Mike Slavin adds one of his own, and Jordan Staal restores the three goal lead after Ritchie scores. The Canes take game 3 to make the series 2-1 Anaheim.

Game 4: The Canes get shut out again, this time by a score of 2-0. Wade can’t do it all, guys.

Game 5: This is it. The Canes return home, facing elimination in the Stanley Cup Finals. Teravainen scores first, but Kesler ties it up shortly after. Skinner retakes the lead, but it is short lived. Kreider and Rakell give Anaheim the lead in the first period. Cam Atkinson ties the game up in the second period, making for a wild third.

Barron, you’ve been awfully quiet this series. Ritchie scores early in the third, and adds another to give the Ducks a two goal lead. Victor Rask scores with 8:50 left in the third, and the Canes only trail 5-4 now. Will the Canes get another goal before time expires?

Jeff Skinner! He scores on a rebound to tie the game up with just 2:14 left in the game. This has been dramatic, and the Canes are actually scoring. Someone check to make sure this isn’t real. Wait, nvm. HAYDN FLEURY WINS IT. With only 14 seconds remaining, Haydn Fleury scores his first career playoff goal to give the Canes the win in game five! They go back to Anaheim for game six.

Game 6: Rakell scores in the first period to put Anaheim ahead. That’s alright though, we’ve seen this before. AHHHH LOTS OF GOALS. Skinner ties it early in the second, but Nolan retakes the lead just 25 seconds later. Staal ties the game again, but Slepyshev retakes the lead yet again. Jeff Skinner ties the game once again, and the number shall be three. Five is right out, but it might be the number of goals needed to win this game. (Please laugh)

Holy crap. Overtime. There were no goals in the third period, so the Canes and Ducks are headed to overtime.

TERAVAINEN hits the post, unfortunately. I got hype too, dammit. AHO ON A BREAKAWAY is an easy stop by Gibson. The canes have had the majority of the chances in overtime, but haven’t been able to convert. MIKE SLAVIN AND JORDAN STAAL BOTH HIT THE POST. AHHHHHHHHHHH. Wade makes a diving save, and it leads to a two on one with Hanifin and Cousins! Cousins gets stopped, though, so we play on. 1:30 left in OT. Skinner collects the rebound, dishes to RNH, who SCORES! Canes win in OT to send it to game SEVEN.

Game 7: It all comes down to this. Kreider scores in the first period, but the Canes had some good chances. 1-0 Ducks. Nothing doing in the second period, and I’m starting to worry. SKINNER. His goal ties the game at 1 apiece, and Zykov scores to give the Canes the 2-1 lead with 8:05 remaining! OH MY GOSH. Skinner and Bean score goals, and the Canes are ahead with 3:32 remaining in the game! That’ll do it! The Cardiac Canes win and beat Anaheim in seven games! What a story!

Congratulations on Barron Sluder, Mike Slavin, and Wade Minter on winning the Stanley Cup! There are now four of us who have won a cup.


Barron Sluder won the Conn Smythe, despite a lackluster Finals. He had 24 points in 25 games, though, including 18 goals.


My first round pick was actually good this year, after really striking out last year. I drafted a 68 overall playmaking center with the 31st overall pick. He’s 19, and will make the AHL squad next season.

The Rangers traded Ryan McDonagh to Winnipeg for the player that Winnipeg had just drafted at 7th overall. I guess New York wasn’t happy that he didn’t fall to them at 13.

My second round pick was a flop, however. I’m a little very sad.

Anaheim really didn’t like the fact that they lost this year, so they traded their 2023 second round pick for Ben Hutton.

Buffalo traded two third round picks for Drake Caggiula (Calgary).

Low elite center drafted in the third round! Hooray for me!

I was just offered Silfverberg and Scott Wilson for a first round pick. I politely declined. The Isles switched Lee in for Silfverberg, and it was still a no from me.

The Isles ended up trading Tyler Myers and Jake Dotchin for a first round pick, so that’s a fairly good haul.

Contract Updates

After returning from injury, the Blue Jackets decided to give me a $4.515M contract for two years. Hopefully I’ll play better than I have for the past two years.

I unfortunately lost Atkinson and Faulk to free agency, but I have a player that’s capable of replacing Faulk entirely in a year or two. Mike Slavin will also get more ice time.

Vincent Magnarella opted for free agency after LA couldn’t pay him. He has opted to join Kristin in Vancouver, signing a three year, $6.560M contract.

Congrats to all of you on a fantastic season!

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