Canes Twitter Franchise Mode: 2018 Draft/2018-19 Season


The Canes have been depressing lately, so I wanted to do something to take away from that. I’m doing something a little fun, and it involves two hobbies of mine: hockey and video games. I asked for willing participants on Canes twitter, and I found some! I’ll be updating you all on their progress, and usually I’ll go season by season. If I’m feeling like grinding out franchise mode, these posts might get a little long. I’ll give a season update for the Hurricanes, then talk about how each player did in their season. If you’re interested in joining up on this, I’ll be doing a lot of these throughout the season. I really enjoy NHL’s franchise mode, and it’s always fun seeing how my created players end up doing. (Note: none of the CBTS writers were created aside from myself. I wanted to leave this open to twitter)

So after playing through the first season as the Hurricanes, I finished with a record of 42-33-7. This record was good enough for fourth in the Metropolitan, and earned me a playoff spot. Watch out, Rask haters, he and Lindholm led the team with 58 points each. Jeff Skinner missed 25 games due to an MCL injury, but still managed to have 48 points. The Checkers swept Hershey in the first round of the AHL playoffs, while the Hurricanes lost in five games to the Canadiens. Charlotte took Springfield to seven games in the second round, but ended up losing 2-1. Winnipeg won the Stanley cup, while Utica won the Calder Cup. Enough of the boring stuff, let’s move on to where each player got drafted!


Sorry KingGeorgey, you’re probably headed to Buffalo.The Sabres won the lottery.

Top 5-


Barron Sluder

Top 10-

Vincent Magnarella

Matt Somma (me)


Justin Lockard

First round-

Nathaniel Wells


1st/2nd Round

Mike Slavin (since he had Slavin in his @)

Christopher Clark

2nd/3rd Round

Wade Minter


Buffalo 1st overall- KingGeorgey (High Franchise LW Grinder)

Sorry bud, you’re headed to Buffalo.

Detroit 2nd overall- Barron Sluder (Medium Elite Power LW)

Detroit would be a good pick if they didn’t have an awful defense. You could help score 20+ for them in your rookie year, though

Minnesota 6th overall- Justin Lockard (High Top 6 LW Grinder)

Justin adds to a pretty deep forward group in Minnesota. He’ll have trouble staying there once he demands all of the money though.

Vancouver 7th overall- Kristin (High Top 4 Two Way Defender)

Yikes. I mean Vancouver is doing well in real life, but they’re pretty bad for at least three years before they start winning all of the cups. She’ll accelerate the rebuild by being a solid defender.

Columbus 8th overall- Matt (Medium Top 6 Playmaking RW)

I’m hype for this. I was expecting to be put on a meh team, but Columbus is a good fit for me. I’ll probably have a tough time cracking the lineup, though.

Los Angeles 9th overall- Vincent (Medium Top 6 RW Power Forward)

LA could be good for Vince. He has the offensive skills, and won’t be rushed into a major role.

Colorado 10th overall- HockeyProf (High Top 9 Playmaking C)

With Duchene traded, a spot opened up for him. He’ll have no problem being a solid middle six forward for years to come.

Carolina 18th overall- Mike Slavin (Low Elite Offensive Defenseman)

Sorry Nathaniel, I considered drafting you for a minute. Jake Bean gets OP in this game, so having another offensive defenseman will make me have all of the offense. Plus, he’ll replace Dahlbeck.

Chicago 23rd overall- Nathaniel (High Fringe Starting Goalie)

Chicago has Forsberg as their backup, so Nathaniel might actually be Chicago’s backup this coming season. Good for him!

Philadelphia 33rd overall- Christopher Clark (Low Elite Two Way C)

I’m not sure why he fell so low. He had lots of potential, and now he’s on Philly. Sorry Christopher, I have to cheer against you now.

Carolina 49th overall- Wade Minter (Low Elite Goalie)

Steal of the draft, if we’re being honest. Wade fell to me at 49, and I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get a legitimate starter.

The rest of the draft was just alright for me. I traded Josh Wesley to New Jersey in exchange for the 176th overall pick. I ended up picking Luke Boka, who was invited to Traverse City in 2017. He has roughly the same potential as Wesley, so it’s just kind of a meh trade for both teams.

Alright folks, you talked me into it. It’s 1:00 AM right now, but I’m feeling like playing one season of franchise mode. After little thought, I offered ELC’s to both of my drafted prospects from canes twitter. Wade Minter and Mike Slavin (I’m sorry that I don’t know your last name), welcome to the Hurricanes. Both of you got $925k, so don’t spend it all in one place.

Other Contracts

KingGeorgey: $915k

Nathaniel: $925k

HockeyProf: $885k

Matt: $925k

Barron: $925k

Vincent: $895k

Justin Lockard: $925k

Christopher: $925k

Kristin: $895k

2018-2019 Season

I signed a few prospects to increase depth, but nobody that made me get terribly excited. Andrew Cogliano signed to be my 4LW for two years. Cam Atkinson signed for four years, and he’ll be my 2nd line RW behind Teravainen. Valteri Filppula signed for a year, and he’ll be my 3C. It was a really productive offseason, and I’m still about $3M under the salary cap. So the lines are looking like this:






Bean(85)-J. Slavin

M. Slavin (76)-Pesce


Minter (78)

This is shaping up to be a damn good team. It’s definitely an upgrade over last season, especially with the forwards. We replaced Stempniak with Atkinson, Ryan with Filppula, and Nordstrom with Cogliano. Wade won his first game of the season in October, but has lost two other games. Still, congrats to him! Mike Slavin is pointless in four straight, and only has three points in 13 games. No first NHL goal yet, so I’m looking out for that. The Canes shut out the Sabres one night, so Slavin>KingGeorgey.

Mike Slavin broke an 11 game pointless streak with a secondary assist on Justin Williams’ game winning goal against Nashville.He was getting more ice time for a while, but it dipped after a few meh performances.

With an injury to Noah Hanifin, the Canes had to make an adjustment. Mike Slavin got more ice time, and he scored his first NHL goal! His goal was the third goal in a 5-4 OTW against the Avalanche. He’s now up to 7 points in 31 games, ahead of Kruger, Zykov, and Pesce in terms of points per game. (Wade, we’ll provide updates on you in February when your defense returns)

Since you last got an update on Canes players, Mike Slavin nearly doubled his point totals. He’s up to 13 points in 50 games right now. This isn’t a great pace, but he’s also getting third pairing minutes. My bottom six isn’t great for offense, so he can’t be too mad. Still, he has more points than Cogliano, Zykov, and Pesce. Wade has also improved. He boasts a 4-5-2 record, but his save percentage has squeaked up to a .906. He also has a GAA of 2.87, a good .2 better than where it was in November.

Jake Bean is second in rookie scoring, behind Dallas’ Michael Mersch. KingGeorgey is sixth in rookie scoring, tied with Pierre-Luc Dubois with 23 points in 50 games.

Well Wade, the fan base looks to you in their time of need. Scott Darling is out for two months with a separated shoulder, meaning that it’s up to you and Ned to get the job done. Think you can handle it?

The Canes finished the season 41-30-11, which was once again good enough to make the playoffs. Mike Slavin recorded 10 points in his final 30 games, finishing with 23 in 82 games. 5 goals, 18 assists. More points than Justin Williams, who didn’t regress at all. Wade went 5-10 in his last few starts after Darling got hurt, but he was also missing Jaccob Slavin for a couple of those games. Still, you can’t really blame him. He finished his rookie season with a 10-15-5 record, a .898 save percentage, and a GAA of 3.

KingGeorgey finished with 22 goals and 42 points. This was good for sixth on the team. Five of his goals were game winning goals.

Nathaniel did not play for Chicago this season, sadly.

HockeyProf spent 23 games in the NHL this season, and fared really well, actually. He scored eight goals and added 5 assists for 13 points in that brief span.

I ended up with one more point than Pierre-Luc Dubois. I had 16 goals and 20 assists on a stacked Columbus team. If I had played on the power play, my numbers would have been a little better. All in good time.

Barron had a pretty solid season for a meh Detroit team. He had nine goals and 21 assists as a power forward. Detroit’s defense is atrocious, and Barron was a -18.

Vincent didn’t play in the NHL either, sadly.

Justin Lockard played for Minnesota this season, and he had some lopsided numbers. He had 17 goals, but only four assists in 82 games. Two of his goals were shorthanded, though.

After being snubbed out of the first round, Christopher Clark proved all of the haters wrong. He had 14 goals and 18 assists for a respectable 32 point rookie campaign. He scored one point for every team that passed on him.

Kristin didn’t play in the NHL, which surprised me until I saw that Juolevi was an 87 overall.

So KingGeorgey won the points campaign this year, which is to be expected. What’s great is seeing some guys like Justin score tons of goals! Will we see these players in the playoffs? Not really. Justin, Wade, Mike, and I were the only players to make the playoffs this season, unfortunately. For four of you, your seasons will continue. For the others, I’m sorry.

Charlotte won a playoff series, but the Hurricanes got laughed out of Florida. The Panthers held the Hurricanes to just five goals in five games. The Hurricanes won one game 3-1, but were shut out twice. It was an ugly series, and changes will have to be made. Mike Slavin was second on the team with two assists, however. So good for you, Mike. As for Wade, it’s best if he doesn’t know his stats.

Well folks, I swear that this isn’t rigged. The Columbus Blue Jackets won the Stanley Cup, meaning that I am the first player to win a Cup. Columbus had an off season, lucked into a good pick, and then went right back to kicking butt. My player had 13 points in 21 games, which is pretty impressive for a rookie.

Justin played in 10 games, but had no points, unfortunately.

Morgan Geekie stole the show at the AHL awards. He had the most points in the AHL, was the MVP, best rookie, and was a good sport just to top it all off. Four awards for the kid.

Well folks, that’s all for today. I’m super tired, and I really need to take a break. I’ll give you all another update on either Tuesday or Wednesday! Good luck to all of you in your simulated futures!

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