Everybody Needs To Calm Down


Are you a part of Canes Twitter? If so, you probably know exactly what I mean when I say that it can be a place of constant negativity and just in general, darkness. This article isn’t about hockey, it’s not about the stats, and hell, it’s sad that I even have to write this. This article will channel that of Section 328’s Back Away From The Ledge. 

For me, Canes Twitter has always been a place for me to fall back to. Whenever something is going on in my personal life, my place I like to escape to is Canes Twitter. I’ve been a part of the community for a few years now, and it’s truly sad to see where it stands now.

I used to be able to spend all day and night scrolling through Canes Twitter and interacting with everyone. Today, the only Canes talk I can stand to deal with is the talk in slack. Twitter has become too toxic and I find that it tends to change my own mood. I am an optimistic fan of the Hurricanes and I try to keep it that way. But when I log into twitter and see the constant negativity on my timeline, it takes a toll on me and makes it unbearable.

Guess what? I couldn’t really care less how the team is doing. Did the team lose? Are they on a losing streak? Does Jeff Skinner not have a capable center? Guess what? It’s okay. If you find yourself taking to Twitter and bashing players or putting other people down, you’re doing it wrong. The state of a hockey team should not drastically impact your overall mood. I don’t think that’s healthy. I love this team more than anything. I hate it when they lose. I love it when they win. And I love interacting with the many great people that I have met over the years on Canes Twitter. But now, it’s hard to keep doing it. Some people take it too far and decide to attack players or even their families. Instead of civilized discussions and/or debates, we have people just going off on each other and not even respecting the opinions of the other person.

Again, are you angry that your favorite hockey team isn’t doing well? Is it causing you to be a jerk? Well you need to chill out. Hockey is a sport. And while I understand many of us fans are frustrated, I shouldn’t have to write an article to tell people that they are taking it too far. It is a sport. That you aren’t playing. Take a step back, breathe, and relax.

This team means the world to me and all I want is for people to act somewhat civilized. I shouldn’t find myself in a pissed off mood because somebody was being an ass to someone on Twitter. But here we are. In case you’re wondering why I have been so quiet on Twitter this year, here is the reason. All I’m asking is to be kind, treat others with respect, and let’s make Canes Twitter a place that everyone can enjoy again. No more making people take breaks from it all. That’s just crazy.

Thanks for reading the words I just rambled. While I may not be very active on Twitter anymore, my DMs are always open. Just remember, I am optimistic about the team and the team is going to make the playoffs. It will all be okay.

(If you’re feeling down, I highly recommend heading over to Section 328 and taking a look at Meg’s Hurricane Watch. To be completely honest it is one of my favorite parts of a Canes gameday.)

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  1. Dino says

    Agree 100 percent with your comments. Chill out caniacs and enjoy hockey in nc.

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